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  1. There are couple of things you can start from. software, Roon or jriver to start. They both can do upsampling. usb reclocker , sotm, ifi mutec audio grade switch and router currently im in a process of getting TheLinearsolution tcxo switch or router. these are just a few to start explorer.
  2. It look promising. I’m thinking about to order a tcxo switch from this company. I hope it is not insane like Paul does. Does anyone know current wait time. I don’t mind if couple weeks but just not months.
  3. Ethernet cables

    This is going to be an interesting topic. Just like 30yrs ago when interconnect started
  4. KEF X300A need help!

    Can you get one from work? or walmart? or worst case amazon. but if you like to spent the extra for the audioquest. than is fine too.
  5. Please get an external HDD. MP3 player i don't think they have much storage either.
  6. Sonos One speaker

    Just another suggestion. Have you look at the new apple speaker yet? coming out soon.
  7. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    Good for you. by looking at your setup. you don't seem to do online streaming or NAS. Otherwise i will suggest a audio grade switch or router for your setup. it is a huge benefit.
  8. KEF X300A need help!

    Sorry i have been out. Did you able to find a different usb cable to try.
  9. Be Prepare the fall creators update, might just be the best sound window can offer till now.
  10. Design a PC/Server for ROON and HQ Player

    Yes, and this is board specific. I bought one from PP and trying to install it to me P9D Asus. but bad luck for me. this board is smd board. The end is i wasted the $150 finding out this is not easy. should have professional to do it. but i hasn't able to find one just yet.
  11. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    I do suggest your next upgrade will be LPS for your vortexbox.
  12. Active Kef LS50

    This is awesome.
  13. Earphones Stolen - What's My Next Pair?

    I like Nobel and new JH
  14. Looking to buy new headphones!

    I would recommend the new sony line for wireless and noise cancellation. I just bought pair and $350 and i really enjoy that.
  15. KEF X300A need help!

    Just an suggestion, you have other usb cable around which you can just swap and try? Cheap and expensive usb cable won't make the noise fade out. It could be the DAC within X300 is having issue.