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  1. I've honestly only heard from one person who made the change, and he did it in a virtual machine. It's worth noting that iMazing can handle app download and installation: https://imazing.com/ios-app-management Full disclosure: I do some freelance work for iMazing (writing and screencasting).
  2. kirkmc

    Future of iTunes and the .ltl file

    An alternative app wouldn't be able to access the .itl file, but rather that .xml file, if you have the setting to create it turned on (Advanced prefs). Worst case, you simply point a player at your iTunes Music folder; it will read the folder structure and the metadata. You'll lose personal metadata - plays, ratings, etc. - and playlists, but nothing else.
  3. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    So it's repeatable on one file. All that suggests is that one player is better than another at dealing with some sort of problem or corruption in a given file, not that the player is better at playing back music. I wouldn't classify that as saying that there "ARE differences between players," other than the fact that they handle corruption better. (ie, it's possible that CoreAudio is more demanding, which could be seen as a better, or that Audirvana is better at dealing with corruption, which could also be seen as better.)
  4. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    And the fact that this only happened once suggests that it was either an iTunes glitch, a general computer glitch, or something odd in the file you were playing back.
  5. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    And do you recall at the time restarting your computer? Do you still have the files where you heard that problem?
  6. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    If you think how widely Logic is used in studios, and the fact that it uses CoreAudio (though you can set it to use a hardware device), then you have to assume that Apple is held accountable for the quality of that framework by the most demanding users.
  7. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    Two things to check in iTunes are EQ and Sound Check. Either of those can introduce distortion. I recall many years ago, I was hearing distortion on a number of files I had bought by download, and it took a while for me to think of checking the EQ. It was on, and I hadn't recalled turning it on, but I certainly had done so for testing, or an article I was working on. Crackling describes the type of sound I was hearing with those files.
  8. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    Of course you'll notice it, because you're expecting to notice it. I wonder if that app doesn't boost the volume just a tiny bit because, as we all know, louder sounds better. I would love to see some honest proof that any of this makes a difference to sound quality. Not marketing blurbs, or subjective forum posts. Some years ago, Macworld asked me to review one of these audiophile player apps. (I honestly don't remember the name.) I had a call with one of the developers, and he was literally unable to tell me why it sounded better than playing music through iTunes (and CoreAudio).
  9. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    That is one of the most egregious examples of magical thinking I've heard in a long time. There are more than 100 processes that run on a Mac, and it's very hard to imagine that certain of them degrade sound quality. If that's the case, they should be able to show audio output before and after; if not, y'all are just being taken for fools.
  10. kirkmc

    MacOS Midi settings question

    Why is CoreAudio not the best at this? This seems to be a widely held opinion, but is there any evidence that this is true? Is there any empirical evidence that proves that these more expensive "audiophile" player apps do this any better?
  11. That's how I like to do it too. That way I can browse my iTunes library in another room, and push it to a device. Working from the phone, I'm limited to what's in my iCloud Music Library, which is not linked to my iTunes library.
  12. Yes, I was very surprised by that. I expected it to be in last week's macOS update, and it wasn't. It's not in the Mojave beta either. I have no idea why there's a delay.
  13. And what does "properly done" mean? In spite of your good intentions, your router may not be sending data perfectly all the time. I don't get dropouts on mine, but I hear from a lot of people who do.
  14. And you could stream to multiple devices from iTunes for many years. What AirPlay 2 does is improve sync and increase buffer size to prevent dropouts.