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  1. Article: Audiophile Imagery Volume 1: dCS Network Bridge

    No, why? Couple of external continous lights will do the job We have these for many years. A work horse https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/390686-REG/Impact_EX100A_KI_One_Monolight_Kit.html
  2. Article: Audiophile Imagery Volume 1: dCS Network Bridge

    Hasselblad is great My wife is shooting with X1D.
  3. @flakFlavio, is it true that the nearest version will be released without VST plugins? What would be then the way to use it inside JRiver if, as I was told, DAP is abandoned?
  4. Strange. Last time they told me the DAP concept - a universal audio device - is abandoned, and instead there will be plugins targeted for specific applications.
  5. You should have 64-bit VST under "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Dirac" [ the issue for me is that it is crashing for me either.. so I don't use Dirac more or less since I wrote this post, curiously waiting for he next release in 6-8 weeks ]
  6. Check HomeTheaterHiFi. https://hometheaterhifi.com/features/show-reports-film-festivals-concerts/ces-2018-show-report-day-1/ However the interviewer had little knowledge of Dirac so he didn't even know there was a version 2 so did not ask the right questions
  7. Ouch, that means Easter (or Passover) time. I thought that beta will be available after CES.
  8. Hello Question if something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-Port-2-0-Over-Cat5-Extender-Cost-effective/dp/B00T9RTT2U/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 .. will work with the modern USB dacs like XMOS based or Amanero ? Computer is Windows 10 with JRiver 23 Thanks in advance
  9. Most crashes indeed happen when I click on 'Play' in JRiver But there were situations when just before I was able to play few albums. Or even more. It for sure did not crash in the middle of playback. Always happen in album boundaries But I don't know what's wrong there. I have no antivirus on my Audio PC, and free Internet connection exists.. What's strange is that I have a second setup, and situation there is very similar. Few days it could work, the next day - disaster, crashing JRiver all the time
  10. First, you should have both. I have both. Second, both crashes. However, half a day I was able to use it. Re: support - yes, very minimal :-(
  11. I can't use it. You know I reported crashes from the start. I mean if I play 4 albums and on the fifth it crashing Jriver, I prefer to disable it Once I could play for weeks, but I don't know what happened, maybe recent Windows updates Do you test it with Jriver, and now there is a 64-bit version? I saw in debugger there is some C++ exception thrown, probably in some unexpected place so Jriver doesn't handle it properly. Free upgrade or not, I paid 720$ and I pay for Jriver annually.. Maybe even some workaround will be appreciated
  12. Hello Curious if there is any workaround.. I worked for few months with the VST, but then it started to crash. I am working with JRiver, in the other zone without Dirac things look stable. I then switched to JRiver 64-bit. Half a day with Dirac VST 64-bit went smooth, however later on JRiver crashes again For statistics, I have another setup with another DAC and another driver (if that's matter) - same there.. I insist on working with the VST due to clip protection mechanism in JRiver. And we're talking about 730 USD piece of software!!
  13. Commercial product can't distribute and charge money for open source bundles such as GNU. You need to turn your product, whatever you have there of your own, into GNU variant and make your source code available (for a small fee, required to process the media)