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  1. I agree with you. Mine also supports VST3 (with all the rates), it just not stable enough for me
  2. I don't know myself what will be in the upgrade as you see Dirac do not release much information. But for sure it will be based on the beta I have, so if I have no support for 88/176 rates, so there is high chance the next version won't have it as well.
  3. Yes, Although it might be yet important to other users to realize after upgrade that these rates are unsupported
  4. I am using a more advanced version that I got from Flavio, which fixed few other nasty bugs, and it does not support these rates, anyway that's an official response I got.
  5. It kind of worked in the VST3, but then I expierenced crashes in JRiver and went back to standalone processor. And re-configured JRiver to re-sample these rates to 96KHz & 192KHz
  6. Dirac for Windows does not support these rates
  7. Thanks, Flavio Then these are good news! Can I get an updated beta? Is there now support for 88.2 & 176.4 KHz rates? Michael
  8. Hello 1) When will we finally see a new version on Windows? I reported dozen of stability bugs.. 2) Is there anything to hear (see?) in Munich High End 2017? thanks,
  9. I didn't consider tweeter damage as Dirac side effect, until now. Although it fried just after Dirac sweeps I have quite a lot list of issues.. from visual, to more serious.
  10. VST? Mostly, Kal. I sent crash dumps to Dirac, sometimes it paladin crashes Jriver. I succeeded to catch this in debugger. But the frequencies is something strange
  11. You too? So it is Dirac then.. I thought it is something else.. wow We fried tweeter of my friend.. these are 65,000$ speakers
  12. I thought about this, but I am not going to use Mac
  13. In recent beta versions of Dirac, support of high frequencies is not consistent, 176.4 & 88.2 do not work as well.. I have a long list of bugs.. was looking if there is anyone else using Dirac today