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  1. Signatures aren't appearing in the mobile view. I believe this is to save space on small screens. I will look to see what's going on with this.
  2. Yes, I did it custom. I just go back to the old site, copy the info, and paste it in per request. Yours is there now.
  3. Hi Guys - I have a different theme ready for public consumption. I've enabled it for everybody, but not by default. To switch themes, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select theme then "Computer Audiophile Blue." It's not completely finished, but it's 99% of the way there.
  4. Hi Guys - I'm looking for feedback. The new site features a Store section that's underutilized. I've received inquiries from dealers / manufacturers seeking to sell items in the store. What do you guys think? Should other items be available in the store? All opinions welcome.
  5. That's the kind of thing I really like to read. Thanks for the follow up Kenny. You just saved me time trying to figure out why it wasn't working. Let me know if you have any other issues or questions. Thanks for your contributions to CA for the last 6 years and 1 day :~)
  6. Ha! P.S. It's there now :~)
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this.
  8. If you tap the green dot next to a thread, you are taken to the first new post.
  9. Hi @kennyb123 - That's really strange. No matter what i do I can't get the top menu to not show up like in your screenshot (see mine attached). I don't consider the choice to get rid of the app going backwards in 2017. Many companies are now going back to web interfaces because they've improved so much over the years. Maintaining apps is a real time and money drainer. Weighing the pros and cons of keeping vs. discontinuing the app, the cons far outweighed the pros.
  10. The About Us section is on my list of things to link to, but it's not as important as other things. All the content is here, i just haven't created easy links.
  11. Are you receiving emails for any threads? If you click on the "following" button do you see that it's setup for emails or something else?
  12. Hi Matt - I have all the attachments and just need to reattach them.
  13. I just met with ARC on Wednesday to discuss some of this stuff. I've been using the AES input and really enjoying this thing. It's a great DAC. Classic ARC.
  14. Hi Guys - I finally fixed the link to this thread so anyone accessing it using the old link will be redirected here.
  15. Hi Guys - I've been working behind the scenes most of the day and night. We now have DKIM and DMARC added to SPF for our email. This should help enabling more of the emails to get through some of the providers that block CA for some reason. Of note, Verizon had us blocked, but just whitelisted us. Comcast is still blocking us because it's using a service from CloudMark that doesn't like us for some reason. We pass all the SPAM checks against all the databases. I've opened support tickets with them. Now that people have had about a week to use the new site, I want to ask again for feedback about the design and usability.