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  1. Thanks, Patrick. That's good to see!!
  2. Wow! I didn’t think I would get this many responses. Thanks. On Friday evening, I checked my post and have been spending a lot of time on ProStudioMasters. ProStudioMasters seems to have a pretty nice selection of out-of-print CDs. Many thanks for the response new_media! A little more about me: Last September, I finished ripping all my physical CDs to mostly Apple Lossless. I want to stop doing that. I hated ripping, and then storing the CD. Hopefully, with lossless, FLAC and the other higher-quality files, it will be easy to convert to the newest cutting-edge format. For a couple of years, I really did not want to purchase physical CDs, but wanted a better quality than an mp3. Yes, in my area, the only places to purchase CDs are the small sections of Target and Walmart. We did have a big FYE, but it downsized and sells more T-shirts and movies than music. Basically, since I am have been Mac based, I downloaded aiff files from bandcamp. With aiff files, I don’t have to do a conversion to something iTunes friendly. Unfortunately, living in the States blocks me from using some high res sites. I am still waiting to see if Qobuz sets up shop in the U.S.
  3. Hello All I'm kind of new here, coming over from Kirkville... I did a search, but I didn't find a good previous discussion, sorry if this is a sort of rehash post. I am a bandcamp member, and I like it. However, there are some popular artists who don't use that site. First and foremost, I am looking for higher quality files, at least FLAC files. I am basically looking to download a couple of singles from some artists whom I probably would not buy their whole album. Mostly, I am finding the various sites cater to a particular type of genre. Since I am in the States, there are some sites I cannot access. I am familiar with beatport. I haven't tried 7digital yet, but I know that they have started a U.S. version. I'm still waiting for Qobuz. Can anyone think of any other reputable sites? Much obliged.
  4. This link will take you to an article written by Kirk: http://www.kirkville.com/how-to-rebuild-your-itunes-library/ It gives a great description about the xml file and what you have to do to use it. For some reason, it seems to be showing your whole library. I have only see this behavior for newly created libraries.
  5. I only see this type of behavior when I do a clean install and re-add my songs back to iTunes. Are you using the XML file? Has your iTunes Library.itl rebuilt itself recently?
  6. Since they are in AIFF from the CD itself, and since the EPs are only a few songs, I don't care that much about the space. I am wondering if it is better to rip to AIFF from the CD using XLD or just drag them off the disc? I used bandcamp a couple of times, and to get the best quality, I normally download the AIFF files.
  7. Looking at your “Everything you need to know about digital audio files,” I know that AIFF is uncompressed. I am still converting my CD collection to ALAC. I am about halfway through, so before I go start my many Prince CDs, I skipped about and did my five U2 albums. I found the “One” CD single, which has about 4 songs. Instead of ripping it, I just decided to keep it as is and copied the songs straight from the CD in AIFF format. I did this because in total the songs only came to about 325 MB in AIFF, and unless they re-release it, I won’t buy it again. Did I end up with the same file as if I ripped it into AIFF?
  8. For me, I am not an Apple Music user or Match subscriber, I see both all the time. I'm using version 12.5.5.
  9. What's up with the blue dot found at the beginning of the Thread Title? After I read a thread, I notice that the blue dot is still there. I thought it denoted new, unread threads and that it would disappear after I read them. Is this not the case?
  10. Kirk, previously, I checked out the “The complete guide to using iTunes with lossless audio.” When I started reading your articles over five years ago. I experimented and ripped some CDs to Apple Lossless with a variety of apps. Sometime I would create a 320 version, or rip to lossless with these apps and also iTunes. I haven’t noticed that much difference between the various programs, but I “believe” that some louder. While I have stuck with XLD among those apps, I have been using iTunes almost exclusively for the last year. Is it better to rip to Apple Lossless using iTunes — I probably won’t use another OS in the foreseeable future — or should I use something else like XLD? I notice that XLD uses parts of the OS to do its processing. I usually see this as in the Info section’s encoder: X Lossless Decoder 20161007, QuickTime 7.7.3. Is ripping with other apps any better than what I could get from using just iTunes? It seems like 12.5 is up to the task. And I want to rip all discs, eventually, to Apple Lossless.
  11. I usually click on the link from the icon displayed on Kirkville, but each time I click it, I always end up on iTunes. Thanks for the link.
  12. I recently deleted all my older podcasts from iTunes and haven’t used that app for podcasts in quite a while. Firstly, it was hell going through the files and changing the Media type to Podcasts each time something happened to iTunes. Secondly, a few years ago, the changes to iTunes and podcasts made their management a, uh, mess. Generally, I only download The Next Track episodes when I see them linked in your posts. Occasionally, I miss one and learn that from seeing the numbers out of sequence. So, I am wondering if you could include a listing of the episodes on The Next Track website, even if there aren’t links? Yeah, I know that’s extra work …
  13. For me, it seems that I get that message when I am not online. While I understand iTunes wanting to perform a check, I can’t seem to comprehend why it tries to connect when I have no internet connection. I know I am not connected to the internet. The message pops up as soon as I open iTunes, when I play a track, fast forward to the next one, etc. The message appears whatever action I take. It is maddening and makes iTunes unusable. This highlights a general grumble of mine about Apple’s reliance on the internet. It’s great being connected, but it does cost actual money. (In addition, leave the Dictionary alone, please!)
  14. Curiously, I tried to search for "ALAC" and had the same results. By using Spotlight, I manually found a song that I imported as ALAC. When I look under the song's cover image on the right, I see "Apple MPEG-4 audio." I tried that phrase as a search term and found them all. However, it not only finds the ALAC ones I converted using iTunes, but it also displays the songs I purchased from iTunes. If I used "Apple Lossless" as the search term, the Finder displayed the songs imported using ALAC with XLD.
  15. When examining “List View,” wow, I wonder what happened? While I see, I believe, a new icon for “Downloads,” I think they tweaked something in “List View” or at least my settings don’t seem to change anything. Now in List View, I can only see nearly 10 songs listed on an album, which really doesn't work for more than one disc. I have it set to “Small,” but it doesn’t seem to affect the size. Is anyone else experiencing similar results? Edit: I no longer see the icons for Shuffle or Repeat.