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  1. Excellent stuff!
  2. Thanks Dennis. You hit the nail on the head when you said nobody has more reason to want this new version to be better than me. I'm listening to everyone and I consider all feedback worthy of consideration. Everything people have asked for in this thread is considered and much of the time is tested. Some requests will make it to the forum but I still need to make sure they don't break another aspect.
  3. @Daudio I'm not sure how familiar you are with the unlucrative world of online HiFi publishing, but let me tell you that we don't have the budget of companies doing data center moves. As a business owner, I must consider the pros and cons of each decision, combined with the cost and ROI. I could have hired IBM to handle this conversion. I think you know that cost would have been outrageous and not worth it. I went with a different option that allows me to keep the lights on. There are some issues of course, but some people aren't interested in helping resolve them. They'd rather just bitch about it, threaten to leave, and tell me how bad of a job I'm doing. I can't imagine doing that to someone. It serves no purpose other than perhaps making the person bitching feel better? I've said before, that I still have all the attachments and that I can get anything for anyone who has lost something. There was absolutely no reasonable way to get the attachments in blog posts to convert from vB. If I would have spent $200,000 I probably could have had someone figure it out. The developers of this site software couldn't do it, after many days of attempting. Are you here to help or for purely personal reasons that are unrelated to CA? If you want things fixed, please be helpful. So far you've been unwilling to help.
  4. The variable width, up to a certain percentage of screen size, is an easy option for me to enable. However, I'm not convinced it's the right move. It's certainly not off the table though.
  5. One font and size I've been considering is used on Medium.
  6. Given your history here at CA and your lack of knowledge surrounding this issue, I will respectfully bow out of this discussion with you.
  7. Yes, @mitchco literally wrote the book! If he had more time to write DSP articles I'd happily publish every one. I reached out to @Miska about an article on upsampling and I really hope he has the time.
  8. Ah, where to begin. There's no accounting for taste. Out of the 1.5 million people who read CA, a few have complained about the look. I can live with that. Some like blue, some like red, some like black. I made a decision and implemented it. The font has nothing to do with vertical line spacing. That's a different setting. The complaints about horizontal space for content are real, but not based on empirical data. Please do the research an come back to me. The original horizontal space was right in the sweet spot of what most people find pleasing to read. Based on feedback I increased this to 99% of what the old CA had for horizontal space. Some people are still mad even though I posted the comparison screenshots a few pages back. I can't help you if you are still made about something that doesn't exist. Based on your extensive research and web design experience, please let me know what you think is "still not what it should be." Please keep in mind, this is what I do and I do it all day every day, 365 days per year. "all other serious problems remain" according to you. A design decision like the navigation bar isn't a serious problem in 99% of the world's book. The Google issue is something that was planned and we did the best we could and continue to adjust. The same thing happened when we switched from Drupal to vBulletin years ago. It's life. in time, all the links will work again. Life won't end. Cats and dogs will still live together. Some have suggestion I just create a rule for 301 redirects and that would fix anything. Well, there isn't an expert on Earth that I was able to find that could handle the job. Invisible member signatures - I like them as background content, not the main item for which people read the forum. if you want to read a signature, you can, but they don't get in the way of reading everything else. Quotations to original posts is probably the last thing I really care about considering all the other items that had to be solved before the switch-over. To be honest, I con't care if those links don't work. It's not like you can't access your notes to land an airplane in an emergency. You simply can't click an easy link to find a post. If you want, just search the thread and find the info. Not the best, but not the end of the world. "...and the many glitches." Please explain. Promised blue theme - Based on your severe disappointment, this blue-based theme won't help you at all. It's a work in progress that some members have tested. With respect to your comments in the last paragraph: "Chris, did you even test this software before it went life and if so what exactly did you test? It doesn't seem you know what readers of your site want. CONTENT and READABILITY should be the first priorities! CA has become an obscure, ugly and hard to read/search website. Your advertisers may notice lesser hits from CA by now. Why don't you hire a professional?" I don't even know where to begin. If you only knew what was involved in this switch-over, you'd feel pretty foolish about your comments. In fact, based on your comments, it seems like you have a vested interest in some items here on CA. Perhaps your business was benefiting from CA and now things ave changed. If you were just a casual reader, I don't think you'd have made some of those comments. When it comes to content and readability, I based my decisions on some of the most heavily read websites on earth. White backgrounds and black text. I've since made some changes by adding in gray backgrounds and lines to delineate posts etc... By the way, thanks for telling me what my priorities should be. Did I mention that this is my career and I do it all day every day (for you to read for free)? With respect to hiring a professional. If you only knew, you'd feel foolish. Last time I switch to vBulletin, I received the same comments. What have you done, you should've hired a professional! I'm not going to discuss how much money I spent on the team of professionals that took us several months of testing, re-testing, and implementation to get to this point. When one does this much work, one finds many bugs in software that the team who developed the software didn't know about. Count me in as one who found several bugs that will be fixed in subsequent releases, and that you guys will never find because I helped develop the temporary fix.
  9. Hi Chris, nice presentation. Do you think about a new apps ? Did like the previous one very much. All the best from France

    1. The Computer Audiophile

      The Computer Audiophile

      Hi @PGRPGRPG Thanks for the kind words. Currently I don't have plans for new apps, but never say never. Thanks for your contributions to CA.

  10. @R1200CL and @austinpop I was able to reproduce the issue using a "login as" feature and logging in as one of you guys. No need to continue troubleshooting on your part. Now that I can make it happen just as you said, I should be able to figure it out.
  11. I think it's an all or noting setting.
  12. Only that thread or others for you as well?
  13. Thanks for the info. I just put my test user in the same groups as you and still can't reproduce it. Is there one element on the page that you think is causing it go over the edge (is one thing stretching really far while the rest of the content is within the bounds)? Do you have any browser extensions installed? Feel free to send me a screenshot via PM or here if you want.
  14. This is strange. I can't reproduce the problem. I'm on a Mac using Chrome and Safari.
  15. Really cool visual article from The Pudding.