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  1. Ha!
  2. I didn't mean to come across as not nice. Perhaps it was read that way. I just wanted to state the facts :~)
  3. I'm working on it.
  4. Glad I took a screenshot. My comment has been removed.
  5. I just read this post on DSD Guide about DSD and dynamic range. The post is a bit misleading, especially the sentence, "For me this analysis clearly shows that DSD has the best DR values." I left the following comment (see image), that's awaiting approval to be published.
  6. OK, upon further examination, it appears it's not only Roon having issues. Something is up with the PC. JRiver can't check for updates either.
  7. It's definitely something with the Windows 10 RoonServer PC. When I switch cores to my iMac, everything works perfect.
  8. I also receive an error clicking on the Roon account tab.
  9. Hi Guys - This morning I noted RoonServer can't check for updates. I restarted my PC, but that didn't help. I closed and reopened RoonServer for the heck of it and now I lost all my network zones with the exception of a single AirPlay zone (there should be multiple AirPlay zones and tons of other devices). I also just noticed Roon can't login to Tidal. I didn't change anything that In know of. My network works great as far as I can tell. I'm on version 1.3 (build 218) stable (64bit) for both my RoonServer and Roon desktop as a remote. I initially though it was a Windows firewall issue, like I've seen in the past, not allowing Roon communication, but that all looks good. Anyone?
  10. Any of the AP stuff available for download?
  11. I agree.
  12. Go to the thread and the default search will change to "This Topic."
  13. If you want to optically isolate your network, don't worry about anything related to optical toslink. The two are apples and orange bicycles. Way different. Introducing two additional switching power supplies is troublesome. Fiber network cable can wrap around you house a few times without any length issues. If you want, it can wrap around your block as well. Get whatever optical cable you want. Monoprice probably has you covered. Many members of the CA community have done this and can recommend all the pieces you need. Who did you talk to from Roon, former AudioQuest computer audio person Steve Silberman?
  14. There's a great story about the black box that I was told from a guy in the industry. He asked how large the room could be for the black box to work. He was told that the room size didn't matter. To which he replied, then I'll take one and place it outside and the whole world will be covered :~)
  15. Perhaps @ted_b knows something about this?