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  1. WANTED- 1 - Adata 4GB DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM SDRAM card. Label on card says “AM1P24HC4U1-B5QS” Wish to upgrade NUC7CJYB to 8GB RAM with exact same type cards for best compatibility. Maybe some CA NUC owner has extra card from upgrading beyond 8GB, to sell to me ? Please contact by CA PM. Thx!
  2. look&listen

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Consider audience. This is CA forum, branch thread from big 2-year old "novel. massive, SQ.." thread. 'server', 'naa', 'endpoint', 'renderer' words are words known & used here. Talk of 'models' interesting but of no value for best vocabulary for posts here. Go back 1 year, 2 years, more in posts, see same words. Consistant, common, usage words better for communication. Better for multi language readers too. Too many geeks spin off too many different words for same thing only sow confusion & misunderstanding. < /rant >
  3. look&listen

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Good to use consistent vocabulary so all in thread understand posts better (at all?) Above words familiar to me (& many readers) from you & other veteran posters, so hope @greenleo use them too
  4. look&listen

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    "control PC" = audio server? "audio PC" = endpoint device?
  5. look&listen

    New Chinese Tariffs on Electronics

    You learn nothing
  6. look&listen

    New Chinese Tariffs on Electronics

    Ha! Just now building dedicated audio system on Lexar Pro 32GB 1000x (150MB/s) SDHC card. This is 2nd exact type of card to test card quality vs. system version. 1st card cost $35 1/30/18, 2nd cost $27 11/4/18 (all thru Amazon) Tariff??
  7. Maybe need new thread- "A friendly way to massively fail the troubleshooting of computer audio streaming problems"
  8. look&listen

    Installing MacOS on SD card

    Of interest to me for application to new NUC as naa project to connect with Mini server. (but can connect (server)Wifi to (naa)Wifi direct for max isolation?) Oh! I see similar direct connect idea little over 3 years before reappears in @romaz 1st post in celebrated 'A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming' thread. Reading other previous big Alex threads see other paths retread in big thread (except ext. clocks?). Great minds think alike? Maybe fly closer to elusive reality? We all benefit, thx
  9. look&listen

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Maybe @greenleo repost AF install & setup guide here?? Nice for start of thread
  10. So good options for @davide256 & others
  11. Maybe this mini-PC close enough for NAA use case? NUC7CJYSAL If want barebones kit some say Pentium OK NUC7PJYH
  12. look&listen

    AT&T Fiber Internet

    AT&T Fiber (100Mbps) just installed here today! I have Pace gateway. First reset most wifi devices for new Network Key (using old SSID) from new gateway. See Enable/Disable control for both 2.4, 5ghz, Wi-Fi Interfaces in Settings page. Is "NAT mappings" other thing you need?
  13. Now all have to scroll through 6 screens of probably useless, distracting code Maybe next time attach text file? Back to listening reports---
  14. Suspect output caps on big MPAudio regulator modules not good for best SQ, but not yet tested without. Hope someone test MPA module with output caps removed (maybe just 10mfd like app sheet?) to confirm/reject theory, before recommend for experiments for this thread.