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  1. For now I don't have DSD yet. I am using PCM 384HKz until I can have a good enough computer for DSD. Regarding Roon vs HQPlayer - It is interesting to know that Roon is close to HQPlayer. I can even get DSD512 from Foobar but I think I will still get a good computer and go with HQP. Unfortunately Roon may be a nice option but it it not cheap.
  2. I tested both PUC2 and ISO REGEN with HQPlayer. First, it is very clear that HQPlayer is the best way to upsample sound both for PCM and DSD. Both options sound great. PUC2 is more clear with crisp sound and bass less dominant. With ISO REGEN the it is also clear but bass is more dominant. I think both are equal and it's a matter of taste which one is better. It may be that upsampling to 384 vs. the 192 + AES closes the gap of clarity that PUC2 brings.
  3. I talked to Alex from UpTone. He told me to try ISO REGEN without anything else. I switched from PUC2 to ISO REGEN only and also started to use HQPlayer with optimal settings for PCM upsampling to 384KHz. This gives me great sound. I am still not sure if PUC2 with HQPlayer is better or not but I am currently pleased with the ISO REGEN only setup. I will check again the PUC2 but the advantage of using ISO REGEN only is that I now can upsample to 384KHz and it's not having the "muffled" sound as running together with PUC2.
  4. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks for the information Miska. From what I can see the 1800x is similar to 1700x so I don't think it's good enough. I still want to see if anyone can check the 1920x as it is probably the best cost/effective option if it works.
  5. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I found this thread with more information: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-holo-audio-cyan-dac-amp-pcm-or-dsd-module.861507/page-3 It seems the L3 cache and # of cores are important. It seems there is a proof that 1950x works even without CUDA offload and 6950x works with CUDA. It also says that the cheaper 1920x may work but there is no proof for it. Did anyone manage to do DSD512 XTR (the non 2s) on a 1920x without stuttering?
  6. Best CPU for hqplayer

    Thanks for the advice. I do see some forums mentioning that they could get XTR to work on 1700x or 1800x and not on 7700k but it's not definite. I still want to see if anyone tried the new 8700k and if it can play XTR flawlessly.
  7. Best CPU for hqplayer

    I am building a computer for HQPlayer and I wonder which is the best CPU (up to now) I should use. The options I look at are either intel 7th generation (6700k, 7700k), 8th generation (8700k) or 9th generation (x series). Is there a significant difference that makes any of them the best choice? I do want to maximize performance of up sampling to DSD512 with best modes (XTR) possible. It should be noted a good GPU will be in use as well (either GTX 1070 or 1080). BTW, if AMD has any competitive CPU that matches or even performs better it can be an option. I currently plan to go with 8700k but I am not sure if this is the right choice.
  8. I have to say I have it over 2 months and I tried using it with PUC2 lite and my T+A DAC8 DSD. Unfortunately the sound is best with PUC2 only and without the ISO REGEN. Sound without it iis clearer and highs are better. With ISO the lows are more dominant and may be a bit better but the highs and clarity is not as good. I gave it enough time to “burn” and it seems to stay the same. Currently I am not using it. Since PUC2 works only up to 192KHz + AES, I cannot use it for DSD which works USB only. For this the ISO may work better then USB only but currently I am not using DSD. For me at this point, it is a dissappointemt as I was sure it will improve the sound in a way I will like to use it. I hope nothing wrong with it as I heard some had issues. I have to add and I using it with TeraDak PSU and not the famous LPS-1. If this is why I am not liking it better, it’s means I have to spend much more than I wanted for the promised sound upgrade.
  9. T+a dac 8 dsd

    If I understand correctly, the T+A DAC8 DSD does not any external power for USB. The DAC works fine with just a simple cable between the DAC USB input and the computer USB so nothing else is needed.
  10. Schiit EITR

    @Abtr, can you describe which DC-blocker is installed and how you installed it. I am interesting in the BPS solution and if it works great including DC-Blocker I may go for it. In addition, are you using anything else on the USB chain? Does it help or is the Airlink briniging the most significant improvement?
  11. T+a dac 8 dsd

    I also tested all PCM filters and with my system and speakers which are very revealing and forward (Yamaha NS 1000M). Bezier 2 is definitely the best. It is slightly better than Bezier 1 but add a bit more clearness/crispness that for me makes a difference. I have now settled down on it and I don't change it anymore.
  12. After a couple of months playing with it, I am currently settled on PCM with PUC2 lite which gives me a fantastic sound, clear, transparent, balanced, with good lows, mids, highs, and everything seems to be in place. I did not go for DSD yet as I don't have the right HW to do upsampling. I also got a new ISO REGEN after reading so many good review about it. Unfortunately it does not seem to improve the SQ. Without PUC2 it may have a subtle improvements mainly on the lows. With the PUC2 is does not sound as good. The mids, highs are more veiled and not as clear and without it. It will be hear more experiences with T+A DAC and ISO REGEN.
  13. T+a dac 8 dsd

    Any update regarding the Linux (Amanero) DSD512 support?
  14. I am investigating how to improve the SQ from USB for my DAC8. Until now I have used a decent Chord USB cable, Jitterbug, ISO REGEN + USBPCB + TeraDak LPS, PUC2 lite + TeraDak LPS. So far my conclusion is that using a PUC2 lite with AES connection give the best sound. The only drawback is that it is limited to PCM 24/192. Sound quality is great, very clean, vert balanced with every instument in place. Using ISO REGEN or Jitterbug did not work for me. Jitterbug did not add or removed anything. ISO REGEN which is highly praised, sounds a bit better than USB only but it is not very significant as I expected. ISO REGEN + PUC2 lite is even more surprising. It is not as good as PUC2 alone. It emphasizes the lows but veils a bit the highs. It would nice to hear similar experiences and any recommendation for USB/DDC components that did significant improvement the T+A DAC SQ with USB. I am not looking for subtle improvements but ones that are significant, similar to what I get from PUC2 lite. Experience using Isolated/balanced power can be interesting as well.
  15. Schiit EITR

    Too many options... It will be good if anyone can compare BPS with/without iFi, EITR, ISO REGEN, Singxer or similar. If a good power solution like BPS gives enough improvement that makes everything subtle or even worse than it may be the right way to go.