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  1. I believe The Audio Salon had the specific red in the image made custom for that pair of speakers.
  2. Hi Guys - Longtime CA supporter The Audio Salon of Santa Monica recently released a video about its business. I don't usually post such items, but Maier Shadi of The Audio Salon has supported CA since 2009 and is one-of-a-kind when it comes to integrity, customer service, and respect. Supporting The Audio Salon, supports our Community. The Audio Salon "An introduction to The Audio Salon of Santa Monica with Wilson Audio's David Wilson, Daryl Wilson, Maier Shadi (The Audio Salon Customer Service) and a few of our treasured customers."
  3. Speaking of swag, I am researching fulfillment houses right now. I just don't have time to pack and ship stuff, especially overseas when customs paper work has to be completed. Hopefully I can find a good place to handle it. P.S. The 10th anniversary of CA's launch is approaching in November. I have some special swag in mind for the occasion :~)
  4. On the desktop you have to mouse-over the username. On mobile you have to tap the username. Not as convenient.
  5. Hi dmormerod - No worries, there's much more involved than flipping a switch.
  6. Thanks. I let Mark know.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. This isn't all about bringing in more income. We now have the capability to do some things and I'm exploring the options. Affiliate marketing would be very similar to this with the exception of working with Amazon, eBay, and other places. I've never seen an affiliate program that isn't annoying to the reader (see Do you know of any sites that use affiliate programs that you like?
  8. I'd love to post more reviews done by the CA Community. There are much smarter people than I around here.
  9. I have a message into the developer about this. Thanks for the report.
  10. Chromium OS or browser (on what OS)? Chromium not Chrome?
  11. Hi Dave - Thanks for the response. I'm willing put this in the past and move forward, while at the same time taking full responsibility for my actions. I'm human and make mistakes. Thanks very much for your report about the Blog comments. After a little more research, it appears that your Blogs' comments don't appear unless you've posted the comment. Look at your first Blog and there is a comment by you that shows. I opened a ticket with the software developer while I continue to troubleshoot it myself. As you suspected, this issue isn't just related to your Blog.
  12. I'm working on it. Fortunately Comcast is working with a third party and I've contacted that third part. They can't be more difficult to work with than Comcast. This is important to me and I will continue to do what I can. Please check now :~)
  13. Hi @Ecki Thanks for the post. I've been using this exact backup strategy for years as well. With Synology it's fabulous.
  14. Thanks for the update @ac1
  15. Hi Guys - Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm really open to using the Store any way that helps CA and the Community. Perhaps, it makes sense to keep the Buy / Sell forum for members of the Community and open the store for dealers and manufacturers to sell equipment? CA would never take a cut of sales between members of the Community, but maybe it makes sense to charge a fee to dealers and manufacturers to sell something in the Store? I think this fee wouldn't be paid by the person purchasing the component and it would enable people to support CA by purchasing something through the site rather than elsewhere. Similar to how Amazon offers affiliate links giving a kickback to people who link to certain products without charging any more for the product. The main difference between buying in the CA Store and elsewhere, would be that you'd support CA if the item is purchased here. If one isn't interested in supporting CA, s/he can easily look elsewhere. Opinions please.