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  1. I think this is one of the most beautiful cars ever made...never have seen one in the flesh and the TestaRossa followup (IMO) is ugly: I did see an F12 here in Austin...yellow...and tiny!! Even with a V12 the car is small. I do like the last few generations of the "bigger" V12 coupe.
  2. I did more searching...Shooting Brake = 2-Door Station Wagon. The Marketing folks are loathe to use the term "Station Wagon". Not sure why...this is a classic
  3. For Consumer-grade wifi/routing I have had stellar units from Netgear: R7000 & R7800 (current). The R7800 is currently tied for #1 on Smallnetbuilder.com. I have had less than reliable from ASUS (unstable firmware) but it has been a few years and my forum perusing has recent firmware being better. I only use the Spectrum provided unit as a gateway. I have 200/20 service and generally get 15% better.
  4. Why would you do #2 & #4 over the 5-channel Mytek? I understand wanting an inexpensive solution but once the cost of a 5-channel DAC is reached it seems to me the simpler the better.
  5. I have heard the term so I Googled to find the definition for Shooting Brake. I did find some technical description about distance from doors to wheel wells and such but in the end it's a station wagon.
  6. Oh I agree completely...but I live in Texas and it is too scary close to the ground. IMO this AM is the prettiest, so far, of elevated auto mobility.
  7. I am jealous and thankful at the same time. The Vanquish is a pretty car. I would only get one with one foot in the grave. Let my Executor have the headaches
  8. My middle "middle" name is Style.......................LOL!! At least I can say I have not frequented malls in quite a number of years...which makes me I need to start a web shopping website...oh damn...
  9. Perhaps...but if Aston Martin brings this to market I may sell my soul. Just think of them as "Elevated Station Wagons"!
  10. Reason I mentioned Polestar: https://newatlas.com/polestar-1-hybrid-gt/51793/ although I guess that is not a Volvo anymore...
  11. I do not know of an appropriate forum. As for suggestions, well I can come up with plenty Jag F-Type: Plan 1 is the HO 6 cylinder to get the exhaust note. Plan 2 is the V8. Convertible all the way. The Coupe just does not look right. Porsche Mission e: Plan 2 but this is the most beautiful of Porsches...how the Panamera should have looked (which is an abomination in my mind) Mercedes E Coupe (or whatever it is called)...I like the E Class over the S Class as far as visual appearance Mustang GT350...saw one parked next to me...Beautiful, muscular, etc.. I do not think much of BMW. Last one I liked was the hi-revving M5 from 10 years ago or so...The Audi RS5 mentioned earlier is a nice choice. The new Volvo Polestar offering(s) might be worth checking out.
  12. Unknown USB Key DAC

    SMSL IDEA, https://goo.gl/Xe7oFv, is similar sized to the Sabaj but the internals are a bit different. Otherwise a Google or Amazon search brings up a quite a few of the mini-dacs.
  13. Converting SACD ISOs to DSF DSD128 and higher

    JRiver can output ISO to DSD256. Try a couple of tracks and compare to DSD64.
  14. Satellite Radio Sounds Awful

    In a diesel truck with offroad tires at 70 mph...satellite radio sounds just fine.