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  1. ddetaey

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Any guess how much such a license would cost a DAC manufacturer? I even do not understand how such a business model would work for DAC manufacturers. For a a high end manufacturer such as DCS, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, ..... selling hundreds of DAC’s yearly , an extra cost of 100$ (just a number !) is easily to calculate in their selling price. Low price DAC manufacturers - IFI, Pro-ject, ..... will never be able to carry such costs forward ( they probably got a very god deal as first entrants ...) Do you have an idea how may DAC’s are sold yearly worldwide? Dirk
  2. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    What is the difference in SQ but also technically between a 1-pass filter or a 2-pass filter, such as poly-sinc-xtr and poly-sinc-xtr-2s? The DAC receiving the upsampled and filtered digital data is not aware of how the filter is calculated. So why would one spend a fair amount to be able to do CUDA ofload? Dirk
  3. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    The latest version of HQembedded player allows to limit DSD512 (i.e. DSD512x48 is limited to DSD512). I understand that listening to Qobuz via the Qobuz app does not offer this feature. At the other hand, maybe DSD512x48 under Linux works perfectly with your dac, as apparently it does windows. At least, if you ave the opportunity, I would try it out with your Dac. Dirk
  4. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Sorry but it is quite stable, within some limitations ( no DSD512x48 as that indeed is unstable) DSD512 is running fine with Aminero firmware 2005be, with 2 restrictions: 1) no Windows support, so this one is Linux only 2) on the T+A dac , the relay(s) are not available to control switching of filter configuration. Hence, volume is best muted when changing filter, in order to avoid loud plop sounds through one's speaker. I am extremely happy with the SQ offered by native DSD up to 512 under Linux. It is very stable and fantastic to listen to. Dirk
  5. ddetaey

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Yes, we should accept these members on CA, mainly for 2 reasons : 1) we do not want to behave as they do. 2) the more they (try to) plant ideas and react on CA, the easier for us to counter them. We need them on CA (oops, I hope none of the MQA throlls are reading this) Dirk
  6. ddetaey

    HQPlayer Linux Desktop and HQplayer embedded

    I have been playing with the new filters provided by Miska in the latest release 4.5.1. My strong preferences and as such recommendations to try out: redbook upsampled to DSD512 : poly-sinc-ext2 / asdm7 DSD64 upsampled to DSD512: closed-form-16M / asdm7 this is really magical, hard to explain what it is, but I am definitely more Pulles into the music. (Would love to use this for redbook too, but overloads my streamer). Dirk
  7. ddetaey

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    When the T+A 8 DSD came to market, a lot was written about the day and night quality difference going from DSD256 to DSD512. As I am now testing native DSD support on Linux with my T+A 8 DSD, I do not experience that performance gap between DSD256 and DSD512. Sometimes, I believe DSD512 is better, sometimes I believe DSD256 is better (more relaxed). This can be due to a lot of things, to start with my hearing, my room, performance of my streamer, HQembedded filter/modulator configuration, ...... As I am sure there are a number of CA members playing DSD512 with the T+A 8 DSD dac (using Windows), I would love to request a couple (2-3) performances, that for each of you personally, proof the quality difference between these 2 DSD upsampling levels. It would be great if software player and its filter/modulator configuration could be added. Looking forward to your recommendations. Dirk P.S. today I can play on my Pinkfaun 2.16 streamer with Roon/HQembedded DSD64 upsampled to DSD512 with poly-sinc-xtr/AMD7 Redbook upsampled to DSD512 with poly-sinc-xtr-2s/AMD7 (for now I have settled on this filter choice)
  8. ddetaey

    Design a PC/Server for ROON and HQ Player

    My Pinkfaun 2.16 streamer has an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X CPU processor and no videocard. OS is Audiolinux. I can upsample DSD64 to DSD512 with poly-sinc-xtr filter. I can upsample redbook to DSD512 with poly-sinc-xtr-2s filter, without any issue. redbook to DSD256 with poly-sinc-xtr with a sporadic hickup, probably need to increase the buffer time to 100ms or so, now playing with 0ms) Dirk
  9. ddetaey

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    Hi Juanitox It is definitely a software problem, not necessarily a driver problem. What I mean is that it can be due to the used combination of filter and dithering. What's your configuration of HQPlayer for DSD ? Dirk
  10. ddetaey

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    For me this configuration : A: B-Y & W-R, B: B-Y & W-R is the only one that really works, and that provides me a (of course very subjective) added quality compared to my personal reference cable ( Forza Audioworks Hybrid Series USB) . For me this config does NOT energize the room, as Peter decribes here. For me Peter's description here matched perfectly with the A: B-Y & W-R B: B-Y configuration (config as delivery of my Lush2). Maybe important to notice that I listen exclusively to DSD, so all PCM is also converted to DSD, using HQPlayer embedded. Today I listen to DSD128 using DoP ( hopefully I will be able to test DSD512 native somewhere next week). I also listened to Peter's newest config (up till today that is) : A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R. Again my findings are different from Peter's and other forum members. I find the stero imaging less precise than with A: B-Y & W-R, B: B-Y & W-R. Some examples of my experiences : 1) Norah Jones - Sinkin' Soon (album Not Too Late) RB upsampled to DSD128 perfect imaging, very good clarity (without sounding harsh), strong but not exagerated bass 2) Eric Clapton - Layla (album MTV unplugged) - 96kHz/24 bit Bluray rip upsampled to DSD128 this configuratiion is the only one that get's the position of Eric correct, little to the right of the center from the listener's point of view. also the position of the piano and the second guitar player remain consistent, without displacing during the song. 3) Laura Marling - Made by Maid (album I Speake Because I Can) RB upsampled to DSD128. Very good clarity, delicious voice and (almost) perfect height position of voice and guitar (very noticable with other records too !!). 4) Roger Waters - Amused to Death (album Amused to Death) - SACD Rip (DSF) upsampled to DSD128. Excellent clarity, holograpic sound. As a special notice, due to Peter's comments - the positioning of the individual drums is fantastic, in my believe because of the more correct height position). 5) Beatles : Love Me Do (album Past Masters) RB upsampled to DSD128. Mono recording with perfect head tracking, as per request of FAS42. Last but not least: 6) Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 35 by Pinkas Zuckerman & Zubin Mehta +Israel Philharmonic Orchestra - RB upsampled to DSD128. I am far from a classical expert (max. 10% of my collection and of my listening) but his is one of my favorites. However, even when resampled to DSD, Pinkas violin can sound sometimes a little harsch, or edgy of you will. This cable configuration however makes the sound of the violin so delicious and delicate, whilst loosing nothing in detail (at the contrary) . Also the positioning of the instuments in the orchestra is excellent, as is bass weight. So, I do not agree with Peter that this config is too good to be true. This is my reference as of today, and I will leave it as such - no more cable config playing/testing. From now on, as far as cables are concerned, it is exclusively back listening to music again. Dirk
  11. ddetaey

    is Qobuz down?

    It's up in Europe (Belgium) Dirk
  12. ddetaey

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Peter If this is a picture of your latest config A: B-Y & W-R, B: B-Y & W-R, I have to admit that I am completely lost . Or is this a new config you are going to tryout? In the picture you have at plug A: Black, White & Red connected, Yellow is floating plug B: Black, White & Red connected, Yellow is floating I would connect your latest config A: B-Y & W-R, B: B-Y & W-R as follows plug A: Black (dot), Yellow, jumper on pos. 3 & 4, White, Red plub B: Black (dot), Yellow, jumper on pos. 3 & 4, White, Red Is this correct, or I am I really that stu...? Thanks for getting me on the right path Dirk
  13. ddetaey

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Hi Peter I just received my Lush2 cable, ordered last week, so speedy delivery, many thanks. I must however admit I am a little bit confused. The cable is indicated to be shipped with A: B-Y & W-R, B: B-Y In practice, connections are as follows : A-plug: B-Y (Red & White are not connected) B-plug: B-Y & W-R I am still trying to figure out, if it makes any difference at which USB-plug (A or B) W-R are connected. Your advice would be welcome Dirk
  14. ddetaey

    Onkyo Music

    But pricing can be substancially different. Eg. Ryan Adams - Live at Carnegie Hall in 24bits/96kHz costs 31,49$ at the Onkyo site, and 66,98$ at HDTracks.com Unfortunately, living in Belgium, I am not able to buy at the Onkyo site. Dirk
  15. ddetaey

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    Would it be possible for someone with a good relationship with Amanero, to enquire if it would be possible to produce a Linux ONLY driver, capable of correct native DSD512. I do believe this would sattisfy al lot of users with DAC's, making use of the Amanero USB module. I also believe that most users do not require a solution that supports both Windows and Linux. Even if DAC manufacturers would hesitate (or even refuse) to support this Linux only firmware, we as end-customer will be able to decide if we take that responsibilty ourselves, just as twluke has done. I know I will, but it would be nice to have access to a 'certified' firmware. 2004be seems to come close, and with Windowds support dropped, maybe it can easily be finetuned for flawless Linux operation Dirk