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  1. diecaster

    HQPlayer Linux Desktop and HQplayer embedded

    Do you know of a quality NAA that supports PS Audio I2S and PCM384 and DSD128?
  2. What are you talking about? Please don’t ruin this thread.
  3. @beerandmusic Keep this thread on topic....and you don’t need to dominate this thread with your long winded posts that don’t really add to the conversation.
  4. diecaster


    Well, I find that my DirectStream with Snowmass sounds better using HQPe to upsample, filter, and noise shape to 352.8 than by letting the DirectStream do it. The built-in upsampling is much better than it was in Redcloud but still not better than HQPe.
  5. Fine. But when you are using a server to feed an endpoint via Ethernet, that shouldn’t matter. Don’t forget that these guys are trying to say that a low latency OS general computer (NUC) with noisy USB and lousy clocks sounds better than a purpose built computer with quiet USB and excellent clocks (ultraRendu). That would suggest that USB noise and clocks don’t matter. Are willing to promote that? Because your products would become useless if that were the case.
  6. I did ask him directly. Who do you think that quote is from????
  7. Well, the AudioLinux guy has no answers as to why his Linux sounds better: “It is the low processor latency? It is the linux audio driver? Is the direct connection without mixer to output? Is loading the system to ram? Do I have a full explanation for that? No, maybe a deep study (with measures) of what's happening in the connection with DAC could give more light to the problem.” No wonder you can’t ask real questions in that other thread where all the claims are made.
  8. Well, it means both are sending the same bits when all DSP is turned off. My ultraRendu acting as a Roon endpoint is obviously different than when it is acting an NAA. So, it is not the same....
  9. I think you may be right.
  10. It's a test file that the DirectStream DAC is coded to see and report on the DAC display if it is being seen as bit perfect. Yes, it would work with Roon too and I have tested it in the past. It also reports as bit perfect in Roon if I turn off all DSP functions including volume leveling.
  11. My PS Audio DirectStream DAC has test you can do with a specific test track to see if the track is being sent to the DAC completely unaltered. I turned off all the upsampling, filters, and noise shapers in HQPe and played the test track. The DirectStream reported on its display that the track was "Bit Perfect" which means the track is *NOT* being processed by HQPe in any way.
  12. It might have something to do with fact that the endpoint in Roon is the renderer while the endpoint running NAA is not.
  13. This is absolutely the case. Even with all filters and noise shapers turned off, Roon/HQPe/NAA sounds better than Roon/RAAT. I would love a technical explanation as to why.
  14. I have reached out to AudioLinux and asked them why their software is supposed to improve sound quality and specifically how low latency factors in to this. I tried to look on their forum but most of the posts are in a language I don't read.
  15. Of course it does: https://kb.roonlabs.com/RAAT Roon communicates from Core to any Roon endpoint with RAAT.