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  1. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    I have been riding zwift for a couple of years and like it a lot. The electronic trainer with app control is pretty cool. I have to say that Ant+ control seems more robust than the Bluetooth. Get the dongle on a laptop and you are good to go. The trainers are bit more expensive but if you watch for REI or Wahoo 20% off sales it helps. Trainer reviews are at DCRAINMAKER.com and on youtube. A lot of other apps are available, particularly if you like structured workouts, but Zwift has the best virtual world and is the most cost effective. Other apps let you ride all over the world but do cost a bit more. I just do not do it enough to pay more than Zwift. Maybe if I was younger and not falling apart I would do more.
  2. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    This was the issue...I must have had the iPad paired at the same time. Now just need to get my Wahoo Tickr paired, then I will be set.
  3. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    I probably do not have lead but I do have a fireplace/chimney in between. I will give it another shot.
  4. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    Aahhh....I knew two devices but may have mis-interpreted. Thank you. chris
  5. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    Have to check out if I can use the ipad as a bridge. The Eve Extend has not been released from what I could determine. I do use the laptop but looking to use my 55" TV.
  6. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    A couple of reasons I am minimizing outdoor riding: Traffic is getting horrendous where I live and most have a phone to their ear. Scares the daylights out of me. I crashed a couple of years ago and I do not have much drive to get out... Arthritis in one knee and trying to limit the stress a bit by watching how much power I put out. The cycle diagram is pretty funny though:-)
  7. Bluetooth Range Extender/Hub

    I am looking for a Bluetooth Hub/Range Extender. I have an Apple TV 4K and want to connect my Wahoo Kickr Snap via an app (Zwift) but the ATV is in another room behind a wall and cannot see the Snap. This device needs to be totally wireless except for the power supply. The only device I have found is this: https://goo.gl/aPBqxy but the latest reviews are less than stellar. Any other ideas?
  8. Inside High End Equipment

    With Dimensions 4-11 used as filters...
  9. MQA is already gone

    Because the labels half-assed it...either do or do not. No toe-dipping.
  10. Radsone EarStudio

    Beats me. I always thought it was a software issue. All I know is I have a hard time connecting to my Pixel 2 (and previous android phones) and my laptop while my iPad is no problem. The only things my phones easily connected with are my vehicles. Thinking about this while I type I always thought that BT was a separate chip. Somewhere along the timeline it was integrated with WiFi chip. Now isn't all wireless integrated with the CPU/GPU SoC for mobile devices?
  11. Radsone EarStudio

    Thanks for posting...I also picked up a Pixel 2 and the dongle does not work with my Westones (heavy static/crackling) which are my preferred earphone. Definitely something to research. Any issues with the BT connection? I find Android BT is not nearly as robust as iOS.
  12. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

    Thanks Charles...I saw that but did not read the description. Thought it was just a transmitter for bluetooth headphones. Update: Takes two so for about half the price I can get the Sennheiser TV kit...
  13. Currently have a pair of wired headphones (older Bose noise-cancelling) and my wife wants to watch her tv shows without bothering me...or the opposite...hmmmm... Is there a transmitting/receiving kit available without purchasing another set of headphones? I did a search on Amazon but everything includes or presumes bluetooth headphones. I have not checked if the tv transmits Bluetooth but would still need a receiver with a standard (1/4" ?) headphone jack. thanks, chris
  14. DBPoweramp will do mass conversions with the ability to change the save location.
  15. Many (most?) HD TVs have a digital out (mine is Toslink) to connect to an AVR. The one review I found on Ferguson Hill negates this possibility (analog only inputs). So either go the route of Franz159 recommends or upgrade the AVR and digitally connect the audio.