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  1. I'm suggesting that not all measurements really matter. That's not crazy talk.
  2. It's a very good thing Dennis.
  3. What is that statement?
  4. Back on track people :~)
  5. That's a really cool idea. If someone wants to pay to play MQA, the company could sell them a plug-in. Rather than all users of software paying for the embedded license such as what's in Audirvana.
  6. One thing comes to mind after reading @Archimago article. There is talk about Chord and MQA approaches being very different. Many people here have ripped on the MQA approach. I don't disagree with anyone on this. However, without blind ABX testing aren't we arguing over something that may not matter or even be audible? P.S. I like reading all the measurements and seeing graphs and reading about people's subjective assessments.
  7. Agree. Great speakers. Not good Lookers.
  8. I thought you were asking about differences between approaches and since two companies think they are right, it comes down to listening and making a decision based on what you like. No math involved when two approaches have pros and cons. Edit: It appears archimago agrees with me, "So which approach is right? I guess I can offer you the usual recommendation... "Go listen for yourself." :-)
  9. Sometimes you just have to listen to music and decide for yourself what sounds best.
  10. Interesting article about FireWire. I wonder how many of us still use FireWire DACs.
  11. Very stable.
  12. You need a Roon server running somewhere because the DMP is only an endpoint.
  13. I highly recommend the higher level ELAC speaker that Andrew designed. I don't think you'll get better sound for the money.
  14. Great article @Gilbert Klein I was born in 1975, so I missed this incredible time in history. I love reading this stuff from someone who was there and was doing what I imagine myself doing had I been born a couple decades earlier.
  15. Yes, some things are black and white, such as my first television. A 12" black & white.