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  1. sgr

    USB cable comparisons

    Oh yes both are important if you want the best sound quality which most do. But I’ve not heard a large enough difference to update each time a new USB cable is discovered. They do provide different flavors, easily heard in my system. I might try a lush cable but for what I need it’s much too long to cope with. The small Curious tails sound very good and much more convenient.
  2. sgr

    USB cable comparisons

    To me USB cables do make a difference, but not as great as a good linear power supply in the system. I’m still using my Curious set as I’m not in a hurry to join the USB cable if the month club. I wonder what what a Western Electric USB cable would sound like? I’m a big fan of the speaker cables and power cables I made and use. Not talented enough to make a USB cable.
  3. sgr

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska, I’m fortunate to own two great dacs. I’m using a micro Rendu and ultra Rendu as bass for both. One DAC is connected to my Preamp and front end and the other DAC is the Legacy Wavelet which is at the other end of the room by the amps and it is a digital DAC, Crossover, DSP, and preamp. I’d like to switch between them which would be no trouble if i just used ROON but with HQPlayer it will only connect to one DAC and naa at a time I believe. Is there a way to run two sessions of HQPlayer at a time and switch between them or any other method available? I know I could change the settings each time but my Lampizator likes one group of settings and the Wavelet another. (Wouldn’t you know?) Of course if anyone else has figured a way to do this your input is welcome also. Thanks in advance. Steven
  4. Hi.. can it still play games without threat to SACD ripping?
  5. Price the same? im still very interested. I sent my phone number. I always like to speak to owner before I buy.
  6. Still available. Maybe like to buy.
  7. sgr

    HDPLEX Linear Power Supply

    Yes. Larry is a gem. Always ready to help. And very responsive.
  8. sgr

    HQ Player

    While my analogy might not be perfect I was trying to point out that by insisting the NAA cannot be influenced by players, software, servers, hardware and so on before it that is like saying the phonostage sound quality is not influenced by the cartridge, interconnects, turntable, etc before it. Of course all components before the phono stage influence the sound (In this case I’m connecting my phonostsgr directly to the amps as some can do without the preamp.) So of course optimizing the sound and signal before the NAA only makes sense. The NAA is only as magical as the components before allow it to be. I wanttd to so believe after reading about the NAA that the PC or equipment before the NAA would not matter. Buy a PC from Old Egg of necessary speed and storage and one is done. But that’s not what I’ve heard and found to be true. I don’t listen alone and have quite a panel of listeners who come over often and familiar with my system. They concur with my findings. That’s ok but don’t expect the best possible. I’m not debating further I enjoy HQPlayer and ROON. But this insistence concerning the NAA reminds me of jRiver and jPlay. Bits are bits and nothing effects the bits. Exactly why I no longer use jRiver.
  9. sgr

    HQ Player

    First I’m replying in general to all those who are close minded and perhaps won’t give ideas a try. As far as Tidal goes, I’m a fan. I subscribe to the premium package. The convenience is not open for debate. But it while the sound quality is very good, no matter how I’d like to despence with my PCs and library, I’ve found the sound quality of Tidal does not compete sonically with the sever and audio pc in my system. Other guests have heard the same many times. The reaction to my post feels like the “jRiver” crew is alive and well. I do use Fidelizer with HQPlayer and I don’t have any trouble, really. I also use my PCs for Audio only. No games. So I have no experience there. I’d bet that playing any game will alter the sound quality while playing music I’d play games on a different PC. Why wouldn’t it, using virus protectors and other similar programs are not recommended by many as they can cause more stress to the PC and effect sound quality? An analogy might be appropriate. A phono stage would be much like an NAA. It is the last ‘box’ in the chain. According to the NAA philosophy I could just purchase an Audio Research phono stage and a $200 table and cartridge because the phono stage fixes everything. Hmmm. I kinda figured my post would merit a response but I still wanted to put it out there so others could see and try. If one one claimed their audio system sounded better played during a “Blue Moon” I might be skeptical but I’ve seen and heard some strange things so I’d never say never until I tried it. Oh, forgot to mention NAAs don’t all sound the same. 😎 Sorry for any any confusion and consternation but I’m deaf in one ear and can’t hear out the other so please forgive my audio transgressions. 😂
  10. sgr

    HQ Player

    I’ve not found that to be true. I have Ultrarendu as NAA and use two PCs one as file server and the other running HQPlayer. Every improvement I’ve made in the chain before the NAA just makes the overall sound much better. Things like lps-1, FMC and fiber, WSY2K12 and 16, the AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer, linear power supplies to power the pc and SSD drives, Elfidelity tweaks, Aurios under the PCs, Ethernet cables all contribute to making a System sound awesome.
  11. sgr

    HDPLEX Linear Power Supply

    Looks very nice. Larry is constantly fine tuning his products. As I’ve grown in the hobby his accessories have really helped out at times.
  12. Hi, I really liked the SATA cables i reviewed above. But I’m very sorry for the poor service. I’d think 4 weeks should be plenty of time to get the order, construct and test the cables, and get them sent out, clear customs, and delivered. I think shipping by Pony Express would be faster. I’d be sure to pay via PayPal. I dont think shipping is an excuse any more as their has been plenty of time to look for a solution.
  13. Many of us use the Lps-1 with REGEN ISO and The Rendu family. We heard what the LPS-1 did for these components. So the $400 question? What improvements or differences can we look forward to hearing when the new lps-1.2 arrive? (If this is the wrong place to ask please feel free to move it Alex. Thanks, Steven