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  1. Chris<br /> I have the HiRes Linn files at 24/88.1 and 24/96 and I have SACD discs via the EMM kit.<br /> In general, I find the high frequency range difficult with digital. Higher sampling rates create a smoother high frequency (if not simply re-sampled), which is one reason I like SACD. In my experience, EMM does the high frequencies of digital very well, as in the best I have heard. The Minerva is excellent and better than all the USB and S/PDIF computer audio interfaces I have tried (4). <br /> BTW, all my files are dbPowerAmp FLAC, least compressed. My preferences may be different with different sources based on my experiences with other audio formats.<br /> Peter
  2. I have been using the Minerva in a Windows Vista implementation. The driver console options are slightly different and I am still unclear about the impact (if any) of Vista audio configurations. Interestingly, two Minerva devices show up in the audio output selector for the player applications. ASIO4ALL must be removed, in my experience.<br /> The sound is superb with standard CD and Linn HiRes files. I run an EMM CDSD SE and DCC2 preDAC. I can use the DCC2 as either an external DAC to the Minerva or as a preamp after the Minerva DAC. I prefer the DCC2 DAC for more "air" to the sound. The Minerva's highs are sharp-edged and complex classical music becomes congested, in my opinion. The Minerva is very good and better than any other USB solution I have tried. It is a keeper in my system until the Linn DS technology settles down so that I can untether from the computer.
  3. Now I feel dumb! I had shaken the manual when looking through the stuff and did not find it stuck to the back cover.<br /> I will now try to get it working with Vista and my various programs.....that is the BIG downside of computeraudio.<br /> Thanks,<br /> Peter
  4. Chris<br /> I have just received my Minerva, but without any software drivers. My dealer tells me no drivers are needed but my dedicated Vista system will recognize the device but not its audio function.<br /> Did you receive drivers? If so, where can I get them?<br /> Like you, my goal with Minerva is to get high quality high resolution replay from all the new formats that are out there.<br /> Thanks, Peter