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  1. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Good to know thanks for the information.
  2. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Curious what are the problems with DLNA? Right now I'm listening to Qobuz using Audirvana Plus, SOTM-SMS200/MDP/DLNA, Ayre QB9-DSD and not experiencing any issues.
  3. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    I've been using Qobuz in a variety of configurations during the last month or so; Chromecast Audio, Airplay to Raspberry, IOS native, MacOSX, Web App. I've also used it mobile in the car via Bluetooth and am very happy to report that not only are the apps refined and extremely functional they are also easy to use. The service seems rock steady and I've had no problem in daily use. I'm a Tidal and Deezer subscriber as well and I can say that when Qobuz formally launches in the US and is integrated with Roon I will be dropping my Tidal subscription. Great job on the rollout and infrastructure Qobuz has developed in prep for launch.
  4. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Yes, that jogs my memory it was CEDIA.
  5. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Don't remember where I screen printed this from but it was from a recent event.
  6. There is a known problem with the update function on the Allo GUI. Newer versions are configured so that the "Update Now" button takes you to a command line interface (CLI). Don't expect timely or much support from Allo. Unless you want to spend some time at the CLI the cleanest way to recover from this is to reflash your card. One of the downsides to this type of device is that you may occasionally find you have to get your hands dirty in the OS. But it's worth it, you can't beat the performance anywhere near the price of the Digione. The MicroSD card can be accessed by removing the plastic thumb screws from the case and gently removing. The card is at the edge of board. Be gentle removing the card, I use a small pair of tweezers and very little force. I always keep a backup MicroSD card ready to install if I have a problem Here is a link that will help you, it's not terribly difficult to do. https://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2317&p=8869#p8869
  7. TAV

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    And if you want to go back further in history he was an instrumental part of Snell Loudspeaker Co. in it's heyday. I own a 20 or more year old set of Snell C/V's that still serve me well in my family room setup. They cost around $2100/pair back then and still hold their own against modern speakers costing much more.
  8. TAV

    Allo Digione Signature

    Will an aluminum case be available for the Signature at some point?
  9. Attempted an update on the Digione using the Update Now in the Web interface. It spun for hours then when rebooted unable to connect at all to the Web admin interface. I'm able to ping the device but nothing else. Allo support folks, please assist.
  10. TAV

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    That's good news and really hoping for full Roon integration. Not a Tidal fan and reluctantly pay my $20+/month bill for it simply because it's reasonably well integrated with Roon. An alternative would be most welcome.
  11. On the web interface the "Update Now" function doesn't seem to be working. When selected it says it was updated and system needs reboot, then when it comes back up the same "Update Now" button is available. Seems to be an endless loop. I tried a shutdown and clean restart and that didn't solve the problem. Also seeing this on screen that is abnormal. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  12. TAV

    Allo Digione Player

    Roon Core is on a dedicated Macbook Pro all connections are wired and my experience is that unless you have exceptionally robust wifi signal to your equipment wireless can be a challenge. Not in an exhaustive, objective way. The SMS sounds great to my ears and the Digione hard wired to the Dyanudio's is at least as good and probably better sounding.
  13. TAV

    Allo Digione Player

    The Digione does not support USB, Coax is what I'm using to the Dynaudio's. I use a Macbook Pro as the Roon core and my library is on a NAS. Need to understand your system config better to attempt a suggestion. Where is Roon core, Where is music library? etc.
  14. TAV

    Allo Digione

    Thanks for the follow up I sent you a PM.