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  1. I want to buy a pair of speakers for my desktop setup. Either 2.0 or 2.1 would do. Will be using for both music and gaming and also movies. As for music genre, i listen to almost every type ranging from death metal to Debussy. I have been looking at the Audioengine A2+ but from what i gather they are overpriced and due to small size have a less than phenomenal punch. A buddy of mine recommended a "gaming" speaker, the corsair SP2500 which has quite good reviews but i'm skeptical about the quality they will deliver in terms of music. What are the options in these price range? HELP!!!!!!!!!
  2. THE AUDIO ENGINE AND JBL ones are kinda too much for me to invest on. ill probably not get the warranty for them because of where i live and its kinda risky
  3. I have a budget of arounf 150 bucks to buy new speakers. i'll be using them predominantly for listening to music of various genre.i will also do some casual gaming with the speakers on. i have my eyes on these speakers below: http://www.edifier.com/us/en/speakers/studio-1280t-2.0-powered-bookshelf http://www.edifier.com/int/en/speakers/r1700bt-bluetooth-bookshelf the 1700 is e little costlier and i would like to know if its worth the extra 50 buckss. and NO bluetooth is not a requirement for me and i look purely for better audio quality." Thanks for your time.