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  1. I really struggle to see the business model for bringing it back. In addition, Tapatalk as a company isn't fun to work with and is always looking out for itself first and foremost, as if thinking short term only. They've made bad mistakes and only changed them once I continued to show them the problems that they said were solved numerous times etc... Never say never, but nothing is planned right now.
  2. Hi Em2016 - When we moved to the new platform last weekend we discontinued support for iOS and Android apps.
  3. Just removed a lot of white space between posts and changed the line that separates each post to be a bit thinner yet darker in color.
  4. Finally fixed a minor but annoying iPad issue just now. The right side of the screen went beyond the edge of the iPad, requiring the user to pinch the screen on every page load. Now the window on iPads fits just right.
  5. Yes. Power supply at the microRendu is very important. All things upstream, less so.
  6. Wow, you are right. This thread was locked and the lock has been removed by the conversion. Time to lock it back up.
  7. Please ask questions and I think you'll find the new possibilities can be much more tailored to your needs.
  8. Looks awesome.
  9. Hi mourip - Click on the time of the post to be taken directly to the post.
  10. One thing to check is the Follow button up top. Click on that and see what it says for this thread and any others from which you're receiving emails.
  11. Hi Guys - Here is one theme I'm working on. I need to step away from it for the night. I've been looking at it and changing all the colors so many times my head is spinning. It's like A/B'ing audio equipment over and over and over until one's brain is fried.
  12. Correct
  13. Perhaps the star indicates threads in which you've posted.
  14. Hi Guys - Who knew this thread would bring out the best in us all :~) Please tone it down a bit on both sides. P.S. @Sal1950 I know you and I don't always agree, but man, how did you manage to accomplish that -95 reputation score! I like many of your posts that go against what I think.
  15. You thought you turned them off. Did you check to make sure?