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  1. Yeah, they could run their company to match your personal situation. I was an early adopter of the 1.3 and didn't upgrade to the 1.4. Didn't think the ״interim" solution was a good use of funds, as I'd eventually upgrade further anyway. Was I mad at Sonore? No. My choice. And the mR with a good PS sounds great. It didn't all of a sudden become outdated when the ultra came out. The existence of a better more expensive model doesn't mean the less expensive one is obsolete. I don't fell the need to always add every upgrade that comes along. Sonore decided it made the most sense for them to sell 3 models at certain price points. Since buyers of the original mR were surprised by the release of the ultra, they made a limited number of 1.4 boards available for those that felt "left behind". Nice gesture if you ask me. Those that didn't already own one of the devices (like you) could still choose which of the three devices fits them best. How does that make Sonore irresponsible? They apparently don't have plans to sell an mR 1.4 device at another additional price point. Your assumption that it would cost exactly the same as the mR is only your assumption, without a basis in fact. They may have multiple reasons not to behave as you think they should. I'm not "offended" by your post. I just find it interesting when people think there is something wrong when a company's product line doesn't exactly fit their personal specific needs.
  2. From what he writes there, looks like he won't be back here. Basically he made (mild) ad hominem attacks on your work without actually challenging any of the content. And he said people at CA were anti and closed minded. Again, no actual argument, just characterization. I think it's clear to him he doesn't have the knowledge or ability to answer the arguments made here. He'd rather just keep repeating "what he's been told" - that fit's his pro MQA, pro monopolistic, pro "big corporations are good for you" POV.
  3. How is it the same? They are claiming to correct the timing errors of the ADC in the recording.DSP at the end of the chain has a different purpose.
  4. MQA claim that the number of different ADCs used in old recordings was very small - as not many existed. So the issue of multiple unknown ADC's on old tracks isn't a problem. They also claim they've analyzed so many tracks where they do know the ADC's used, that they've developed an algorithm that enables them to make a highly accurate guess about what ADC was used, even if provenance of the track isn't known. They can then apply the proper correction, and all of this is at least partially automated.
  5. there goes the Malaysisan market...
  6. Sonore questions

    AFAIK that should be fine for what you are trying to do (JRiver).
  7. Sonore questions

    The issue you could have with a NAS is if it is powerful enough or if the server program you want to install is suitable for the NAS. What NAS are you using?
  8. Sonore questions

    Your understanding of how it works is correct. You'll need your existing PC as a server for Jriver or some other program. You could also use the NAS as the server. Most people feel this kind of setup outperforms a PC direct to DAC setup. Whether you need an mR or a uR is hard to say. Most think the uR is better, but you have to decide if you want to spend more. I tend to get the best I can afford, but if you think the uR isn't your ultimate source, maybe stick with the mR for now and spend money on an even better source than the uR later.
  9. BS and MQA have consistently avoided speaking or demonstrating in any setting where they can be directly and thoroughly challenged. I think the conclusion we draw from that is obvious.
  10. Don't believe you can get Bob Stuart to give straightforward answers. His whole approach since MQA was announced has been to seem forthcoming, but obfuscate when he has to deal with inconvenient truths.
  11. Album of the Evening

    An underappreciated Byrds album.
  12. PlayClassics TRT v3.0 sneak preview

    Okay, Mario - just downloaded the quintet and the drums. Here's my quick reaction: Quintet: the sound of the quintet is of a group - 5 people playing together. That's how it should sound, but in many "quality" recordings what you get is the sound of 5 instruments separated by so much "air" that it almost doesn't seem they are playing in the same space. This is the opposite of that, and sounds much more like what a real performance sounds like. Each instrument is clearly defined, but it sounds like they are all together. Drums - Very real sounding. The dynamic range isn't pumped up, so I need to turn the volume above what I'd normally listen to to get it to a "realistic" level. That's a good thing. The transients are very sharp (not overdone, but real sounding). I'm most impressed by the bass drum. It has a "thump" to it that is very solid and sounds like the real thing. I think it is the best bass drum sound I've had in my room.
  13. Went to the linked thread and didn’t notice much that was more “adult” than what goes on here. I did notice several links to the technical discussion of MQA here, as apparently those “adults” found the “bit counting” informative.