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  1. Agreed, I'm fine with 44/16 playback on Sonos. Sonos endpoints makes Roon a much better value proposition. Love the Roon UI with Sonos!
  2. Thanks, I"d have to ship mine to them not sure I will upgrade if the DSD improvement is all that's included.
  3. Any other changes included in this upgrade? What was the cost?
  4. I ordered mine from Wynn Audio in Ontario CA and the code was included in the product box. Wynn was great to deal with, very prompt shipping and my unit arrived on the West coast in perfect condition. Since I'm not aware of a US distributor for SOtM Wynn is a great alternative to SOtM direct. Wynn Audio
  5. Update was quick and painless everything working just fine. I'm using it as a Roon endpoint for an Ayre QB9-DSD with a Mac mini Roon core in another room. Very nice so far. The sMS-200 Comes with a 60 Day complimentary Roon subscription, since i'm already a subscriber I contacted Roon and they were kind enough to add the 60 days to my existing sub.
  6. Version : V0.3.0 - Date : 28-12-2016 - Fix not change background image bug - Fix raat_watch daemon bug - Fix broken icon for openhome - Fix volume issue for MPD - Add EFI mount disable only for sMS-200 - Add wifi connection feature - Add RTL8812AU driver - Update kernel to 4.4.14 - Modify UI http://sotm-audio.com/eunhasu/upgrade/sotm/armv7l/release/history.txt?a241e7
  7. Chord Mojo

    Interesting idea but I'll admit I'm not that much of a tweaker. I'll leave it by saying that I'm very happy with Mojo as my portable solution and the Aryre in the main rig.
  8. Chord Mojo

    Haven't heard the dac you mention but I can say the overall performance of the Mojo is simply stunning. My previous portable DAC was the Ibasso Mamba D4 and the Mojo is orders of magnitude better to my ears. Also, just for fun I temporarily placed the Mojo in my main sound rig, swapping out the Ayre QB9-DSD Dac and didn't feel I was giving up much ....... Hope that gives some perspective.
  9. Now that would have been interesting. Mr. Voecks is a very good speaker designer, I also own the Snell Type E-V another great box speaker for under $1K when new. Think that Voecks is Harman Luxury Audio Group’s Acoustic Technologies Manager now.
  10. Snell C/V, they were $2500 new, when I bought about 25 years ago or so. Love them & won't part with them. An original Kevin Voecks design if memory serves. Great for medium to large rooms with good amplification. If you can find these on the used market in good shape, jump. I haven't heard anything under $7K or $8K in today's dollars that compares.
  11. Chord Mojo

    I've owned the Mojo for about 5 months, long time music lover and gear head. Etymotic ER-4PT, Mojo, iPhone/Ipad equals complete and total musical bliss. Best audio expenditure I've ever made and I've been around the block a bit.
  12. Agreed, awaiting V 1.3 anxiously.
  13. Looks like Roon V 1.3 may support Sonos endpoints. Great news for those of us that are invested in Sonos for secondary whole house systems. I've been using Roon on my primary system for over a year and love it so being able to also use it with SONOS is fabulous. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-and-sonos-connect/2164/10
  14. One of the difficulties in comparisons like this is the huge number of variables involved, I'm not sure of the usefulness of this test but commend TIDAL for developing it and making it widely available. For what it's worth I correctly identified 2/5 and i agree with others that almost all sounded very poor with TIDAL direct tracks being much more "musical" : 0
  15. This is interesting: TIDAL · High Fidelity Test I'm a TIDAL subscriber and have been satisfied with the quality of most recordings. I'm using the Mac desktop app on a dedicated Mac Mini music server piped through the AYRE QB9 DSD DAC. Much prefer TIDAL to Deezer Elite as I've found many Deezer sound files are still in MP3. Unfortunately the Deezer catalog is much more extensive than Tidal's at the moment. Hope that changes soon or it will be hard to justify $20/month.