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  1. jcbenten

    Android and Hifi Audio

    I did a quick search on Amazon and iBasso models are the only ones that came up. Another search came up with Opus and A&K (which are on Amazon).
  2. jcbenten

    New Katana DAC from ALLO

    Sorry but I am not familiar with the RPi and Allo ecosystem but is this a standalone DAC or does it have to be mounted on a RPi? thanks.
  3. jcbenten

    Under $400 Desktop Integrated

    Sorry...WAG on my part. Problem is he does occasionally have interesting advice/viewpoints. In this case he has no vision of the context of the quest. I work at my computer...if I spent more than $100 on its audio it is a waste as music is background noise. Half the time I have no idea what is playing.
  4. In an apartment? Might try changing the channel. Depending on the size and density of the population around you, you could be picking up interference from the neighbors. Caveat is that I know nothing of lost packets but I have had interference with dropouts and I have only a few neighbors within 500 feet of me (1.5 acre lot neighborhood). I changed channels and dropouts went away. Also check out your network gear here: www.smallnetbuilder.com
  5. jcbenten

    Under $400 Desktop Integrated

    Or they could be the surround speakers...
  6. jcbenten

    Consensus about upsampling to 512 DSD

    XiSRC is another program to upsample to DSD512 offline.
  7. jcbenten

    Ethernet or WiFi?

    The biggest issue for wifi for me was channel interference. Even in a low density neighborhood (1.5 acre lots) I had 4 neighbors using the same channel. I ran an ethernet cable for other reason so I piggybacked my SBT onto the switch. Once I had switched wifi channels I had no issues but it seems just a bit faster with the direct connection.
  8. jcbenten

    Finding a Good 3.5mm Bluetooth Trasmitter

    Relatively inexpensive and does BT both ways: https://goo.gl/ifFgRT
  9. jcbenten

    Finding a Good 3.5mm Bluetooth Trasmitter

    Did you, or can you, try a different connection other than 3.5mm? Might be the limiter. Also, are there a separate volume controls on the PC, transmitter, and headphones? Try maxing the PC or transmitter and control with headphone volume.
  10. jcbenten

    Finding a Good 3.5mm Bluetooth Trasmitter

    The Q5 only receives BT and does not transmit. A DAP or using your phone is probably your best bet.
  11. jcbenten

    Finding a Good 3.5mm Bluetooth Trasmitter

    Might try a BT DAC such as Fiio Q5. I would think less expensive options available but that is the one I know. Or a BT DAP. I use the BT out of a Sony NWZX2 to speakers anal it works well.
  12. jcbenten

    Streaming problems

    Here is what I would do to check: -Power down everything and unplug. Wait 2 minutes and power up. -Are you wireless? Change channels. New neighbors or something can jam default channels. Happened to me. -Do you have other routers to use? I use an older apple router as an access point but was never impressed with it handling the routing. Asus is probably the preferred consumer brand but I have had very good luck with two different Netgear routers. I know you mentioned it used to work great but, in my experience, routers have a lifetime. If more than two years old a power outage may be the blow.. -Power surges can affect ethernet jacks and routers. Isolate and try again. Not sure what you can do with the Synology. relocate next to the Lumin and direct connect and try. That may isolate the router and/or switches in the path.
  13. jcbenten

    system for college student

    Never thought about it. Just assumed due to the cable length. A big bundle as I have them about five feet apart and cable at least twice as long. Could be just a marketing decision.
  14. jcbenten

    system for college student

    I have the edifiers. They are decent and BT works great. I have them hooked up optically to a TV where I stay when I travel to work location. Need the speaker stands and probably a rug to cover some of the tile but a lot better than the TV speakers.
  15. jcbenten

    Under $400 Desktop Integrated

    Hopefully the Z provide enough power and that lack of watts is the issue. Your speakers are unknown to me. I do have several Dell systems and none are known for sound quality... I think GUTB offers good advice but sometimes loses sight that sometimes there are ulterior motives to override absolute audiophiledom.