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  1. Alan B

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    "...address any concerns", not sure what you mean, but I have no additional questions that need to be addressed. I have read all I need to firmly know it is not needed and I see the handwriting on the wall. We now have MQA polluted CD's and one LP (pictured earlier in this thread).
  2. Alan B

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    @Lee Soggins your account of what took place at the seminar is NOT what I witnessed. I was there, and your "good guys" (Mike & Ken) were anything but polite! I have attended RMAF for the last 13 years and have been to many (not all) of the seminars and I have never seen such loutish behavior by so called professional executives. In my professional career as a director of international sales for a high technology company, I frequently traveled to the U.K., and never saw such behavior. So your laughing off this type of conduct falls on deaf ears.
  3. Alan B

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Ricka, I agree! I cancelled my Tidal subscription as soon Sas MQA was on the scene. I do not want to be locked into a DRM (potential)., lossless format, reguardless of any supposed sonic benefit. Period.
  4. Alan B

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    It was so poorly attended as it was the last one of the day and the show. Many left at noon on Sunday or earlier. I wish this could have been at 3 pm on Saturday.
  5. Alan B

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Chris, I feel so bad that you had to go through that ambush by yourself. But, I know that most feel you were the true gentleman present! I was the one that arrived one seminar earlier so as to be guaranteed a seat (wish more could have been there). You were the real professional, I just wished there could have been more of the reverse engineering genius' present to help. I know that was not part of the scope of the seminar. As to those that think we should support manufacturers that do incorporate MQA, well that is their prerogative to do so, it is also mine not to support them with my dollars. I will be purchasing a new DAC soon and I quarantee it will not have MQA!
  6. ....and I have every reason to believe it sounds great too!
  7. So just because someone has a less expensive system than you may have they are in your words a "non-audiophile"? So at what magical dollar point do you consider someone to qualify as an "audiophile"? Never mind, I am done with the likes of you and your types (snobbery, snobbery, snobbery)! People like you will NEVER get the younger set to enjoy listening to quality music.
  8. Yes, while I have been an avid reader here for many years I do not regularly post here. I believe that you and I are of similar vintage :). That being said, I would like to also (in addition to building a digital amp) pick up a good used vintage amp and restore it (recap, etc.) what recommendations do you have? In my research on eBay last night I see there are some insane (to me anyway) prices being asked. Perhaps another venue?
  9. That is not what I meant. A $5K system properly set up can sound better than a $100K+ system that is just put into a room. I do not dismiss a product based on $$ alone, by the same token I don’t endorse or desire a product just because it cost $$$$$. I know you are going to be reviewing a Crown digital amp, I have never heard one nor do I particularly want to. I am interested in perhaps building one using some of the state of the art components that are available now. Perhaps like you I am just curious!
  10. Yes, and I don't need a lecture from you. I have read enough of your posts in these forums to know where you are coming from. There is WAY more involved that just opening one's wallet to buy a more expensive piece of equipment. You know what I mean concerning the room and the interactions where the system is installed.
  11. "If a gain amplifier came on the market, and it sounded better than anything on the market, would it be dismissed if it cost 10 times less than the current 'State of the Art'?" My guess is 'yes', as there wouldn't be enough profit in the amp unless they could find a $2,000 case to hold it.
  12. Alan B

    MQA is Vaporware

    It will be a .25 cent DAC, but will cost the consumer $25....Bob has to get his cut
  13. Alan B

    Tidal - Oh No

    Good riddance..... https://www.whathifi.com/news/tidal-in-trouble
  14. I have been on the list for the $750 upgrade for almost a year now, so my scheduled update is getting close. The question is do I upgrade or put the money towards another DSD supported DAC? What would you do, or for QB-9 owners, what have you done and why? Look forward to your thoughts, thanks.
  15. Alan B

    Auralic Aries: Recommended file sources?

    Currently I am at the RMAF show and visited both the manufacturer and one of their dealers. They are demonstrating the Aries with a USB flash drive. Yes, it does work but the iOS app interface will be painfully slow if one has a library of music of any size. The flash drive had about 25 albums on it but each album only had one song in it's folder. This will not be the primary way one will/should access a music library. A NAS will be the preferred method. The updated firmware will be available by end of November.