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  1. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Nice. It is very interesting to see the Xeon tests. If it works it probably wins for the cheapest option. Processor itself it not that cheap but I guess everything else is.
  2. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I run in quad mode. I have 4x8GB. I also have MSI x399 which has x-boot utility or changing modes. I use game mode. I think it's what you ment. I don't see any difference between game mode or other modes regarding CPU utilization or temperature. I will have to play a bit more with it to see how memory speed between 2400-3200 is affecting temperature and if there is a "sweet spot". I understand the impact of it is not significant but if it's possible to gain something and still be ~50c or below it's good. BTW, I don't see too much effect of the Noctua CPU fans speed. I will try to stop them completely and see if temperature is affected but from what I could see having them at low or high RPM does not affect the CPU temperature too much.
  3. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I am not using dual boot for now. It sounds like a good option. How are you using it? Do you have two separate installations of Windows one regular and one optimized? I am using Fidelizer with max settings. It supposed to do similar optimizations as AO. Maybe it's not the same and it's worth trying AO. I did not see any issue using it for both Audio and other applications so far so I am not sure if dual boot is really necessary.
  4. Best CPU for hqplayer

    For me there is a noticeable and even significant difference in quality between XTR and -2s. Is it worth the cost of a $1800+ PC? This is a matter of budget and other investments already done. If the setup is very expensive and capable of taking advantage of it, it may worth the price. It has to be in proportion to the quality and cost of the complete system. I decided to invest in it both for audio and for other uses so the system is not idle when I am not listening to music. I think that if there are other uses t can justify the investment.
  5. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I am able to run at 3200 without issues. I will keep it for sometime until I understand if it's worth it or not. It does seems to affect temp much but I have to run a bit more to be sure.
  6. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I don't really need it for now. The extra heat as I see now is just 2-3c which is not significant. I do run the memory with higher voltage 1.35v instead of 1.2v and I don't know if this has any implications. I should probably not use it if not needed unless someone has new information in favor of it.
  7. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Does anyone know if it's recommended or beneficial to OC only memory from 2400Mhz to 3200Mhz keeping the CPU at base clock? My DDR4 is currently running at 2400Mhz and supports 3200Mhz. I wonder if I can gain anything from it. If 3200Mhz is not the optimal setting, is there a "sweet spot" frequency?
  8. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks for the valuable info! I actually see my CPU running at ~30% CPU with HQPlayer with boost disabled. Currently I don't see any benefit in the boost. I also ran other performance tests and there is no significant difference. I am sure I can play with it manually as suggested to tweak the performance just in the right balance between power and temp. I will play with it a bit to see what is the optimal settings.
  9. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks Miska. I didn't know about it. It does seem to affect CPU temperature significantly so I prefer not to use it if not needed. I will have to check more into it to better understand it. It may be that even with this option, it may be still fine even if temperatures can get to 60c+. It is mentioned that it is not recommended to exceed 68 on AMD Threadripper. CPU wise it seems to be better utilization but I am not sure it's good enough because of the temperature. I also wonder how this works if memory boost is not possible. Can I get 4.0GHz clock speed on CPU with 2400Mhz memory speed or does it require memory to support it as well?
  10. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I looked into the MSI x399 BIOS settings and found that OC is disabled and can be only set physically on the MB. I checked deeper and found there is an advanced setting "Core Performance Boost" set to auto. I disabled it. Now CPU frequency does not exceed 3.5GHz and temperature sits nicely at ~45c! ' I am also happy with it as CPU fans don't have to get to full speed which keeps everything dead silent. I am very pleased now. I thought the CPU is getting too hot. It turns out it overclocked itself as high as 4.0GHz. CPU is now working a bit harder moving from 30% to 70% and sometimes even to 90%+ but everything still works perfectly so I don't need to Core Boost for DSD512 XTR. Before CPU would not get higher than 30%. Quadman - Thanks for giving me the right hint where to look for. I am still surprised BIOS default setting is set like this even though OC is disabled. I will also run the video stress test again to see how CPU and heat performs now.
  11. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I am not sure how I can control the CPU frequency. As far as I know I use it on default set frequency (3.5GHz). Checking it using HWInfo may show I might be wrong. It does seems frequency is changing and even reaching ~4.0GHz. This may explain what I see. I will have to further check it to see if this is true and if I can control it. If this is the cause for the higher temps and if this can be resolved it will be great!
  12. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks for the link. I actually saw it and repeated the exact same test. It's downsizing a 4K 60fps video to 1080p 30fps. This works for about 10 mins loading CPU to almost 100% My CPU starts at idle time with a bit higher temp. They show 28c and I see 30-35c. As for temperature on load, I was close to what they show but not as high. It was most of the time between 50-55 with peaks to around 60c. Surprisingly this loads CPU to 100% and it has less effect on temperature than HQPlayer loading CPU only to 30%-40%. I am still not sure what HQP is doing to Threadripper CPU that cause the temperature to be ~55c with frequent peaks above 60c. I am also not sure if this is a problem with my cooling solution or not. If I compare it to the link above, it seems Threadripper gets hot but it's probably OK. I still need to see other HQPlayer comparisions or more details on expected temperatures to be sure if my cooling solution is good enough or not.
  13. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks. I hope someone will come with additional Threadripper temperature results for HQPlayer. I actually did a few more stress tests even loading CPU to 100% for sometime. It still looks like HQP is winning in raising the temperature. Everything else I tried did not get as high as HQP.
  14. Best CPU for hqplayer

    As far as I know the 7700K cannot do XTR but only XTR -2s. If this is the test for CPU usage and temperature it is not the same as doing XTR which is much more CPU intensive. Just to compare, I will try the Prime 95 CPU test to see what results I get.
  15. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I do have Noctua U14S. I got it after reading many good reviews. I agree it should be fine. I also added 3 additioanl Noctua NF-A14 case fans in addition to the two on the R5 case (top, bottom and front). All fans are PWM and work in smart mode. This means they are not running full power (1500RPM) but usually between 300-800. At this rate they cannot be heard. This did not affect the CPU temp (maybe very slightly). I also used the default smart configuration for the CPU fan. This was probably not optimal. I changed it for testing to always run at full speed (1500). It did improve the CPU temp I think by 3-5 degrees which I think is significant. The idle temp is ~30. It should be noted that at 1500RPM the fan is not completely silent but it is not heard if music is playing so it should still be good. With full fan speed and additional case fans (all smart mode) I get temps between ~52-62 avg about 55. It can also peak to above 62 but not too much. I also want to add that I see these temperatures only with HQP. If I run benchmark using CPU-Z which stresses the CPU I don't get close. It stay ~40-50. I think it's still a bit high. It would be great to see comparisions with other Threadripper users (either 1950x or 1920x) using HQP with same Noctua cooler or anything else.