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  1. Article: Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Analog 2 Released

    I have zero intention to buy a Yggy, but Larry I'd be very interested to hear what difference you hear after the upgrades. If Schiit has clearly improved the sound of the output of the Yggy, then they've clearly got quite a DAC on their hands.
  2. MQA is Vaporware

    Can't argue with what you hear. But I can argue with all the reviews basically saying MQA is clearly better, and pretty much always better in every case. I don't hear that at all: I hear sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes different but not really better or worse. I just listened to Keith Jarrett's "Shades" in Redbook, MQA, and 24/96. I'd assume the MQA is made from the 24/96 (unless they went back to the tape, which I seriously doubt, as pretty much the entire ECM catalog suddenly appeared in Tidal and in MQA). The main difference I hear between the MQA and the Redbook is that in the MQA everything is pushed forward closer to the listener. Is this better? It's a matter of debate. I'd have to say yes, because it makes it easier to hear some of the detail. But how does that sound compared to the 24/96? IMO, not as good. And clearly not. The 24/96 sounds somewhat between the Redbook and MQA in how far "forward" it seems to be. So you easily hear all the detail. But I'd say the hi-res is a more balanced, coherent, natural sound. Much more like real music and makes the MQA sound sort of artificial - impressive, but not like the real thing. Just my 2 cents. I can't argue with people who like MQA. But I can't help feeling that the without exception praise some are making about every MQA track they hear is at least partially based on expectation bias. Reverse the labels on the tracks, and they'll tell you the standard hi-res track sounds better than the MQA.
  3. MQA is Vaporware

    Look, he was asked about it so he answered. No need to attack him personally or accuse him on lying (not referring specifically to you), it’s quite enough to expose holes in his positions. Edit: And he does seem to be losing it in his recent responses. As Truman said, If you can’t stand the heat....”
  4. Yes, that is what they said-they’d only sell MQA if they could “authenticate” the source.
  5. You could also look at Allo.com. I haven't heard them but their USB out and SPDIF out versions of a Raspberry Pi, optimized for audio, have gotten very positive reviews. My impression is that they are a not distant second to the mRendu, and cheaper. A bit fiddly for the initial setup, so you have to be willing to deal with that.
  6. How to reach SOtM

    I'm pretty sure there's a direct mail address to May from SOtM on one of the relevant threads. She seems to be very good about answering queries.
  7. If you read the Roon thread, they state that it isn't a matter of what's allowed. It's a matter of it being implemented. Whether Roon implements it that way is a different story. But as I said, you could always do the first unfold in Roon and have Roon send the signal to your DSP outside of Roon.
  8. Of course you can do that. Even if it isn't in Roon, you could have Roon output the file to your DSP. It was never a question. The issue with MQA is that you can't do DRC and get the full unfold/upsample/filter that is supposed to provide the benefits of all the resolution of the original file and benefits of MQA - if you think they exist.
  9. If you want the full MQA unfold and decode, you need the audio data to be bit perfect. If you apply DRC, it isn't a bit perfect stream. That's one of the issues with MQA - if you wan't to get all the info out of the file, you can't use DRC. DRC can only be applied to a crippled/not fully unfolded and decoded MQA file. That's how I understand it.
  10. MQA is Vaporware

    Yes, and you don't think this is part of the reason both are failures except in an exceedingly small audiophile market?
  11. Still don't see MQA as an option. Will ask at the Roon "helpdesk".
  12. I think he means if you turn the MQA feature on, it will upsample everything up to at least 88.2 before the passthrough at 88.2 sets in. If you don't use it, it's irrelevant.
  13. So lucky I saw him a couple of years earlier on the "Straight Life" album tour. Small club. He and his band were fantastic.
  14. Is a CAPS style PC still the way to go?

    I don't know that it is or isn't. I know that it's superior to a plain Pi and that's what was asked. The plain Pi isn't that great, especially for USB, which is why things like the HAT and the Allo devices exist.
  15. Note that they also mentioned firmware updates to the Kii itself (not the controller). Good to know updates are possible and planned.