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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for your reply. Everything is working like a charm now. Furthermore, with the extra information (hadn't thought about the transcoding) I now am listeling to my original Flacs instead of transcoded Mp3's. Everywhere the same beautiful music: You're my hero!
  2. Hello, following a fantastic article from your site i was able, through bubbleUpnp, to stream my music via Jriver to my chromecast audio device and play it. Now i bought a second chromecast audio for another room in oud house and also installed it so i can use it that way. Time for my question however: using the Google Home app i linked the two chromecast audio' s to be able to use them together (and of course in sync). With an app like Spotify this works like a charm. Although Jriver an JRemote recognize the linked chromecasts as a nee dnla-renderer and i can choose it as a device to stream my music to, nothing more happens....no music..using them seperately they both work however. I am trying this setup because using Jriver ability to link zones doesn't work, at least not in sync. Any thoughts on why my setup doesn't work would be appreciated.