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  1. m2, was it NVMe by any chance?
  2. I was just making a remark about fans in general, I know the thread is about novel ways to improve sound quality.
  3. thanks, but as I said Both SSD's are now working in my 218+ NAS. yes the drive was using synology O/S EXT4. "BUT!" ~ the gparted app boots from a thumb drive/pen/stick (USB) and loads to a GUI. Has nothing to do with windows! The gparted app is Linux based and that is the environment you work/operate in with all manner of partitions. One of the partitions that gparted recognises is EXT4. Both my SSD's were in the NAS, so it is strange that one was recognised and the other one wasn't! I mean it's not like they came from different NAS/PC etc. OR were different make and model i.e. both same type (identical). Identical NAS's that came out of the same machine, at the same time, so why only one recognised by Gparted is a bit of a mystery?
  4. Uh! ~ I was talking about my synology NAS 218+, not a NUC?
  5. yes - 're-purpose'. I burned GPARTED to a CD. I was able to clear one of the SSD's completely but the other one did not recognise at all? So I used the cleared SSD in the 218+ and it took it straightaway and installed the full DSM 6.2.1. So, I thought the other SSD that was not recognised by Gparted might just go back in the 218+ to be used as the second drive in JBOD. It worked! Don't know why! ~ I also managed with GPARTED to recover 99% of a U3 Sandisk thumb drive and create an NTFS partition; the other 1% could not be recognised or accessed by GPARTED? So, I've got 7.45GB to play with as NTFS portable drive, the other 5GB are completely unknown to GPARTED and U3 is gone for good - thank god! U3 was decommissioned in 2007 anyway. Apparently, MS took over development and called it "startkey" but I guess that's gone now too? Cheers!
  6. wtf: Synergistic Research Tranquility UEF base.?
  7. they don't like audiosciencereview on here with it's apparent objective proof, I got blasted for it! As austinpop said: this is a subjective thread with no proof or objective evidence, only listening and our ears! - So, be careful what you say. friendly warning!
  8. The only thing I know of is the anti-noise technique were they play it back to you and one is supposed to cancel out the other and you have to pay for it! NO free anti-noise LOL!
  9. Even doctors don't know and there is no cure at the moment. Makes playing the latest ozric tentacles album impossible! Even after one track it's like I'd been in the front row of a heavy metal gig and leaves heightened ringing in my ears for hours! (LOL). I digress - sorry! ...back to topic....
  10. I don't have permission to divulge the source, very sorry! But he does say: The Rendu's are designed to have the absolute lowest noise profile possible, which can be easily shown through measurements. Just because he has a vested interest, does that make him a liar? There are audio business people on CA don't forget. Maybe someone with the gear will do the measurements/tests against the NUC/AL combo and present their findings to us all?
  11. In terms of sound quality with my subjective impressions (on topic), I find that all DSD512 makes my tinnitus worse. So for now I have to stick with PCM. Needed - tinnitus friendly DSD (LOL).
  12. I'm sorry, but I was told on here that there are no concrete answers, just developments, discoveries and experiments. i.e. no conclusions, no consensus. With respect, it looks like posts are contradicting each other! Just trying to clarify this issue please?
  13. why not just buy something that doesn't have unnecessary processes, that you will 'kill' anyway with audiophile optimizer?
  14. Also somewhere in this thread someone said that there is no consensus, I find that contradictory.
  15. At the moment I have a noctura fan on my 218+ and it doesn't blow hot air on other components because it sucks the hot air out of the casing. This is fitted with the SOtM fan filter. Currently have 3 on going projects. This is just one of them.