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  1. Golf, skiing, cooking, cycling, hiking and back in film days I loved photography. I still may get back into that someday. Thinking of doing one off very large prints and paint, manipulate images.
  2. TAS, MQA and the tone of discussion

    That would taken care of the DRM issues folks are complaining about with MQA wouldn’t it?
  3. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    So it’s language that gets you banned? Just want to know parameters.
  4. TAS, MQA and the tone of discussion

    Maybe all it will be is digital streaming and the opportunity to purchase lps.
  5. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    You have to be kidding. It’s about vinyl. It’s about the very real enjoyment that a high end audio system can give you. It’s saying that high end audio is not crazy snake oil but very real and tangible and very alive and well.
  6. MQA Listening Impressions

    Nice when something good happens in this crazy pursuit isn’t it?
  7. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    Really good article. Made Hi end audio sound like something a normal person would find worth pursuing and not some nut job fantasists oddball hobby. We need a lot more articles like that in different publications besides the usual stereo rags. It made me want to get new speakers!
  8. B&W sells off Classé

    Looks like there’s hope for Classé. That plant in Japan is a great facility and if they can borrow enough from the high end Marantz that is built there then they could truly resuscitate this brand. https://www.stereophile.com/content/classé-audio-revived
  9. B&W sells off Classé

    They were purchased by B&W back when they were a relevant brand and B&W put some much needed marketing muscle behind them. I would not feel bad for Classé as they have had more than their fair share of delays over the years getting product out in timely fashion much to the frustration of their dealers. Most in the industry are surprised that B&W held onto Classé for as long as they did. Dealers waited time and again for Classé to deliver new multi channel processors and when they were delayed dealers had no choice but to bring other manufacturers on board to keep pace with changes in that market segment. I’ve always admired their products but have never put them in the “must have” category and if you ask many dealers throughout the country you’d find many would agree.
  10. Those two thoughts are exactly why MQA is so intriguing and why I for one am so interested in it. I do not own nearly enough classical music (said symphonies included) so to be able to hear them in MQA as part of my subscription to Tidal with no other charge? Well, not quite like the commercial says but still, very compelling.
  11. I have a feeling it won’t be a big push but more of a move to a new standard. Much as some form of MP3 is really the “norm” in not only streaming but downloads I see it (MQA, 16/44, etc) as becoming the norm in the near future. PS. I don’t necessarily think he was joking.
  12. Lol, lol,lol! Wow, where have you been the last 5 yrs?
  13. I liked what he had to say. I wish I could have been there too.
  14. Found this YouTube recording of this RMAF 2017 conversation with the VP of Warner Bros. Records and wondered if anyone else has watched it and if so if anyone has any thoughts on this discussion. In my view a rare opportunity to hear from someone not only in the industry but clearly one that has the ability to affect changes in industry.