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  1. I didn't see my issue addressed there or in your image. The shield in cat6a or cat7 creates a direct link that's not isolated.
  2. If I remember correctly, the shield is the problem with isolation in Ethernet cables. It isn't isolated. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I think this is a fair assessment. The past is frequently a great predictor of the future. I can see many reasons why the copyright holders and those who make a living from recored sound would want tight control. The vast majority of the public doesn't really care if the content industries have tight control, so it makes sense to grab control if they can. When it comes to video, I could care less about control. I purchase and rent movies through Apple TV and Roku. I realize the consequences of purchasing on both platforms and the services on the platforms. Some content is only available via one app on one of the platforms. So be it. Music means much more to me than video and of course I want total control all the time, but it depends on the pros and cons of this and at what cost. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  4. Yes, I am working on a solution. It may take a little bit tough.
  5. With all due respect to your opinions, I disagree 100%. There are too many variables involved to say definitively that DSD or PCM is better than the other, let alone to "understand how bad PCM is until you've heard the alternative." We have to take the recordings we get and listen to each one and decide which one we like best.
  6. It's only a guess, but I'd say the "hey just try it" people may not trust you as much as you'd like :~)
  7. Zero.
  8. The DAC designers I talk to all say they can get 20 bits and possibly 21 on a good day with the wind at their backs.
  9. Good to read you got a Yggy George! It's a wonderful piece of equipment.
  10. I like it :~)
  11. Like this expanded view?
  12. Can you explain a little bit more? There is a preview post option here that shows you what it will look like on desktop and mobile. Just click the magnifying glass.
  13. Nothing to do with license fees. With Roon the end user pays the license fee ($120 /yr or $500 /lifetime).
  14. From the Junkies: "We are excited to share tonight's Latent Lounge with you LIVE over the internet. Last week was a lot of fun as we explored the songs of Lou Reed (some of the highlights are below) and tonight's show promises some new music as we debut some material from the next Cowboy Junkies album.Tonight's Line-up:7pm EST: Dead Heroes - A special set of covers performed bymembers of Cowboy Junkies, HarpAcash & the Morals, Skydiggers, and Jerry Leger. 8pm EST: Latent Recordings artist HarpAcash & The Morals 9pm EST: Cowboy Junkies We are hoping to do more of these live streams but they cost money to produce. We have set-up a "pay what you can" link if you would like to contribute to this online series of live shows. If all goes well, we will set-up more of these in the future both at live venues and from the studio. We understand that times are tough so if you can't afford to donate that's ok, please enjoy the music, our treat. "
  15. Finally getting somewhere with this one. May have a solution ready for implementation by the weekend.