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  1. jcbenten

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    I like old websites as I can find what I want within 15 seconds. If I cannot find what I want I go away and do not come back. The new website design preference with overly large scrolling panels is horrific. Particularly ones that do not put drop down menus at the top.
  2. jcbenten

    Looking for "media transport" recommendations

    Then I would get a look at the Naim Uniti systems.
  3. jcbenten

    Looking for "media transport" recommendations

    Two easiest options I can think of both start with an NAS. 1) Run Minimserver on the NAS (my QNAP came with the app). On an Android phone/tablet run Bubbleupnp. Works pretty well and I use it to feed my Oppo 103. 2) Run Roon on the NAS...takes a bit more to setup but directions online are very straightforward. On the Android device run Roon Remote. The Roon software will cost extra vs Minimserver but is very straight forward and the software for the server and controller come from the same company. Might need an extra SSD on the NAS to load Roon Server...makes it go faster. RPi is a good option but I, personally, am loathe to muck around with Linux. I read that it is very straightforward but my paradigm is set. An NAS feeding a Sonore Ultrarendu is an option but HW costs start adding up. You could also find an NOS Squeezebox Touch (SBT). SB is no longer but the server software is still being developed. You will need a computer to run the server or an NAS that comes with server software (Logitech Media Server - LMS); I think Synology better than QNAP in this regard. This has been a fairly reliable setup for years but I find it getting more finicky lately...I wonder if it is all the updates in Windows are causing issues. Some of this will depend on what DAC/Preamp you have and the software that it works with.
  4. All good questions for that forum. Probably would generate a lot of discussion. Do note that the majority of the tested equipment is sent in on loaner from the forum members. Amir purchases a few himself, gets a few mfr loaners (but appears to happening more frequently - some mfrs are actually looking to improve) but most are from readers. The goal appears to be to find inexpensive equipment that measures very good to exceptional. Subjective analysis is secondary or even tertiary. A "reference" would be the best measured product to date and not necessarily a higher dollar unit or something that is considered "reference" by a magazine reviewer.
  5. Amir measure the base spikes of his analyzer APX555. The "new" peak he refers to of the DigiOne is a spike he did not see in his analyzer. That spike @ 12kHz, is generated by the DigiOne all by itself.
  6. Wired or wireless? If wireless, check for interference from neighbors, etc.. Change the channel and/or change from 2.4ghz to 5.0ghz or vice versa. Most units use the same default channel and can be crowded if you have close neighbors. If wired, try different ports on your router and switches (if any). If you have a backup router try using it. I do not have experience with your Cambridge NAP but check for updated firmware or if you can go back to a previous version. Or even just reload the current version. Check Cambridge forums if any. How often do you power-cycle your network and music system? If it has been awhile, power cycle with up to 5 minutes off. Include unplugging and not just switching off. Make sure your internet access is still good and not disconnected when you have issues. Do you have a wireless control point. On the same network frequency? Try a different program. All I can think of for now. chris
  7. jcbenten

    Question about earphones

    I have: -B&W C5 Series 2...$150 on Amazon...I really like the sound...not as resolving or isolating as other in-ears but very coherent and musical. I think for the price good value. Were originally $300. -Westone UM40 from a few years ago...my third Westone and the sound is very good...more resolving and isolating than the B&W. I have not had the best of luck with reliability with Westone. My favorite was the UM3 pro but one ear died. The 4R died...the cable died on my current pair. Sound good but short lifetime. -Etymotic ER4SE...love them...great isolation and resolution...enough bass...only drawback is finding aftermarket cables. The MMCX connection is too built up and not quite standard to aftermarket...at least the ones I have tried ( looking for balanced connection). I do have some Moon Audio cables that do connect but do not use much due to fit. Ety cable has an angled connection that aftermarket do not have. -Shure 315...meh. Nice but not worth the cost of a few years ago. I have read the 425s are better value but have not tried. Use while cutting grass. comply tips on all.
  8. Your cellphone?? Assuming, of course, that you have one. A bunch of <$50 players on Amazon. Pick the highest rated one with a lot of reviews.
  9. My SBT is starting to act up so have been trying different methods to use my Oppo 103. I run Minimserver on my QNAP NAS and so far the best control point on iPad Pro is Glider Audio. BubbleUPNP works well on my Android phone but not available for iPad/iPhone. I cannot get the Linn apps to work and I have not tried Lumin yet. Glider is not perfect but it connects and stays connected
  10. jcbenten

    a plethora of components

    Naim has combo (streaming/amp/DAC) players: https://www.naimaudio.com/streaming-and-multiroom Personally I would start with this (or similar) and work backwards: https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-30#description
  11. The R7 should have AW utilities for Temp and Power...at least my R1 does but it is pushing 10 years old. I would also check CPU utilization.
  12. What player are you using? Try USB Audio Player Pro (needs external USB DAC - will not player internal Phone DAC...or at least it did not in the past; My main player - Pixel 2 XL with a host of external DACs - iFI x2, Fiio, Topping, SMSL, Sony) Onkyo HF Player Pi Player Oneamp
  13. jcbenten

    Materials that absorb RF energy

    Seems to me that anything really good at RF absorption would be classified.
  14. jcbenten

    Article: Live Rock For The Audiophile

    Radiohead...ACL 2016 Week 2...Awesome...one of the best shows ever I have seen at ACL (attended 10+ times). A good live show is better than any cd/record. This year...Metallica...Paul McCartney...The National Thanks for posting.