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  1. kirkmc

    Playing my music in the car, problems

    No, I mean it is an app that is installed on a car entertainment system. One friend says he can play music through his Pioneer system without using CarPlay.
  2. kirkmc

    Playing my music in the car, problems

    From what I understand, CarPlay is just an app on an in-car entertainment system. So you can still use the entertainment system without using CarPlay (or Android Car Whatever). Again, I won't know until December... 🙂
  3. kirkmc

    Playing my music in the car, problems

    To be honest, I wouldn't have wanted CarPlay if not for the fact that it can now use third-party map apps. Apple Maps is pretty bad here in the UK. But the advantage of having real-time maps, and good real-time traffic info, makes it a huge improvement over in-car GPS. I don't plan to connect any other USB devices than an iPhone, so I'm not worried about that.
  4. kirkmc

    Playing my music in the car, problems

    CarPlay is only compatible with iPhones, from the iPhone 5 to the present. I don't think it supports USB, though whatever basic music player app is in the device might (ie, CarPlay is grafted on to another company's entertainment device). (I don't have CarPlay yet, but I'm getting a car with it in December, so I've been looking into this, and discussing it with a friend who has it in his car.)
  5. kirkmc

    CarPlay and Onkyo HF Player

    CarPlay only supports a very limited number of apps. I don't know if jailbreaking a device would give access to more apps, but it's probably not worth doing it just for that.
  6. Dunno, you might start by googling some of the albums you want to replace, with the words "high res" in your search. It can't be that hard.
  7. You don't need Remote Desktop; I don't know if it's still developed, in fact. Just use the built-in screen sharing. I have a headless Mac mini that houses my video library (I run Plex to play things back).
  8. That's certainly the last thing I expected Apple to do.
  9. I have an iPad, an Apple TV, and two HomePods. I have never explicitly set any of them up as HomeKit hubs, yet I use HomeKit stuff (smart lights). I control my devices from my iPhone, my Apple Watch, or my iPad. There is nothing that tells me that a device is the HomeKit hub, and nothing that allows me to do anything with that hub. When I look in the Home app on any device, nothing tells me that one of my devices is the hub.
  10. There was another thread recently where people were asking about the quality of AirPlay. I've not heard any serious suggestions that AirPlay quality is in any way deficient; sure, you may want to find a way to convince people that they need more for audiophile quality, but it's a pretty simple protocol. It streams in lossless, and that stream is spitted out of the devices (AirPort Express or Apple TV). I am a bit confused by this thread. You started by asking: But you now say that you have plenty of AirPort Expresses and don't need anything to replace them. And you want something "better" but you haven't said what's wrong with AirPlay. Perhaps you need to decide what you want.
  11. While the AirPort Express certainly isn't a long-term solution, Apple is still selling them. Why can't you just stock up on a bunch of them now so you've protected for the time it takes to find a replacement?
  12. You will implement AirPlay 2 as soon as it's fully rolled out. For now, it's only available to stream from iOS devices, not Macs. So if you're setting up systems that stream from iTunes, you'll have to wait. Surprisingly, it's not in the Mojave betas either, and I find it odd that it is available on iOS but not from iTunes. I wonder what's holding it up.
  13. kirkmc

    Apple To Remove Lightning Port?

    They can probably send the data out the USB-C port in more or less the same way as it goes out the lightning port, allowing for an adapter so existing lightning port headphones (the few that there are) can still work. And those adapters will work for any other devices that need to access the digital audio.
  14. You mean the best AirPlay receiver. For now, you might still be able to get an older Apple TV that has an optical output; the current model only has HDMI. I haven't heard much about other devices that aren't inside components like receivers, or that aren't software solutions for a computer.