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  1. Dude. Enough posts about Russia. This is about music.
  2. The Next Track episode 62 is now available for your listening pleasure. Kirk (@kirkmc) and Doug (@DougAdams) had me on as a guest to discuss simple and elaborate audio system. I enjoyed poking fun at myself and some of the wackier stuff in this wonderful HiFi hobby of ours. At the same time, always advocating for stuff that matters most, to get the best sound quality and increase one's enjoyment of music. Here's a link to The Next Track site, where one can listen to the show - LINK Additional information: ♫ EPISODE #62 – SIMPLE AND ELABORATE AUDIO SYSTEMS – HOW MANY DEVICES CAN YOU HAVE IN YOUR AUDIO CHAIN? This week’s guest: Chris Connaker, of the Computer Audiophile website Show notes: Audiophiles in Japan are installing their own electricity poles dCS Linear power supplies Cable lifters? Screw-in pointy things IsoAcoustic speaker stands Gear acquisition syndrome A Beginners’ Guide To Acoustic Treatment Feng shui Our next tracks: Kirk: Matthias Goerne: Schubert Lieder Doug: Status Quo; The Last Night of the Electrics
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  4. I still have a Rendu and Signature Rendu (both Ethernet to S/PDIF), in addition to the microRendu and Signature Series Rendu SE (both USB). Hopefully Jesus isn't reading this, because he has been asking for them back for ever :~) It all comes down to pros and cons and usage with specific DACs. For many people the gains they get with USB far outweigh the cons.
  5. They said only if you switch to crystals from the great Salt Lake because they are made in the USA.
  6. I heard back from Schiit about my review proposal. They are onboard, but I will have to get in line behind the paying customers. What a great company. Make those of us in the industry wait behind people who spent their hard earned money. Schitt has its priorities in the right order. I love that.
  7. I received the final production version of the patch last night and have been using it on the CA test site. It's working well. I plan to implement it early next week. Thanks for everyone's patience.
  8. Wow. And we are bitching at each other about USB cables. #Perspective
  9. Ah, I see.
  10. Info for people to follow:
  11. Review coming late this week or early next week.
  12. Um, OK.
  13. Wow, this isn't good to read. If anyone is in contact with him, let him know that the CA Community is here to help however it can. All he has to do is ask.
  14. It's the same content as @soxr posted