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  1. realhifi

    What gear do you love?

    Loved my Conrad Johnson gear back in the day. Every pair of Ls3/5a's I've owned. Spendor BC-1, SP1, BC2, SP1/2, SP7, SP3/1. Magnepans 1.6, MMG, 1.7, 3.6. Vienna Acoustics Mozart. All the Naim gear I've owned. LP12's, Walker, Ariston turntables. Musical Fidelity's first class A amps, the A1 and the A100. Ran HOT but the sound with Spendor SP1's.....amazing.
  2. realhifi

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    Don’t think I’ve seen any Vienna Acoustic recommendations so here you go.. http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/vienna-acoustics-the-music-floorstanding-loudspeaker/ Way more than a pretty face (but they are DEFINATELY that too) I’ve heard these on multiple occasions and fallen in love time after time. The impact can be stunning and I’m not talking bombastic fireworks but the projection of voice and instruments. A bargain.
  3. realhifi

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    It may have been mildly surprising five years ago but for a high end dealer not to have a great network and a solid understanding of networked A/V today is inexcusable.
  4. realhifi

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    Also call Wendell at Magnepan and set up a visit. Super nice folks there.
  5. realhifi

    Who are You Going to See?

    Earth Wind and Fire. Should be great stroll through memory lane! Actually have seen a few older bands this summer intermixed with newer acts and have not been disappointed. Yes was great, George Clinton simply blew the roof off and now EW&F.
  6. realhifi

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    Clearly with speakers the caliber you are considering a home audition is in order so yiu could hear for yourself whether they would work or not. I’ve head the 20.7’s in some tight rooms sound superb.
  7. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    If he wasn’t already Russian.
  8. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Now I’m Trump? THAT is funny!
  9. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    😊. So it’s better to insinuate rather than call a spade a spade I guess.
  10. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Bullshit. Smiley face or not the comparison was made.
  11. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    How often was Tone Audio commented on before Chris had them linked?
  12. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Settle down. That’s ignorant if you’re comparing them to the Chinese government. The internet is showing it’s true colors in how it’s being manipulated to influence people.
  13. realhifi

    Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Huge point. I agree with them 100%. If people want comments on THEIR website it’s a totally different thing. BUT.....let’s just put it as “comments on their articles” instead of “comments they couldn’t control”. If they wanted comments on their articles then they would provide those means on their own site.
  14. realhifi

    Lasagna is Back!!

    Whoa whoa, wait a minute. A reasoned and intelligent comment about Michael? where am I?
  15. realhifi

    Denon, Alexa, and Pandora

    Try some of these....https://denon.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5930/~/what-alexa-voice-commands-support-the-heos-home-entertainment-skill%3F and this.....https://denon.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5927/related/1