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  1. Nice work on this thread @austinpop!
  2. Ha! Well, the database import and reindexing was a spectacular failure today / tonight / early am. The site had to be taken down and a couple times, as you noticed. Anyway, we'll give it another shot later in the week once we figure out what caused the issues. More news on the new members and topics etc... later. It's nothing huge, but should bring a new, much more mainstream, audience to CA.
  3. Exactly what I've been thinking.
  4. Yes. 100%.
  5. Make sure all your audio playback applications are closed not just minimized. One could be controlling the output exclusively.
  6. Thanks ShawnC. CA just "acquired" another forum and we are in the process of importing the forum posts and members. As part of the process, the site has to reindex all the content. As usual, nothing is going as planned. Problems are popping up and the reindex is failing and is getting stuck etc... Looks like a long night ahead :~)
  7. Or, it can be sent to Aurender headquarters in Korea :~)
  8. I certainly hear ya. I'd prefer something similar, but it's Aurender's business decision. This decision is very similar to Apple. I wanted to replace the battery in my MacBook Pro. Apple told me to drop the laptop off at the Apple store so it could be shipped to the nearest service center. Total turnaround time was approximately 5 days. I'd prefer to order the battery online and pop it in myself, but I made the decision to go with Apple and have accepted its system.The pros outweigh the cons when I consider the totality of the situation.
  9. Interesting response. You claimed I was being one-sided. He pointed to evidence of how I wasn't being one-sided. You responded with this? He showed you the "measurements" and now you are getting subjective. Hmmmm. :~)
  10. I hear ya. The company is actually very consumer, for its target market. Have a problem? They connect directly to the server and fix it. There are different business models that allow customers to do different levels of "support" themselves. Some companies want to control the user experience while others don't. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available for everyone.
  11. I'll let it go this time. Please send me a message before posting stuff that talks about your product like this. It usually turns out bad when members of the community suspect someone is spamming them :~)
  12. Is the app free? If yes, I'm somewhat ok with this post. If not, the post is against our site rules.
  13. Hi Sal - That's too bad I came across as one-sided. Perhaps that's my fault. I specifically added the sentence, "It works the same for both sides." In order to get across that it does work both ways. Like everything in life, audio beliefs are on a continuum from crazy objectivist to crazy subjectivist. The polar ends are equally responsible for acting very similar, but with different beliefs and objectives. I'm not suggesting anyone here is in the crazy camp, just using this as an illustration that this is definitely a two-sided issue.
  14. You have a laudable goal, but are actually accomplishing the opposite. The S/N ratio only goes up when people get into arguments like this. Simply stating one's opinion and any data to back up the opinion, works much better in the long run. Think about it from your own perspective. Do you tend to listen to people who attempt to jam something down your throat and persist despite a no-win situation? It works the same for both sides. Be pleasant, state your piece. I appreciate what you're trying to do. Honestly.
  15. Ah, I get it. Get in line with Sal of you're irrational. I couldn't resist taking a friendly jab :~)