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  1. Router Enhancement

    I’d does no good to waste your time bickering when it’s against the rules. Posts removed.
  2. black Friday deals:

    Thanks @Mordikai
  3. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Click on Topics on the left side or try this direct link - https://www.computeraudiophile.com/followed/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  4. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    This search gives you topics only, with the word DAC in the title. Is this what you're interested in?
  5. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Go to this page and disable the override that's set on some topics individually. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/followed/
  6. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    The word Content covers all possible forms of content on the site including topics, blogs, articles, etc... Thus, searching Content titles is the correct word. If it said Topic titles, that would exclude searching for articles, blogs, etc... by title. Topic is listed as a content type and is selectable by itself. I agree setting default search options would be really nice.
  7. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Based on your settings (see below) you automatically follow all content to which you reply or post. Digests are the once per day or once per week emails. You have daily notification (digest) set for this thread (see below)
  8. black Friday deals:

    If anyone is wondering about Allan’s use of the term niggardly, as those of you who reported the post are, here is an explanation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controversies_about_the_word_"niggardly" “In the United States, there have been several controversies concerning the word "niggardly", an adjective meaning "stingy" or "miserly", because of its phonetic similarity to the racial slur "nigger". Etymologically the two words are unrelated.”
  9. Router Enhancement

    Here's the deal guys - There are people who just want to talk about subjective experiences. There are people who just want to talk about objectively verifiable facts. Most people are in the middle. Sometimes the groups of people don't mix well in conversations. If people are having a conversation about something and they aren't interested in what you have to say, get over it and leave them alone. You wouldn't pester people at a church or mosque about their beliefs if they asked you to leave, so don't do it online. This concept works both ways. Feel free to start discussions about why bits are bits, why routers aren't effected by isolation devices, or your experience with magic pixie dust lowering the noise floor. Those who want a balanced discussion will be happy to engage and read comments from both sides. Those who aren't interested in a balanced discussion can elect to keep the discussion focussed on a specific belief (objective or subjective). In this specific topic, the OP and others are just interested in people's opinions about router enhancement. If you are onboard with the concept, have fun. If you think this is BS, please start a different topic refuting this concept. This way, both groups of people can read/comment in peace. If the OP is OK with it, the objective guys can even leave a comment about why they don't believe this stuff, then back off. Heck, I'm even cool with a new topic being started and a link to the new topic being left in this topic. For example, "I believe this stuff can't be real based on my education and experience, and I've started a topic with information that refutes this stuff ..." I'd prefer if someone could start a different thread that was for completely open discussion. That's just my preference, but I don't really care which side of the fence anyone is on, if they want a specific topic to stick to a certain side. P.S. My own opinion on this topic is that I don't believe it's possible to change the sound with anything related to a router. I found @plissken comment about sending Tidal some vibration devices to solve the issue for everyone hilarious. I like to have a sense of humor about this great hobby of ours. However, I don't judge anyone for testing this stuff and hearing a difference. It's no skin off my back if someone uses vibration control under a router and hears a sonic benefit. I have respect for everyone here and I respect their opinions.
  10. Article: CA Goes To Dynaudio In Denmark

    Hi AGB - Dennis was actually over at my house to hear my system a few years ago :~)
  11. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    Most certainly some do. But, they usually don’t seek out those with little knowledge. They usually ask people who appear to know or say they know. Many audiophiles I know are sponges for information from people who are experts. To them it only makes sense to ask engineers, in order to increase their enjoyment of this hobby. Don't let the tail wag the dog. The fringes shouldn’t define any group of people.
  12. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    I’m willing to bet a large percentage of audiophiles know quite a bit about the term. Audiophiles are a smart bunch. It takes some intelligence to operate on the human brain and send rockets to the ISS (both readers of CA). Sure intelligence doesn’t equate to knowing the genesis of a word, but it’s a good start. I could ask ask my five year old daughter if we are shooting for opinions from people without knowledge.
  13. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    I missed that. Anyone have a link?
  14. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    I’m not that shallow. Plus, I didn’t read the whole post with a fine tooth comb. I read it and like all that went into it, regardless of the end result. Let’s see, you want to know something so you ask people who aren’t familiar with a topic?