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  1. Newbie help with software choices

    Well, I am not sure why you would want anything other than JRiver running, say one copy as the server and "master" and another copy as the remote target player (renderer). I believe the license allows you to install JRiver on multiple computers as long as you own them all. A master license allows you to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can even use JRiver over the internet. I can stream from JRiver at home, using JRemote , to my iPhone and then over bluetooth to the audio system in my Jeep. Works great pretty much anywhere I can get connections to the internet. Have not quite got that same kind of setup worked out with Roon yet, because they don't have a player on iPhones or iPads. There are work arounds, but they do not work very well for me at this time.
  2. Newbie help with software choices

    I usually think that people are upsampling PCM to DSD, which isn't a problem. And for me, I don't discern much difference between DSD128 or above and high sample rate PCM. But you are 100% correct of course. If upsampling DSD to higher rate DSD is a priority, then another package might work better.
  3. Newbie help with software choices

    I would have said because it is French, but... (grin) Seriously, don't discount a program because it is Mac only. Mac Minis can be great music servers, though they get a bit tangled up with HDMI audio. Also, if you use it at the office, using it at home would probably be a familiar and pleasant experience. Roon is probably one of, if not the best choice in this case. Cost? Yeah, it is expensive. Either $200/year or $500 for a perpetual license. However, that gives you a lot of flexibility. And it handles and even upsamples to DSD just fine. JRiver the company can be a bit frustrating at times, for example how they purchased and then went about trying to kill JRemote. (The "Driver"/"JRemote" combination is what sold me on the software. I neither like not want to subject myself to their web based "improvements." However, the sound from JRiver is pure dynamite, and it upsamples to DSD just fine, and sounds great. Especially on an iDSD. It is a damn fine player at a very fine cost. Either one would probably give you great and enjoyable sound. I like my Pulse here for headphones a little more then the iDSD. However, that could be because I use Planar headphones and they need a little more oomph.
  4. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Snort!! I think you will just need to stop Engineering things with science that the most vocal patrons of SCIENCE can't explain.
  5. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Two clarinets and a bassoon? Whoo boy...
  6. I think there were direct and channel sales of those products as well. Off Amazon and other retailers. The income stream was fairly large. Also, that average needs to be weighted agains the cost of and sale price of each device. Some of those devices could have been insanely profitable. -Paul
  7. That has to be one of the best understated and insightful comments in this thread. The "why" behind that is endlessly fascinating. And instructive, if one cares to learn. -Paul
  8. Since you don't know the whole picture, you are really jumping to conclusions pretty fast, don't you think? Even if I agreed with you, I doubt that you (or I) have enough hard facts to validate those same conclusions. Actually, I was being a little bit sarcastic about "joining them" - as I said, I have serious doubts the company can be salvaged. It would require a totally corporate turn around. -Paul
  9. Getting rid of CD's?

    It would wonderful is life was that simple, but it just is not. Life is complex and messy - just like deciding on whether or not an action is moral, legal, something you want to pursue, or something one would much rather not do. For whatever reasons. When one chooses to live within a community, one gives up many of the rights to individual choice and freedoms - that is the price you pay to be a member of any group. When the group is a diverse, opinionated, and flat out as smart as this group is, the price can become quite steep. You have to give up a lot, but perhaps, just like with any other group, you gain back much more than you give up. Just my $0.02, and you are welcome to disagree. Just not to insist that I agree with you, or ridicule me because I don't see the plain wisdom on your words. Or believe in Xemu or whatever. -Paul
  10. Good heavens - did you pay for the thing using a credit card (even via PayPal? If you have not paid off the credit card, I think you can still setup a challenge through your credit card company. It will go through PayPal, but they take credit card chargebacks very seriously. I have. Geek Pulse here I really like, but I have little confidence in LH right now. They really do need a customer service person who can take responsibility and get that mess cleaned up. I am almost ready to apply for the job myself... but it would cost a great deal to repair the damage already done. I am not sure the company can be salvaged. -Paul
  11. Getting rid of CD's?

    And your point is - what exactly? That if someone takes care to ensure their music collection is legal, they are wasting their time? So everyone speeds. Pretty much everyone gets a ticket at some time or another too. You play, you pay. I don't think speeding and/or getting a ticket keeps people up at night either. -Paul
  12. Getting rid of CD's?

    Hey Dennis - it would not surprise me to find there is probably already something like that setup. And I personally like the idea. But until the laws are changed, if you sell the CD the only way to be sure you still have the rights to play the music is to buy another copy of the same CD. -Paul
  13. Getting rid of CD's?

    Horsey Poo - you most certainly have posted more than one message indicating that someone would be foolish to worry about the morality or legality of this action, based upon the idea that they would never be "caught" or face any kind of punishment. It's not really a complex question - either it is moral and legal to sell CDs and keep the ripped copies, or it is not. Your opinion, once one removes the layers upon layers of snark, is that it is both moral and legal. Obviously, there are a large number of people who do not agree with you, which probably makes them pretty wise in this case. -Paul
  14. Why didn't you protest and challenge the transaction amount on PayPal?
  15. Getting rid of CD's?

    Oh my. So, let me get this straight - you base your morals and ethics about this - (or everything?) - on the risk of being caught and punished for what you do? Oh my my my ... There is definitely something screwy with your logic. My wife would ask, do you feel you can morally cheat on your wife or partner if you are far enough away the chance of getting caught is very low? if you found a wallet on the street, would you take the money and drop the wallet, supposing nobody was around to see you do it? In essence, adults are generally people who have chosen to do the right thing, even when nobody is around to catch them or punish them if they do not.