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  1. Interesting discussion about sibilance guys... Sure, it's likely a combination of factors and presumably the DAC is a factor here. But how much is contributed by the DAC and what is simply inherent in the musical recording? Maybe that's the way the Sade recording is supposed to sound (ie. "flawed" by design) and any DAC that smooths it out is doing the same thing for everything else! That would not necessarily be a good thing. Here's a thought, can folks suggest maybe a handful of high quality recordings they think tend to cause sibilance on a poor DAC and presumably should not sound that way? Perhaps we can then look deeper into this concern and determine what a DAC could or should do to reproduce a "proper" sound.
  2. Archimago

    John Atkinson: Yes, MQA IS Elegant...

    Would be interesting to get a sense of what these are as well @Rt66indierock. This ongoing talk about filters, showing yet more impulse response results, etc... IMO has clearly reached the end of the road and isn't going to convince anyone that MQA has any secret sauce in the recipe. If intellectually that's all it is, it's clearly bankrupt and impossible to significantly improve fidelity - and likely worsens it. I'm sure audiophiles are "all ears" to know if there's some super duper DSP system in the MQA process that actually does something to make music sound better or in the mastering process...
  3. Archimago

    John Atkinson: Yes, MQA IS Elegant...

    Very nice Mans! Love the logo/avatar .
  4. Archimago

    Any advantage to these expensive XLR cables?

    LOL. "Mad Cow" - that just ain't right for at least $10,000 worth of cables and all that R&D! 😆
  5. Archimago

    Any advantage to these expensive XLR cables?

    Good one. Your friend is a smart man. As for me, the current "prion" cable is just too generic... The "Creutzfeldt-Jakob" and "Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker" cable variants if he continues his deep reseach might be more interesting. As a microbiologist, "Peter" must be interested in marketing to those afflicted by audiophilia by an infectious agent, and as a geneticist, he must also be acutely aware of those audiophiles with the affliction in the genes. I digress. Yeah, XLR cables. Good. 👍
  6. Archimago

    Any advantage to these expensive XLR cables?

    Funny yet sad! Check out the "About" page about Peter the designer. The guy comes from a microbiology & genetics background. What a statement: "If a cable doesn’t make the cut in his own personal stereo, passing his own tests of belief in the materials, design, and resultant sound, it has no place in DHC’s product line." Yeah... Sounds like the "scientific method" right there. 🤨
  7. Archimago

    Article: Kii THREE Loudspeaker Review

    Thanks for the links and information @firedog. Interesting info on the Mola Mola. Hopefully there will be some measurements ahead... Impressive claims! 192kHz internal processing with jitter-free SRC for the Kii Three "sounds" excellent 😉.
  8. Archimago

    Article: Kii THREE Loudspeaker Review

    Hey there Mitch! Late to the party with this comment - great read as always. You're knocking it out of the park with no-nonsense reviews beautifully merging subjective and objective analysis with experience and education! Interesting to see the convergence of numerous functions into the 1 box - DAC (AES/EBU and ADC/DAC steps when processing analogue), DSP, amplifier (Ncore), and speaker. No doubt the technology is capable of fantastic sound. (Too bad I still haven't had a chance to listen to them yet - will try to pop by Liquid Sound another time!) A geeky question 😆 which I haven't seen the answer to elsewhere... I've read/seen advertised that the DSP processing is being performed in 40-bit floating point, but have not seen if it's listed at what samplerate the conversion is done with analogue input or what rates the internal converter handles digital input from the AES/EBU. Assuming we have a true hi-res 24/96 album fed into the device, what happens to frequencies above 22.05 or 24kHz? Does the DSP operate up there? Obviously the whole notion of high samplerate audibility is suspect for Homo sapiens... But for a system like this, is there even a difference feeding anything more than 44/48kHz digital/converted analogue into it?
  9. Archimago

    Steve Hoffman's Ongaku

    On my blog, according to Google I get about 2000 hits/day or around 60k per month. I don't know how many audiophiles there are out there. Enough to make a difference is all I care about .
  10. Archimago

    Robert Levi in Trouble Again

    Assuming that one agrees that the term "audiophile" can still be redeemed, I like to think "rational audiophile" is something we can still hang on to... Perhaps in time, just saying "audiophile" will automatically imply a level of rationality rather than pseudoscience and "woo". (I had another article on this awhile back on the blog as well.)
  11. Just commenting on the question posed in this thread of whether people can be persuaded by evidence, IMO, YES. Of course. Maybe not for the "hardcore" but the aim is not to persuade everyone. The dyed-in-the-wool "faithful" or perfectionist that believes 0.1dB here and there makes a significant difference are a tiny part of the population anyway. The vast majority will not care because this is not going to impact their appreciation of the music nor the joy derived. IMO, I like to aim for those in the middle and have dialogue with those who are reasonable, open-minded, willing to take on the middle ground; that's the silent majority who might never post a comment on audiophile forums but willing to look around and build a decent sound system that's not just good enough but excellent compared to basic consumer-level gear. Over the years, I've had personal friends as well as "virtual" friends online contact me and say they've changed their position when they took on a blind challenge or read information online. I believe it takes ego strength to admit that one has been wrong about things. I certainly had to change my viewpoint on things like cables and such over the years. BTW, when I started in this hobby I was very much enthralled by all those cable reviews and DIY solutions, 20 years ago spending hours braiding and making my own because it was said to be better... Even tried the green pen thing and got Peter Belt's foils stuck to my equipment! But then I started reading articles from the engineering side, trying my own blind tests, borrowing cable, putting my own home-made Internet-touted DIY cables to the test, and "room tuning" (stuff like the Totem Acoustic Beak back in the day) devices to recognize that these things made no meaningful impact despite how much they were promoted. IMO it's more important to impact the majority and hopefully catalyze a cultural shift in a small hobby like audiophilia than focus on any one person. There will always be folks on the fringe. Folks on the extremes. Individuals who will never accept evidence no matter what. Yet they themselves can never produce evidence to forward their beliefs other than promote faith. That IMO can be safely ignored because there is literally nothing to argue about and these folks know it, they feeeeel it. It's like arguing with delusional individuals - nothing good can come of it... Might as well "agree to disagree" and move on since there are so many other good people to talk to and derive fruitful discussions with.
  12. Archimago

    MQA CD -- Dead in the Water?

    Interesting video... Left a message on the comments. I'm amazed that UHQCD is being called "snake oil" but not MQA itself! Surely the reviewer must be a little suspicious of the claims of hi-res on 16/44!? Especially when he's showing "352k" on that Pro-Ject DAC for Dire Straits 🤨.
  13. Thanks for the note Mitch. Alas, the Oppo can't do gapless DLNA streaming. 🤨 Likewise, wonderful to see you expanding into the head-fi gear. Looks like you'll need to get yourself a dummy head/ears soon!
  14. Whoa... Nice writeup and work Mitch! 👍 Now this, IMO, along with Tyll's work over the years is what reviewing headphones is about; creatively utilizing both the objective and subjective modes of evaluation into a coherent, mindful conclusion without unnecessary flowery prose nor "lifestyle" meanderings. Taking the opportunity to educate along the way. Looks like we have the beginnings of more useful headphone reviews to come... 😁
  15. Correct. IMO, if we just focused on a 1st unfold as done by the software Tidal decoder to 88.2/96kHz is all that's needed with these files. The rest of it is just for show. For example, the silly "original sampling rate" claim is just further upsampling so the DAC can show big numbers on the display like "352.8kHz" to wow those who are impressionable 😵.