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  1. Hello Question if something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-Port-2-0-Over-Cat5-Extender-Cost-effective/dp/B00T9RTT2U/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 .. will work with the modern USB dacs like XMOS based or Amanero ? Computer is Windows 10 with JRiver 23 Thanks in advance
  2. Most crashes indeed happen when I click on 'Play' in JRiver But there were situations when just before I was able to play few albums. Or even more. It for sure did not crash in the middle of playback. Always happen in album boundaries But I don't know what's wrong there. I have no antivirus on my Audio PC, and free Internet connection exists.. What's strange is that I have a second setup, and situation there is very similar. Few days it could work, the next day - disaster, crashing JRiver all the time
  3. First, you should have both. I have both. Second, both crashes. However, half a day I was able to use it. Re: support - yes, very minimal :-(
  4. I can't use it. You know I reported crashes from the start. I mean if I play 4 albums and on the fifth it crashing Jriver, I prefer to disable it Once I could play for weeks, but I don't know what happened, maybe recent Windows updates Do you test it with Jriver, and now there is a 64-bit version? I saw in debugger there is some C++ exception thrown, probably in some unexpected place so Jriver doesn't handle it properly. Free upgrade or not, I paid 720$ and I pay for Jriver annually.. Maybe even some workaround will be appreciated
  5. Hello Curious if there is any workaround.. I worked for few months with the VST, but then it started to crash. I am working with JRiver, in the other zone without Dirac things look stable. I then switched to JRiver 64-bit. Half a day with Dirac VST 64-bit went smooth, however later on JRiver crashes again For statistics, I have another setup with another DAC and another driver (if that's matter) - same there.. I insist on working with the VST due to clip protection mechanism in JRiver. And we're talking about 730 USD piece of software!!
  6. Commercial product can't distribute and charge money for open source bundles such as GNU. You need to turn your product, whatever you have there of your own, into GNU variant and make your source code available (for a small fee, required to process the media)
  7. Article: Free Higher Resolution Upgrades*

    Resolution media for audio means nothing, it is just a media, does not say anything about quality While for video today 4K will most likely means better quality, objectively better.
  8. Article: Computer Audiophile Pocket Server C.A.P.S. v4 Cortes

    This 'Cortes Server' is not a NAS, but quite a powerful server with couple of disks. To build a NAS, you need a chassis built for that, with cages for hotswap HDDs. You need Xeon if you will run something there, like some dockers or VMs. Look at the specs of Synology or QNap - they barely have some low power Atom. And this beefy power supply - what for?? I have a 16bay 3" nas with 500W ps only. The new one will come with 64G, Xeon E6 and HBAs
  9. Article: McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier DAC Review - Part One

    Wasn't it WASAPI issue regarding stability?
  10. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    (1) m2tech is not a USB audio class 2 device, it is a proprietary design (2) USB audio class 2 is not compatible even with some devices that are supposed to be compatible like Chord, which released (again) their driver for Windows 10
  11. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    No, because right now the system is working and I don't like installing things on my audio-pc. Supported or not, but I did saw some minor fix in ASIO4ALL released for Windows 10
  12. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    Did you try ASIO4ALL?
  13. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    I did not update foobar on my audio-pc for maybe 3 years as I use JRiver 100% of the time, so WASAPI component is essentially the same there.. and it still works. I exchanged few emails with Marco around a month ago, he told by that by the end of August when his team will be back from vacation they will look into it. My problem, actually, with this is more severe - as I have a custom-built driver by m2tech for Metronome (signed by m2tech certificate in 2011 also). BSOD on my PC showed unhandled exception in m2tech driver (metron64.sys in my case), usually it is quite simple to fix.. Frankly, I am working with Kernel Streaming now, and it works smoothly with all the formats, however I remember that it was not the case. So I'm afraid that Microsoft will one day introduce some 'security fix' that will bury also KS
  14. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    Re-tested today, foobar2000 works perfectly. It may be related to Windows Update https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=111231.0 https://www.tenforums.com/windows-10-news/85343-cumulative-update-kb4020102-windows-10-v1703-build-15063-332-a-13.html http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/126174-warning-windows-creator-update-conflict-with-chord-dac-driver/ But foobar2000 works with WASAPI, it is just JRiver crashing the PC.