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  1. Name your top three movie soundtracks

    Here are a few scores that haven't been mentioned: "To Kill A Mockingbird" - Elmer Bernstein "Plesantville" - Randy Newman "Contact" - Alan Silvestri "Taking Woodstock" - Danny Elfman "Friday Night Lights" - Explosions in the Sky "Glory" - James Horner "Apocalypto" - James Horner "A Bridge Too Far" - John Addison "1941" - John Williams "Cider House Rules" - Rachel Portman "Fried Green Tomatoes" - Thomas Newman "Pay It Forward" - Thomas Newman "Meet Joe Black" - Thomas Newman Here are a few soundtrack that haven't been mentioned: "The Big Easy" "What Women Want" "Almost Famous" "High Fidelity" "Leap Of Faith" "Vanilla Sky" "The Majestic"
  2. This Ain't Right

    Simply another example of how our culture ignores ethics and looks to get something for nothing. This is nothing but theft and is absolutely wrong. Whenever we steal from our artists and their distrubution networks we help to insure that less art will be available to us in the future.
  3. I'm drooling!<br /> <br /> This is exactly the kind of product we need in the marketplace. I only wish I had a few extra bucks.
  4. Squeezebox or Airport Express?

    I have a couple of squeezeboxes. I use a mac mini with Airport Express Extreme wireless and a couple of 750G drives. I never use the squeezebox remote. I have programmed a few of the commands into my Pronto - basically play, pause, skip... Most of the time I use the web based interface to navigate my music library. I run it either on the mini with my plasma as display (not very good) or on a seperate laptop. The web interface is at best adequate. As a psychologist/software engineer with over 40 years building human interfaces, I find quite a few issues with how it works and the available templates. Browsing is available by a variety of keys - artist, record, song, music genre... but the interface in crap (i.e. select a starting point and page forward). Searching is even worse. The interface needs a text access field similar to a search engine so you can search/browse easily using text. As an old fart, the displays leave lots to be desired. A descent interface would allow quick zooming in and out on portions of the display making it easier to see and select for desired functions. Also, I believe that all computer based software should allow quick tabing to web pages associated with an artist, record, song. I like the randow play and play lists - very much like shuffle - but you may not branch from the list to explore a record/artist/song more fully by inserting entries and then return to the original list. In general adding/moving/deleting entries in lists is a real pain. A better interface would also allow userer specific tagging. It would be great if the software also produced a dynamic display of currently playing artist/record/song that wouldn't cause burn-in on a plasma display. For example, it could behave like a slide show moving through displays of the cover, some quotes/lyrics/articles/liner notes and photographs. I believe that we will probably see a few developers building interfaces that will "drive" Itunes, Squeezeboxes, etc and we will purchase these interfaces seperately from the software player and hardware interface. As for the sound, I use the digital out into an Audiomeca DAC for my main rig and the sound is almost as good as from my Audiomeca transport. It sounds better to me than the sound from the Mac mini via TSO from Itunes. On my second rig, I use the analog out and sounds like a fairly descent CD player. Edward
  5. Power

    Over the years, I have tried several flavors of power conditioning (Brick Wall, Goldmund, MIT, Exact Power, Monster, Equi Tech, Chang) on my systems. I now use a simple Monster unit for my Plasma and Sat receiver and plug all my other stuff into dedicated lines from a dedicated box. For most of our stuff, I have a balanced power dedicated box and surge protection at the box. I have 6 dedicated lines for my main system and 4 for the system in my wife's yoga studio. We are lucky to have fairly good power at our home - we are the only house on a spur with our own transformer. In general, almost every conditioner I tried caused some compression of the dymamics of the music. Moreover, I believe that the power supplies on lots of high end gear are more than adequate and handle small line noise fine. If you own your home, I think you should consider upgrading to dedicated lines from a seperate service box with upgraded recepticals. Also, make sure you have a really good ground on your electrical service. If you wish, you can install balanced power at the service box. As far as surge protection goes, contact your insurance agent with replacement costs for your gear. Adjust your coverage to handle the special value of your gear. Nothing will stop lightning! For my computer based hardware, I use a UPS for my wireless/router/external drives. My Mac Mini and Squeeze boxes are plugged into the dedicated lines. Most importantly, stop worring and enjoy the music. Edward