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  1. Danny Kaey

    Article: Kii THREE Loudspeaker Review

    nice review Mitch! I think that high-end audio is facing an ever increasing dilemma... move forward with technology or fall way, way behind... the issue we have is driven by fundamentals of our fractured industry where on one end we have something like Kii, and on the other hand, royal Japanese paper cone 6" full-range speakers; you can't possibly sell these side by side with a straight face. Thus, what's a manufacturer to do: design for the old school guard and lose marketing ability to the new generation, or design for the new generation and leave the old guard behind.
  2. great write-up Kirk! for what it's worth, I love my HomePod... it's in the kitchen doing due diligence in keeping me cooking a mean meal......... 😂
  3. Danny Kaey

    Article: Munich High End 2018

    Biergarten mit Curry Wurst. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. bis gleich, Danny
  4. Danny Kaey

    Article: Munich High End 2018

    Great recap Chris... agree that Munich is “the” show today and for the foreseeable future. Having said that, I think it’s increasingly becoming a b2b show and certainly compared to my last visit 4 years ago, consumer attendance has fallen, especially families. There is significant opportunity left for innovation in the show space... I’ll submit a show report soon... TONS of pics.
  5. Danny Kaey

    Article: Munich High End 2018

  6. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    Thanks Matt - speakers, due to their nature, are very personable choices - not everyone will like everyone else's choices. Fortunately, there ought to be a speaker for everyone in today's market place. As to the article being bland advertising... it's a product announcement labeled "Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot". Not sure it would have made sense to talk about 5 other speaker lines in the context of this introductory write up about a very specific speaker.
  7. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    never seen them in that setup on either product photography or real world use...
  8. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    Curious what you picked up on... also, the living room really isn't messy per se. I just have a ton of records laying around. You want messy, look at Atkinson, Fremer et all. 🤣
  9. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    hahaha, love it! 🤣👍🏼🤠
  10. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    There’s a ton of options for sure and you don’t even have to go to full on mega buck.
  11. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    Completely different application and use case...
  12. Danny Kaey

    Article: Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    If I may offer an analogy ... the iPhone X is also more expensive than an iPad. However, it performs a function for its intended use, as does the iPad. While TuneTot fully tricked out may cost similar to Sabrina, it will perform far better than Sabrina in its inteded use case...
  13. Danny Kaey

    Introducing the Wilson Audio TuneTot

    Wilson Audio TuneTot – Official Announcement Danny Kaey Here we are, a week following the teaser announcement of TuneTot and thusly, all systems are a go. We have lift-off. Full boost. That is, boost your expectations of what the most densely designed Wilson speaker to date has yet to offer. A full, formal review is still forthcoming at a later date, so think of this as a Star Wars-y prequel to the main show. No doubt you are wondering just what sort of loudspeaker, nay, transducer, Wilson Audio is able to scale down to their most effective price point ever, US $9800 ($10500 for upgraded color options). Not merely content with condensing their technologies, Wilson of course, went into overdrive: you see, TuneTot is really the birth of an all new speaker design and ecosystem for Wilson Audio. Whereas designs you see come and go, offering up an actual ecosystem is something genuinely new and genuinely unheard of in HiFi circles. The story goes something like so: In 2018 you are used to accessorizing your iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch, but your HiFi…? As mentioned in my previous teaser about TuneTot, Wilson realized that our listening habits have changed over the years. The days of enthusiasts owning just one main system have been superseded by days of multiple systems across multiple rooms. Your options for true high-end multi-room setups are somewhat limited: sure, one could easily buy say a Sabrina for your office or den, but what if even svelte Sabrina is too much of a good thing? There are quite few one stop, tek-y sort of options on the market today, but what if you wanted dramatically more? What if someone applied all their material sciences to a package small enough to fit on your desk or library and you wanted to stick with say the same brand of high-end speakers you already own and love? There, the air is suddenly mighty thin and lacking oxygen, perhaps even ripe for genuine disruption. Wilson Audio approached this conundrum the Wilson way. TuneTot contains all their proprietary sciences scaled to a desktop sized speaker, including the ability to add a properly designed (and quite massive) base, aptly named ISOBase (Installation Surface Optimization, $2100), for your pair of tots. Furthermore, Wilson Audio’s Special Applications Engineering team designed a RING system ($649) for TuneTot which – since most Wilson owners listen to their speaks without grills – offers up an additional accessorizing opportunity (think easily interchangeable Apple Watch bands) that can change based on your preference for the day, month or year. Legit I say. Given your choice of five new Wilson colors specific to TuneTot and your choice of anodizing hardware (in multiple cool new colors) and grill ($299) options, it’s quite easy to see that Wilson Audio went an entirely new route here. If I may say so myself, quite ingenious and potent this little package is and I have no doubt that Wilson are working on expanding the depth and breadth of this ecosystem. A formal review will be transcribed in the weeks ahead, for now, based on my very limited time spent with TuneTot (I was hustling to Vienna for some R&R prior to Munich’s yearly gala), it’s fair to say that Wilson appears to have hit a home run. For now, then, enjoy my first ever unboxing videos and living room action shots – there will be more, much more to come. This story is just beginning… Cheers! Price (U.S. MSRP): TuneTot—$9,800.00 (pair) In Upgrade Colors—$10,500.00 ISOBase—$2,100.00 (pair) TuneTot Ring—$649.00 (pair) TuneTot Grille—$299.00 (pair) Photos Copyright Danny Kaey Photos Copyright Wilson Audio
  14. Outstanding move and a welcome and refreshing outlook to this rather stale industry! Well done Chris!