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  1. You can get cables like Audioquest and Supra for under $100; there are also more expensive models if you want to go there.
  2. Jesus, that would be a great feature if you ever have the time to get it working properly. May you could sell it with a disclaimer that it's a computer audio, but not "audiophile" feature. I have a software player that can capture any audio on the computer, and it's a useful ability to have.
  3. Can't say I agree. My favorite mode on the Freya is the active JFET mode.
  4. Chris- `I'm very impressed by all the time you are putting into this, along with your willingness to accommodate criticism/suggestions from all of us. It also took some time for us to get used to the new UI and how it works. The site has already overcome the biggest problems in terms of the UI at launch, and from your responses here it's obvious that you are continuing to put a lot of thought and effort into making the site the best it can be for us. The slight changes you've made in the color scheme have definitely Improved things; I also like the new theme you say you are working on. I also hope you won't mind if I recommend you get some rest and hang out with the family a bit - the site is fine now and whatever still needs to be done can wait a bit....
  5. I mostly agree with this. I find the site somewhat eye fatiguing. I turned down screen brightness so it wouldn't bother me.
  6. Yes, totally. You set the mR in Squeezelite mode and it will work with iPeng and LMS exactly like an SB device. It has Squeezelite built in, it is one of several playback modes you can choose between.
  7. Thanks. BTW, on my Android phone (Nougat) the menus work fine. Not on either brand of tablet, though.
  8. I have. The CD is very good. It's a resample of the analog to DSD conversion to Redbook. It's a question of what you think when you compare DSD to Redbook.
  9. I still have 2 minor issues with the new site: 1. I'd like the site to remember the type of view I've picked in the activity tab, even if it is a custom defined stream. The site doesn't seem to do this, at least not for me. Just don't want to have to adjust the activity view every time I come back to the site. 2. Drop down menus: don't work properly on my iPad or Android tablet. On the iPad, it takes multiple attempts to get the drop down menu to appear, and it seems to happen just by luck. On my Android tablet, not all the menu items appear when I touch the tab. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure there are some simple coding fixes that will make the drop down menus - that work with a mouse and "hover" on a desktop -also work properly wth a touch screen. Other than that, I like the new site and the clean look.
  10. I've created multiple views; how do I eliminate some of them?
  11. I've created a new stream and saved it several times. When I exit the site and then come back, my preference doesn't display. I have to ask for it again each time.
  12. I've defined and saved my activity stream so content appears how I prefer. Why does the site not save my preferences? Every time I come back to the site I have to define how the content is displayed again- even though my previous "saved" preferences are listed under "activity". Once I define my display preferences, shouldn't the site use those, unless I change them? Thanks. The new site looks nice. Still thinking about the width issue. Will see how I respond to it over time.
  13. I'm guessing it is called a typo or spellcheck error.
  14. No, Jud, there are a lot more than 2 guys buying CDs.... But only 2 of them know what MQA is and have an MQA enabled DAC.
  15. The DSD from ABKCO sounds great. That's the best one. The 88 and 176k PCM versions that are sold at HDT are that DSD converted to PCM. Also sounds very good, just not quite as good as the DSD. But if you don't do DSD, I'd buy that. I'm not sure the London is really from the "Original Master Recording" - maybe a copy? As I remember the story, the 2002 DSD versions were made from "newly found" tapes that were the true masters.