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  1. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Experiment with the various inexpensive DC ethernet cables first then your perspective will be legitimate. That's all. Trolls are ones who've not yet done so, put their 2 cents in and make assumptions based on no experience.
  2. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    This troll has perched in our thread and aims to continue to make this his dumping ground. He has had at least 1 offer to receive for free a DIY ethernet DC cable to try between his LPS 1.2 and ISO Regen (AC confirmed recent purchase). Even the acceptance of such offer would diminish his troll cred for he is not receiving thread notifications because he is interested in our experiments. Until he experiments himself and reports back 1st hand findings, his posts are irrelevant and complete ingorance. Please start your own thread dude.
  3. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    There is a difference between the cables and plenty of folks on this thread have experienced them starting on page 1. That's what I like about this thread is these differences are cheep and quick to order and test!
  4. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    That's another thread on another site. 👍😂😂
  5. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I think you are jabbring about something you have not heard or experienced yet 🤣🤣🤣. I have been switching out between PoE ends a Supra Cat8 3M, an Ibra .5M, an Audioquest Cinnamon 1M and a Canare Starquad 1M between my LPS-1(along with recently received 1.2) and (what this thread is supposed to be about) the extraordinary ISO Regen. My personal results so far are that the Supra CAT8 provides the biggest soundstage of the bunch while reducing clarity especially with the treble. There is something about the Supra that makes a difference but I'm still deciding whether it's a positive one to me. The timbre seems off somewhat as well so I don't know if I want to sacrifice that for added spacial depth 🤔 Not an audible difference between the Canare and Cinnamon. All frequencies resolute with less spaciousness than the Supra. Treble slightly forward. Ibra so far is the overall winner for me. Maybe it's the short length I don't know. The treble is slightly resessed compared to the Cinnamon and Canare but more forward and clearer than the Supra. Soundstage is in between as well. A 1M silver DC cable from Dave at Zenwave should be here next week. Not cheep but I have to know! 😵👍
  6. Please provide room speaker placement SQ results with system info. Thank you!!!
  7. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I'm in for testing! Currently running Canare 4S6 Starquad DC cable between an LPS-1 and IR. Just arrived: 1. iCreatin Passive PoE Injector and PoE Splitter Kit with 5.5x2.1 mm DC Connector 2. IBRA 3 Feet CAT 7 RJ45 Ethernet LAN Network Cable I will test the IBRA against my already owned Audioquest Cinnamon CAT 7 1.5M and Wireworld Platinum Starlight CAT 8 .5M. Will give each 20+ hours of burn in before listening. Should be interesting. Stay tuned....
  8. RamDawg

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I definitely want to try as well. Your last description confused me as to the setup. I have an LPS 1 powering my IR. IR has female end, LPS 1 has female end. The Poe ends on your link- one female one male. Should I buy 2 sets to get 2 males- 1 to connect to the IR and 1 to connect to the LPS 1 with the cats in between? Please clarify kind sir! Thank you.
  9. Thanks Alex for your rapid response! Yes I'm using the Concero HD with a pair of audioquest Water RCAs to the Jot. Schiity's on board dac.. no bueno.. Thanks for the links. I will purchase a 1.5M cord from China. This will allow me to isolate the LPS 1 far enough away from my setup. I've had issues with the IR's galvanic isolation since purchase. To be honest, can't really tell a difference with it off especially now with the Aqvox power supply in place powering the dac. Not an electrical engineer here but isn't this providing GI by default from the IR? Also, I had read in this forum that if the dac is powered separately from the USB connection to the IR (which the Aqvox unit provides), the LPS 1 can be set to 5V to power the IR. With testing even the 3.3V setting is powering the IR. Please advise what's optimal with my setup. I just switched back to 7V for the time being. Thanks again for your help and guidance! Paul F.
  10. Alex- is there a longer replacement cord for the one between the ISO Regen and the LPS 1 so I can move the LPS 1 further from my devises? My LPS 1 that powers my IR is now sitting on my small desk along with my Concero HD dac and Schiit Jot. It seems the LPS 1 may be causing some interference making my headphones way brighter than normal. I cannot move the LPS 1 off of my desk with the lack of cord length and where the IR is positioned now. Please advise. I am powering the Concert HD with a aqvox USB power supply. I am running the power from the LPS 1 to the IR at 5V now after the aqvox install. I also have the galvanic iso off at the IR. This never has never worked in my system for any longer than 30 minutes before losing signal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Paul F.
  11. On my laptop? I've only used 1 port so far. I have 3 total though and will try the others. Worth a shot. Thanks.
  12. I purchased and recently received an ISO Regen purchased from Uptone's website. I am having an issue that I hope you can get fixed. My setup is as follows: Windows 10 laptop Core i5 - Curious USB Cable - ISO Regen (with standard power supply) - Curious USB Regen Link - Concero HD DAC - Audioquest Water RCA cables - Schiit Jotenheim Amp - Audioquest Nighthawks/HD 800 headphones. When I have the switch on the Regen in the "I" position, I will lose power to the DAC after 2-3 songs. After 5-10 minutes, power will come back then go out again. I am unable to use the Regen in the "I" position. I tried replacing the DAC by using the Jot's internal DAC and am having the same issue consistently. The only way I can use the Regen with either DAC is when it's switched to the "NO" position which is in effect turning off the galvanic isolation. I just purchased an LPS-1 power supply yesterday from the site as well in hopes it will fix the issue. Please help! I would hate to have to send it back for full refund.