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  1. Aurender everywhere! I saw them in many rooms yesterday and today.
  2. The new M5 looks interesting. Ethernet to AES S/PDIF USB. Upnp now, Roon Ready coming. About $2,000
  3. I know it's Computer Audiophile and love new site but come on.  The iOS app was so  convenient when out and about.  Are you going to release another one.  

  4. Thanks for the new look site.

    Something to be proud of.

    Good luck


  5. I only knew the Judas Priest version!
  6. Yes, Pandora now has on demand at I believe 320 Kbps.
  7. This is exactly what I was seeking. I can see people going for a brighter image, much the same way they go for a louder sound. But, when given the chance to pause the action with a photo, it's easy to see the image on the right sucks.
  8. I totally understand filling in what isn't there, but it's impossible to fill in what one has never heard.
  9. You mentioned the Yggy keeping up with it, so you should probably hear something to make such comments.
  10. Have you heard both DACs? Or, are you going by anonymous internet opinions.
  11. Hi Guys - I know video has dynamic range, but I'm trying to figure out if there is an equivalent to audio dynamic range compression in video. This may help people realize the damage done to compressed audio, if they could see an equivalent process done to video. Ideally, I could compress the dynamic range of video as much as some audio, and it would be super dark or super light etc... Anyone?
  12. How can one's ears / brain fill in what is unknown? Perhaps I'm not following you.
  13. Very interesting.
  14. I just received a link to this video, and I noticed an interesting statement made in it. The guy says our ears don't work like measurement equipment. He is 100% correct in his statement. Our hearing is not linear. This has me thinking more about measurements and how much stock we put in them. If for example, our hearing is most sensitive between 2-5 kHz, should we use EQ to bump the other frequencies? Thus, making out ear hear flat frequency response rather than the measurement tools. All stuff for conversation. I'm not pushing an agenda.