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  2. My semi-serious reply: don't scratch the itch, or put some anti-itch cream on it. Okay, seriously: If I was you I'd try to borrow or audition one of the DACs - maybe an owner of one lives within driving distance? Seems like a big outlay and serious change of course when you don't know if you will even think the change is an improvement/significant difference. Personally, when I heard DSD 512 (on Lampizators), I wasn't knocked out by it. It sounded a little different/better - not enough to make me want to define my entire listening environment by it. (Hey, but I'm seem to be in the minority here - I think upsampling to hi-res PCM also sounds fine.) Also, check on the T+A thread - I think a solution for Linux based servers is in the works.
  3. An attempt by you to risk your life at the beach?
  4. Maybe, but neither his taste in music or ignorance of The Dead disqualifies him as an audiophile or defines him as someone who doesn't understand about recording and sound.
  5. There was another release of the remix of "with a little help" on YouTube. Also this, with Giles Martin: I like the description of what he tried to do with the remix. Sounds promising. And if MF thinks it sounds great, that means something, when he's writing about the Beatles and this album (he's heard the master tapes at Abbey Road). BTW, or those who pre-ordered, price at Amazon for deluxe box set has gone down from $150 to $118. Starting to be a more normal price for a 6 disc box set.
  6. Big bob- don't know how much you know about George, but he's spent a career recording music -acoustic. Doesn't listen to modern Rock And Pop. Sorry, but not knowing about or appreciating the Dead or Wall of Sound doesn't disqualify one from being an audiophile. For example, if you live and record in the classical and jazz world, it has little relevance.
  7. Chris- Thought what you wrote was well considered and didn't sound like a rant. As well, pretty true.
  8. Wow, have lots of his work. Never knew the backstory.
  9. Cool, that gives me hope I'll think my $150 for the deluxe set won't be a waste. It seemed to sound pretty good, even on my iPad. I like that in the stripped down version you can really hear the playing, especiallly Ringo.
  10. I think some of you who are so confident about your BOM quotes and cost estimates don't have the first clue what you are talking about. Arrogance and ignorance are a dangerous combination.
  11. Too bad Pat M. is afraid to let us know what he thinks...
  12. Depends how you set up Roon. If you let Roon use its genre tags on your library (in addition to yours), it totally integrates Tidal with you local library - seamlessly. There is a slight delay between new material being available at Tidal (Tidal app) and on Tidal through Roon. Roon says they are working on ways to make their database updates from Tidal shorter. Eventually it will be reduced to a gap of hours.
  13. 1. mR has already had free updates and will have more, so what's your point? 2.Appears that SOtM copied the OS developed by SMG and Sonore and called it something else, so no development costs for them. 3. I'm pretty sure your estimate of the manufacturing cost of the unit is orders of magnitude low. This isn't a factory produced item with part orders numbering in the thousands of pieces. Part and assembly costs are way more than you are assuming. 4. The predecessor to the SMS-200, the SMS-100, was discontinued by SOtM and now gets no support or development. What will you say in a year or two when the same thing happens to the SMS-200?
  14. I admire NY for trying, can't imagine the labels choosing long term health of the industry over short term profits. Doubt there is any chance for this. Wonder how much NY will charge to stream his own catalog from his own site?
  15. Gotta say I think you are really overreacting. $20 is probably the minimum to cover the cost of the SD card and to mail it to all customers worldwide, so I don't see how it is in any way a "money grab" - how much do you think is left over from the $20? Jesus already said the update has nothing to do with SQ, just adds some features, and secondary ones at that. So if you don't want to fund the so-called money grab, just don't order it. Sonore decided that the simplest, most effective way to do the update was through switching the card with the OS pre loaded. Little chance of any issue with this method. The other methods suggested by users would probably result in lots of problems, install failures, upset users and endless support for Sonore. So both sides win with this method. Most mR owners have at least $700 (including PS) inversted in the mR, and probably $thousands in their systems. $20 bucks is reallly nothing here - the price of one hi-res download. What's the big deal? Again, if the $20 is that big a deal, just don't get the update and you will never know the difference.