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  1. ddetaey

    Player cannot play the disk I burned

    This can be due to the intensity of the DVD writer, and the sensitivity of the DVD disc itself. My wife is still making use of an analog Harddisc recorder, copying some recorded content to DVD. We have to trow away up to 25% of the discs, because they cannot be read, giving exactly the same error message. So, my advice, try first another DVD disc, if possible, use a rewritable disc. This has 2 advantage : 1) apparently they need less power to be written (can't proff that, but never experienced a bad disc with RW) 2) if it still does not work, you did not waste a DVD-R disc. Another thing to check is the type of Disc you use. Computers like DVD+R, traditional DVD-players like DVD-R (although in most cases, bith types should work). If it still does not work, try to use another DVD-writer (or other computer) Dirk
  2. Anybody that has experience with the Vega 2 upsampling to DSD512 with native Linux?
  3. How about just listening to the file? And if you are not sure, walking from the left to the right speaker, the sound follows you in case of mono.
  4. A number of DAC manufacturer's are limitng the output for DSD with -6dB, compared to output for PCM. I have personal experience with Holo Audio Spring DAC and iFi micto DAC's. Other models from these manufacturers do the same, as specified in their manuals. I understand that theoretically DSD can go up to 0dB, and even uo to +3dB for short peaks. But in practice, this turns out to be counterproductive, at least when upsampling both PCM and DSD (DSF) to DSD256/DSD512. From the same SACD album, upsampling the SACD layer (DSF file) to DSD256 results in (+/-) 6dB lower output level, compared with the redbook layer (AIFF file) . This means I have to crank up the volume by 6dB (on my preamp) to keep same sound level. Using a DAC from one of the forementioned brands, the output level is pushed down another 6dB, as the DAC receives DSD data. As a result, I am receiving a -12dB level with DSD, compared with PCM. So, why are these (and probably other) DAC manufacturer's do this? I find this rather annoying to say the least (one of the reasons why I have sold my Holo Audio Spring dac) Dirk
  5. I do, and 2 new albums were available for download just last week. However, living in Belgium, I am accessing SoS via B&W's europe website https://www.bowers-wilkins.eu/Login.aspx?redirectto=/your_account Dirk
  6. Hi Have you already your G2 Vega dac in use? And if so, have you perhaps tried DSD512 upsampling under Linux? Dirk
  7. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Lots of high resolution downloads today are in fact limited to 44kHz/24bits. Does these 8 extra bits during recording/production bring real value when upsampling with HQplayer?
  8. ddetaey

    "Rock/Pop" MultiChannel shining in Stereo

    My Lexicon MC12 processor offers the possibility to downmix 5.1 to 2 channels. The only thing the processor knows is the distance from each speaker to my listening position, based on microphone assisted measurements. It does not take into account how the music has been recorded. So, can one not assume there is kind of a generic (standardised ?) way to downmix?
  9. Forget this question. Wrong price advertisement at website. , unfortunately not 1/2 price, but price quoted per speaker. Dirk
  10. Is anybody aware if there will already be a new 'upgraded' version for the KEF LSX? I see a lot of shops in Europe, that do not have them in stock (anymore ?) , whilst others are offering them at 1/2 price. Dirk
  11. I would strongly advise you to remain with flac. With dbPoweramp, you can convert your uncompressed flac to compressed flac with compression levels between 1 (lightest compression) and 8 (highest compression). Level 5 is their recommendation. Dirk
  12. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    ok, thanks too bad as Amanero usb (in T+A 8 DSD) does not handle DSD256x48 at all with Linux Dirk
  13. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    As you have explained earlier, one can upsample 48k (multiple) content by converting to44.1k (multiple) content by limiting samplerate to e.g. 11,2Mhz for DSD256. This works fine for poly-sinc family, but not for other ones, such as Minringfir & Closed Form (tested in HQe 4.60.1) can this his also be supported on these filters or is there a technical reason that would prohibit this? Dirk
  14. ddetaey

    Share your favorite Qobuz playlists

    Not so much interest in this topic after all !? Here is a new Radio 1 Classic playlist https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/1977589 Dirk
  15. ddetaey

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    @Shadders sorry for the spelling errors, but English is not my native language and an IPad is not the best platform to avoid spelling errors. Should I repeat my input in Dutch, so you can check what I mean to say, using Google Translate Dirk