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  1. New John Kenny Power Supply....

    @Digital Assassin Stop the attacks. Period.
  2. New John Kenny Power Supply....

    For most people the answer is none. Why do you care so much what other people do?
  3. New John Kenny Power Supply....

    Not everybody wants to be a scientist. Live and let listen.
  4. New John Kenny Power Supply....

    Watching closely to make sure DA isn't JK.
  5. New John Kenny Power Supply....

    Stop the personal attacks.
  6. MQA is Vaporware

    Good. That pretty much says what I said. High res is a recommendation, not a requirement and studios are capable of high res, not necessarily using it.
  7. MQA is Vaporware

    iTunes doesn't require anything above 44.1. Apple asks for it, but that's it. 44.1 is still the norm because the need for so many channels.
  8. MQA is Vaporware

  9. Article: Music Storage, New Music, Remote Access, and a Cool Streamer Project

    I wonder if you're grandfathered into the plan. I looked at it yesterday and Google wouldn't enable me to select less than 3 users for the unlimited plan.
  10. Article: Music Storage, New Music, Remote Access, and a Cool Streamer Project

    Hi Johnseye - With respect to remote access, JRiver works great for this. I wrote an article about it a while ago (see below). I'm trying to find a solution for the Roon only crowd :~) I've seen different opinions about Roon working on a different subnet. Last I looked I saw a post from @dannyroonlabs that said different subnets shouldn't matter. The auto-discovery might be different, but we can always add the IP of the core manually. Anyway, fun stuff.
  11. Sonore ultraRendu

    If it works on the DietPi, JR will get it working on the uR.
  12. Reference 2 Channel Speaker Recommendations

    Ah yes, fun times. Thanks for the update. The Audio Alchemy stuff is fantastic. Peter is one of the best people in all of HiFi.
  13. Sonore ultraRendu

    Thanks for the follow-up. Not sure if I have an idac2 around here to test. I'll look.
  14. Sonore ultraRendu

    That maximum setting has nothing to do with upsampling in and of itself. What happens when you change the roon DSP. Can you upsample to 256?