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  1. Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    What is the name of the dac shown behind the txusbultra or ifi?
  2. Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    If the 5v is the issue this lead me to think that might be the motherboard not feeding enough power to their usb. If other Linux endpoint seem to be working.
  3. I apologize I hasn’t been on much lately. And I understand this has been stopped but I just want to leave what I’ll do as a technical program manager. I have work with so many Corp include intel and amd and hope that help. Seem like we wait DSD512 for upsampling. 1. Than let’s pick a brand that everyone agree on. Or do the poll again so work with that one. 2. confirm commitment who absolutely will be in and price they willing to pay 3. Base on price pick one or two Mb 4. Approach The mother company and see if they will to help with effort and support as custom. 5. Get the spec of MB and CPU and goto jussi and ask base on this setup will HQ be able to handle dsd512 with what filter. 6. Base on how many is going to buy HQ have him do the work to tweak on HQ and modify the code for HW. may be a different tree or build all together. 7. This way is much easier to get things done. If you have 100 people x $160 that is $16k P.S in computer hw, every year things will be obsolete but who define that. Consumers. Win7 still so popular, Celeron still using it by many new products. hope this help next time around. Cheers B
  4. I’m just going to say this out loud and see if i can get something right. 1. 8 ports so it most likely be base on DLink, Netgear, TPLink or Zxytel. 2. It will be based on smaller size of their sclk-ex since you don’t need that many lead for switch. 3 with option master clock input 4. 9v / 12v jumper 5. Price at $999 w $200 master clock option. 6. Come with wall power supply for 9v
  5. Hello All, Sorry i guess i missed all the fun here. Yes, I own this awesome TheLinearSolution OCXO switch as well. And saw you guys are trying to talk down and dismiss the credibility of the switch. I'm here to confirm everything @fsmithjack said is correct plus some and to the point. I was skeptical at the time. Not much has mention. But since i know more and more people are talking about re-clocking may be this is another hidden gems to be shine. I place an order in Christmas and the wait time is 3 weeks. I almost forgot the switch and was busy on other things. a week pass by. My setup are follow. Laptop Computer. -> SG108 with Uptone1.0 -> Sotm/sms200ultra/SPS500 -> Esoteric 01X/USB ->Preamp -> BAT150Mono ->B&W 800D2 I like the sound i had but like we all do looking for improvement whenever and whatever possible. I'm telling you. As soon as i plug in the OCXO switch in my chain. I was like blew me off the chair. i mean way off. how could this be possible. Wow now sound stage is so noticable. my separation is so much define. everything is there for you. I mean like when you upgrade something you look for detail and darkness and all other thing. This is all there you don't need to look for it. you just enjoy the sound of it. I never experience such an upgrade in my audiophile years. I paid thousand for cable and DAC but this $649 i spent is what i will talk about it till the next thing give me the wow i don't care the price point. if you can blew me away you are the gold. I had a 4T Hi-RES and FLAC library, guess what i been doing. i been listening with the combo on my library once again. how often can you do that. Plus one is now my wife is listening with me sometime. she said you did something to make your system sound so much better than before , how many thousand you spent. I told her the price of the switch. She said i always say you don't need to spent thousand to get good sound. i guess she is right and i take it. Since then i tell all the friend that i know to try it. I even order one for my most stubborn friend he also happen to use M1 with Sotm. I need to blew his pants off. and look into his eyes. this is fun. i love it. Now back to the switch. So lets get back to apple to apple. not orange and anything else. They are doing it for Audio grade switch. So we have JCAT, TheLinearSolution, AQ, Paul Pang did i miss anyone? what is all of them in common. they all seem to use the same kind of switch. I don't know why but i believe this is no coincidence. JCAT is OEM Paul so one less to compare with. I did a research and gather some info to proof. once again thank you @fsmithjack for brave enough to open the thing up. Switching to a different angle I'm a HQPlayer owner and Roon also. This is a very good example to compare. Why i use HQ because of SQ. But how user friendly to use...... You fellow be the judge. I will just say there are room for improvement and just leave at that. on the other hand Roon super cool user experience but sound SQ also room for improvement. So at the end who i'm looking for SQ all the way. not fancy features or anything else is the SQ (Lucky Roon and HQ work together) if they don't I'll still pick HQ because SQ is my ultimate goal. So lets look at the switch....... AQ $490(Where is my clock?) i'm not a fool Paul Chinese clock $999 (nice one but i guess there is better out there) ThelinearSolution Clock ( Look different i did some finding. Turn out they use the same kind of OCXO clock that the pioneer people are using. (Pink Fran OCXO Clock module $800) (SGM2015 $22000) see photo Even with PF OCXO module i won't know where to implement to it. and they also design their own pcb board too. so it is not OEM it is real. But there is a catch. You have to use their LPS to sound that good. I tried uptone but not come close to the experience with their own stuff. So this is what i look at it. World class OCXO module with FREE LPS how often you get this deal. I know more and more people will find out this is the next THING if you need to improve your computer sound. I didn't mention i have my LP Rig, because this current setup is way way pass that level. P.S I'm not surprise if TheLinearSolution will come up with their own server soon. Reason being they know what they are doing with Clock upgrade if a single switch is already at this level of the game i can't imagine with USB and Chipset OCXO clock . and they know how to do LPS and whats need to be in the formula to cook a world class super server. (OS, if they are just like everyone else antipodes, innos, etc they can get vortexbox and be done with it. or they will have there own. i hope they will have their own.) (a player, I hope they use HQPlayer, and Roon everyone seem to have that. but what else can be better?) wow thinking is already fascinating lets hope it won't cost me arms and legs. and if they ever do i won't wait for review or anything i'm diving in all in. Thank you for reading i don't usually type that long, i'm not a story teller or book writer. but i just feel like i want to share this experience with the OCXO switch. AQ $490 TheLinearSolution $649 Intro Rate Paul Pang $999 Pink Farn $800 Paul Pang Switch Top View
  6. Yes, recently I heard the SGM + the 120k MSB . It is really good. But I enjoy more with my blu2 + Dave more. May be I’m just jealous lol 😂
  7. I take it you mean physical isolation by distance. Not a Network Isolator.
  8. Antipodes DX Gen3 vs Innuos Zenith MkII SE

    I am curious Does the gen3 is actually shipping yet? I’m interested in it too.
  9. Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    Yes, that’s it or you can get an SE version with MCap upgrade. Or their are other options for upgrade cards and reclocking board or MB as DIY too. Just matter of your taste.
  10. @fsmithjack If you are looking for audiophile grade switch, check with TLS TCXO or even better OCXO. I had the sotm switch mod. And recently just upgraded to their TCXO switch and never look back. About the same price but you get dedicated LPS and dedicated own TCXO clock within. The best part is no Dingaling somet Dingaling jumping short wire attached. Others might trying to play catch-up game with them but they are the best with audiophile switch at the moment. Their might be hard core people believe in brand but I’m an explorer open for true improvement.
  11. Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply

    I just read through those email, it seems like your number is being recalculated and fall behind everytime you send him an email. smh.
  12. The difference is the M-Cap in power supply areas. Besides that, both use the same J1900 board.
  13. This is no longer their flagship. I think people are talking about the MKII SE version not the std version.