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  1. I am happy because there is nothing else that comes close sound quality wise. I used before FabFilter with manual calibration in RoomEQ Wizard, but with Dirac the sound is very natural
  2. Dirac is a technology company. We're lucky to have their Dirac Live suite, I believe they keep it as kind of a pilot kit. Their money comes from licensing. If you want features, buy Emotiva or DataSAT IMHO
  3. Can't say actually. But it worth the wait
  4. Why? Did you test the new beta? Its measurements work differently + IMHO it supports more sample rates
  5. "This is music arriving in your room via the Internet, for a fairly minimal monthly charge—an exponentially increasing body of recordings for playback with sound quality that’s, at the very least, as good as the best present  high-resolution digital files."  "but I am not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us"....The more you hear live music the more you will like MQA. 



  6. You're sarcastic I assume, aren't you?
  7. I still don't get why one should listen to lossy MQA (whatever fantastic it is), if there is plenty lossless material out there? As said before, the only justification might be for Tidal or other streaming services, where the bandwidth is not broadly available What else puzzles me, is that almost all manufactures jumped so quickly into MQA wagon, even quite respectful PRO-equipment, why? It took years to get proper support for DSD, and even today not an every DAC supports DSD
  8. You got balls, guys. Bravo !!
  9. michael123

    Article: Audiophile Imagery Volume 1: dCS Network Bridge

    No, why? Couple of external continous lights will do the job We have these for many years. A work horse https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/390686-REG/Impact_EX100A_KI_One_Monolight_Kit.html
  10. michael123

    Article: Audiophile Imagery Volume 1: dCS Network Bridge

    Hasselblad is great My wife is shooting with X1D.
  11. @flakFlavio, is it true that the nearest version will be released without VST plugins? What would be then the way to use it inside JRiver if, as I was told, DAP is abandoned?
  12. Strange. Last time they told me the DAP concept - a universal audio device - is abandoned, and instead there will be plugins targeted for specific applications.