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  1. I could not resist any longer...

    I love the whole Olympica line! You will not regret owning a pair of those beautiful works of art. If you get a chance, listen to them with some Naim. Ridiculous value with a Supernait.
  2. Audiophilia Syndrome

    That hurts.
  3. You mean positively. Pretty clear example of that on this forum.
  4. I guess I’m a little bit at a loss as to what decision someone is making. As it stands, isn’t the main avenue for listening to MQA through Tidal? For me, it (MQA) just happens to be along for the ride and certainly not THE reason I subscribe to Tidal.
  5. 😊 you should be hoping this controversy lasts awhile longer.
  6. The power of music

    The power to heal, inspire, soothe, agitate is almost without peer.
  7. AS WE SEE IT - MQA: Benefits and Costs

    Why on earth would John comment on this site about anything but to refute and or clarify things that were in Stereophile or quotes taken out of context? Seriously?
  8. He was commenting on something I wrote directly to you. It concerned equating a way of recording and music distribution to the Iraq war.
  9. Doug’s a big boy. He can defend himself.
  10. I believe I was directing that comment to Doug.
  11. Difference is that everyone and their brother knew who Sam Tellig really was. Not what I’d call a well kept secret. As far as I know it appears Mr. Archimago’s identity is a mystery.
  12. Please tell me you’re not equating a run up to a war to an advertising campaign for a music format. A war in which millions of lives were affected, countries were torn apart and our own military forces lost not only members but squandered billions of dollars in the pursuit of those “weapons” which were never found. Shame on you.
  13. Yes! I would too! This MQA discussion is going in circles. Wayyyy more interesting to talk about new irons, etc.
  14. I’m sorry, I thought they meant writing a response somewhere that would be read by a bigger audience.