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  1. There's a great story about the black box that I was told from a guy in the industry. He asked how large the room could be for the black box to work. He was told that the room size didn't matter. To which he replied, then I'll take one and place it outside and the whole world will be covered :~)
  2. Perhaps @ted_b knows something about this?
  3. It's only word on the street now, but who knows, it could be happening.
  4. The performance issue for me is definitely there, but it's reasonable, given what's taking place. When browsing an item from a few minutes ago and clicking the back button, it takes about one second to load. I scrolled down many pages of content to find something posted 13 hours ago and clicked on it. Then I hit the back button. The delay was about four seconds, while all the content was loaded and the page was adjusted back to my previous location in the list. Given what has to take place, all the content must be loaded based on time stamp and several pages may need to be loaded, this is probably the best we can do right now (without a major change to the site). This type of thing is likely the reason 100 posts aren't automatically displayed in the Activity window by default. It's not simple to run that query on so much content. That said, I will see what I can do. I get annoyed at items like this. It's 2017, it seems like we should be able to resolve this type of thing. Thanks for the report Rick.
  5. Hi Rick - I just returned from Axpona and I'm getting caught up. I'll look into this and find out what it takes to resolve the issue (if I can do it or I need to hire someone etc...). By the way, I talked to many members of the CA Community and got some good suggestions about improving the new site.
  6. Hi Jeremy - Consider this your one official warning. Posting about your own product, without a direct question to you specifically about the product isn't allowed at CA. We have sponsored forums for manufacturers and developers who'd like to post about their products without such restrictions. Please consider supporting the CA Community and your business by purchasing a sponsored forum if you'd like to continue posting without restrictions.
  7. This is definitely a topic of interest for me. Some of us were discussing high prices and lack of value at Axpona this weekend.
  8. Aurender everywhere! I saw them in many rooms yesterday and today.
  9. The new M5 looks interesting. Ethernet to AES S/PDIF USB. Upnp now, Roon Ready coming. About $2,000
  10. I know it's Computer Audiophile and love new site but come on.  The iOS app was so  convenient when out and about.  Are you going to release another one.  

  11. Thanks for the new look site.

    Something to be proud of.

    Good luck


  12. I only knew the Judas Priest version!
  13. Yes, Pandora now has on demand at I believe 320 Kbps.
  14. This is exactly what I was seeking. I can see people going for a brighter image, much the same way they go for a louder sound. But, when given the chance to pause the action with a photo, it's easy to see the image on the right sucks.