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  1. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    This has been an odd thread. As far as I can see it WAS strictly personal between two (supposedly) professionals in the new era of Audiophile publishing on the wild wild internet. Then, it wasn’t. It was shouted from the rooftops that there was a beef between parties and “game on”, everyone and their brother is now into the “discussion” because? In my opinion this should have never seen the light of day much less become a discussion in some Internet forum where it now besmirches professionals of BOTH sites. Not a good look.
  2. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Got it. Seems he’d rather you didn’t.
  3. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Yep. Know that. Sooooo.....just put in a link. He didn’t ask as kindly as he could have but I get it.
  4. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

  5. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Lol! And thank god for that.
  6. realhifi

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Wonder why it’s only become an issue with CA? Clearly Jeff and Tone Audio have been around for quite some time (great website) and has of course been available to other “links” or what not so why do you suppose there is an issue with just CA? i see links to his articles and certainly on the clearing house website “Daily Audiophile” his site is linked to and he has no issue there.......sooooo?
  7. realhifi

    Are you an audio hobbyist?

    Used to be. No longer have the same inclination to "mod, repair, build" components as I once had. Past projects sound similar to yours. CJ, ARC, Musical fidelity, Counterpoint, etc amp and preamp mods Dynaco tube amp and preamp rebuilds, mods, et. all the way out to dual chassis ST70's with solid state power supplies on separate chassis, etc. Numerous Heathkit amps, receivers, etc. Modified Hafler solid state amps. Once I started into Naim, Quad, better ARC, etc. equipment I felt like there was diminishing returns and I just stopped tinkering and found other ways to use my time.
  8. realhifi

    MQA is Vaporware

    Amen. By the way, who is Exogal? Just hadn’t heard of them.
  9. realhifi

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    I think you’d be surprised at how many people caught the drift of what was going on. Many are too subtle in their reactions or comments that it feels as if it wasn’t noticed. It was.
  10. realhifi

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    Thanks. Not who I was asking the question to but thanks all the same.
  11. realhifi

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    I’m curious as to why this particular discussion would need intervention where others I’ve seen (much more intense and personal) have been let to go on.
  12. realhifi

    Article: Naim Uniti Atom Review

    Written reviews...totally. Naim has been making lowish powered, wonderful sounding integrated amps since the early eighties. No surprise that their latest is superb.
  13. realhifi

    system for college student

    I would look at what your daughter uses as a source of music. Using your phone with Bluetooth has its drawbacks as it needs to be charged and also if you want to get calls, etc. Something like Spotify which has Connect or the Sonos App which leaves phone free.
  14. realhifi

    system for college student

    The little “Ones” are winners and certainly enough for the space she’ll be using them in. Spotify connect, Roon, Apple Music, you name it; all work with these. Winners.
  15. realhifi

    The gear lifecycle: Buy, Listen, Keep, Return, Sell

    Andy is an extreme example. EVERYONE knew he was a total #@s. Luckily there are decent dealers still out there and in Michigan we seem to have a nice selection. Of course every town can't have a stereo shop but if you're willing to drive a couple hours there are more options of products than most will ever need to consider. Here is an example of a dealer in Ann Arbor: Travel Reimbursement Program We are so sure that you will love our products as much as we do – that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is! Travel to our showroom in Ann Arbor, MI, make a purchase of $10,000 or more, and we will pick up your travel expenses tab for up to $1,000. Included with this program is a one-night stay at the newly-renovated Weber’s Boutique Hotel – just down the street from our store, and a quick drive into downtown. While you’re here, we strongly encourage you to explore Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. Ann Arbor is a city of contrasts – small yet cosmopolitan – with a rich variety of restaurants, museums, and galleries. At its heart, is the University of Michigan, which draws individuals from all over the world. Ann Arbor has a national reputation for excellence in performing arts, sports, and education. MSN Travel considers Ann Arbor one of the “10 coolest cities in the Midwest.” Learn a little more about Ann Arbor by clicking here. Once you are done shopping at Paragon, you’ll need some fresh tunes to inaugurate your new system. We’ll give you a $100 gift certificate for one of our three great vinyl shops to make finding that new or favorite release easy and fun. And, of course, no visit to Ann Arbor is complete without lunch at the world-famous Zingerman’s Deli. We’ll give you a $50 gift certificate to help make that happen. Interested? Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about this exciting program.