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  1. Article: MQA: A Review of controversies, concerns, and cautions

    I can just see the war on pseudonyms beginning now :~)
  2. Interesting. Thanks for the link.
  3. ISO2DSD Problems, Bugs, Failures, corrupted dsf

    Here's your one warning. Another personal attack and you're banned.
  4. MQA is Vaporware

    Thanks for bringing this up. @rwdvis was after me in another thread and I clicked on his user profile and saw his post here. I mistakenly figured it was more recent. My fault.
  5. Why Class D should be a moral imperative

    If everyone on the internet acted like an adult, not one raised by wolves, this topic could be interesting. However, this topic is just too easy for those without restrain and tact to turn into a shitshow.
  6. Hattor Audio Class D (Hypex)

    Nothing wrong. Attacking a product is fine. Using wgscott’s wit to attack a product and show how redicilous another’s comments are is even better.
  7. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Speaking of upgrades etc... The dCS platform is very upgradable. Using history as a guide, people who buy a Rossini today will have a current DAC for many years via free upgrades.
  8. Hattor Audio Class D (Hypex)

    Link please.
  9. MQA is Vaporware

    Give me a break. I host the worlds largest anti-MQA threads and pay someone to write a front page article on the same topic and you still say the same nonsense. There is no pleasing you. I believe you just like to bust balls.
  10. Hattor Audio Class D (Hypex)

    Hey prof. Scott - Time to cool it. Your posts are being reported and I’m being accused of favoritism because I didn’t act upon this within 30 seconds of it being reported. To the person who reported this and thinks there are two sets of rules, you’re incorrect. Running CA and Superphonica takes a considerable amount of time. I can’t act on your reported posts immediately. And, contrary to your belief, I’m smart enough to understand how sucking up works. Prof. Scott isn’t a suck up in order to post what he wants. In addition, I give more leeway to those who’ve been around CA for several years and have contributed a great deal. By leeway I mean I don’t ban them with a hair trigger. I try to issue warnings and contact them offline if needed. Everyone has moments that don’t represent them as a whole.
  11. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Same here - https://superphonica.com/search-results/?q=wilson audio
  12. Earphones Stolen - What's My Next Pair?

    Still haven’t decided!!!! I’ve failed as an audiophile:~) im using some Beyerdynamics I purchased at the Munich airport :~(
  13. MQA is Vaporware

  14. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Just wondering if you've had the chance to listen to such a great version of this recording.
  15. MQA is Vaporware

    MQA LIVE LAUNCHES IN AUSTIN WITH EXCLUSIVE JAKE ISAAC LIVESTREAM PRESS RELEASE MQA LIVE LAUNCHES IN AUSTIN WITH EXCLUSIVE JAKE ISAAC LIVESTREAM Austin TX / London, 19 March 2018: An invite-only audience in Austin experienced the debut of “MQA Live”, a new way for fans to connect to musicians. Jake Isaac and his band performed from London's Rocket Studios – the first time a live performance has been streamed in real time using MQA's technology. The performance was listened to live in an Austin home on a variety of devices to recreate everyday listening environments. MQA is launching its “Live” product to enable music fans to connect in studio quality to their favourite artists, wherever and whenever the artists are performing. Fans can listen to a live concert in its original quality, as if they were standing in the venue. MQA Live offers access to gigs across different countries and time zones for loyal fans, as well as opening up concerts to new audiences. Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, stated, “MQA Live offers fans the authenticated sound direct from the venue, so conveniently that it can fit into their everyday lifestyle, wherever they are and however they chose to listen. The home environment in Austin, with a variety of playback devices, was a great way to experience Jake’s special performance, and excited those in attendance to imagine a new age of social and appointment listening.” Jake Isaac, singer-songwriter and musician, added, “I feel really lucky to have been part of the first MQA Live experience. After the performance, the MQA team played the recording of the live stream back for me and I was blown away with how powerful it felt.” Why audio only MQA Live is an audio-streaming tool. Recent research shows that 95% of YouTube/Vevo music users listen to music without watching the video (Midia Research) and 87% people listen to music on radio (IFPI: Connecting With Music), supporting the fact that a high quality audio-only experience fits into the lifestyle of music fans. Incidentally, it also dramatically reduces the expenses associated with video production and broadcasting, making it something that can be offered for every show and every artist in every venue. How it works MQA has applied its ground-breaking technology to make a real time encoder, which connects easily to the audio system of the location and then can be sent into the chosen delivery platform of promoters and venue owners. The only additional equipment required is MQA's live encoder box at the venue to encode the performance. This keeps production costs low, while the MQA encoding process preserves audio quality and addresses bandwidth issues. MQA music will stream and play back on any device, although for optimum results and the full MQA ‘unfold’, use devices or software from the growing number of MQA partners. For more information go to MQA Live. -Ends- MQA Press Contacts lisa@mqa.co.uk | sarah@mqa.co.uk Press Site for MQA www.mqa.co.uk/press About MQA Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, the MQA team has created a technology that captures the sound of the original studio performance. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream, while also being backward compatible, so you can play MQA music on any device. MQA’s award-winning technology is licensed by labels, music services and hardware manufacturers worldwide and is certified by the RIAA. MQA is a UK-based private company. For more information visit www.mqa.co.uk Follow MQA on: Facebook Twitter You Tube Jake Isaac’s performance was listened to ‘at home’ in Austin on the following devices: In the lounge: Bluesound Powernode 2 streamer with Sony SS-CS5 Stereo bookshelf speakers Outside on the deck: Macbook + Audirvana + Meridian Explorer2 DAC + Sony MDR-Z7 headphones In the bedroom: Bluesound Pulse Flex portable all-in-one wireless speaker On mobile: LG V30 handset + Oppo PM-1 headphones In the car: iPhone 8 + Amarra Play app + AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC Setlist: Lonely Are The Brave Will You Be I’m A Man (acoustic) I Got You Long Road 0939b96cf773f26a36de770882ed890953027d41.pdf