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    Article: Should You Rent or Buy Audio Software?

    On paying for software https://seths.blog/2018/06/on-paying-for-software/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2Fsethsmainblog+(Seth's+Blog)
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    Article: Should You Rent or Buy Audio Software?

    I am going to add another class of software. You “purchase” the software for your use and it includes “updates” until the next “major” version is released. You are HAPPY. Then six months or nine months down the road the company says HEY DUDE we have a new version and it will be “$49” upgrade fee and you REALLY NEED it. So how can you be happy with our old and tired software you need the new version;TODAY!! I am not sure what to call this model but it is happening more and more in the photography world. I think it is a reaction to the costs of keeping software up to date and to keep or increase revenue. Maybe we call this subscription by proxy? —————— I Have a problem with Roon being called a software subscription. You are purchasing a database service that provides you information and the control of the flow of music data between your devices and over the network. Roon has a great database service and the software to run it is very good. Roon seems to be sliding sidways to hardware and trying to get into the home control world as it used to exist. I really do not see how control4, etc. helps them in the long run, but I may have a narrow view here. ——————— Apple, Amazon, Spotify, the rest of them are again not software but in general a subscription to deliver music from the internet. Some folks may even get paid in the process for their musical talents. Apple’s model is here is cool software that only works on our great hardware; please buy some of our hardware.. Amazon just wants to be in between every transaction you do so why not music.. Spotify is Napster for profit.... *** I am talking about Apple Music mostly but iTunes is a just a delivery tool. So is Airplay. ——————— Sonos and Bluesound do software to sell hardware. Both are scrambling for market share where more and more folks put earbuds on and stream from their devices/internet. NAIM and others are trying to bridge the HiFi world and the Smartphone world (So is Roon???). Again the Apple model of providing software to make their cool hardware work. I think that this class of hardware and software is going to get bigger if more people start to understand what “good sound” is. At least I hope it does for my use and for some of the folks I do consulting for. *** I really wonder how many multi-room synced streaming services the world needs *** ——————— It used to be that we glued things together with wires. Now we network things and glue them together with software. There is an adage that software is eating the world. IT might just be true. I am not sure that the actual distinction of how we “acquire and maintain” software is actually relevant. It may be emotional like the Adobe and Microsoft shift to subscriptions. It may be a marriage of systems, data, and hardware like Roon. We have to manage our expections and our “history” to understand where we are going. I think programmability of things is were we are today and that appears to be the trajectory of our music listening. There will be more software it will cost time and money to develop and deliver. Some how that bill has to be paid. ———— Finally I do know about LP’s, magnetic tape, etc. They are very very niche and their delta-v to broader use is hardly measureable compared to digital delivery on mobile devices.. ————— Now back to adjusting my turntable and listening to Roon stream a ripped CD from my server to my stereo.. Man this hobby is fun. Bob
  3. bobfa

    Article: Naim Uniti Atom Review

    Chris, I just re-watched your review and I am glad you did the video review it helped me understand even more your feelings on the Unity Atom. I ordered one last week from one of the vendors on Superphonica! In my house it has been very very hard to get other family members to play music on the main system. There is too much complexity there. Roon and a separate volume control just kills it. Also from the Darko review streaming from Soundcloud will be great using google cast. I purchased this for my second system to drive a pair of Neat Acoustics iota alphas! But I am going to break it in upstairs on a pair of B&W 804 Nautilus speakers. We will see. IF the Atom is not strong enough then I bet the Nova will be and maybe the YGGY/Ayre will just go away. Maybe the 804s will go and something else will be in the Living Room, maybe Aerial 6t or 5t?? Or the new iota Explorer! I have been using Roon for two years and I am at my pain/breakover point where I would write them the check for lifetime. It looks like the Naim app may fulfill the need. As I listen to my system more I have been finding that the lossy streams from some of the music services is really great. Kudos to the YGGY!. This system might be a reason to get a Google home mini or something to see if you can cast music from there? or will the Echo??? In talking with dealer I purchased the uint from he said to just use the NAIM power cord. Well that will be interesting Thanks again for the review.
  4. That is why I have a problem using words to describe what I hear. Edge is not a good word for what I hear, but it describes a “feeling” if that makes sense.
  5. I think that the Mytek DACs are very nice but there is an edge to them and they are a bit more forward. I think that they are a great value for the functionality. OF course I may be crazy,... The Yggy does not have that edge. It is deeper, darker, broader. My Chord Mojo has some of the same flavors??? I am a bit crazy with sounds that are edgy. Screen door slamming. A sneeze close by, sirens, some of the noises my cat makes. I have a little tinnitus and that stuff aggravates it.. I have made a lot of changes to my system over the last year or so. I will elaborate on that a bit more in some further posts. (I will create a new thread). I have been knocking edges off of the system for a long time.....
  6. So a bit further down the line. I have changed nothing in the system. I have kept the Yggy and I am pretty darn happy. I have been playing with getting alternative music sources into the system. Roon/Tidal are great but I would like to test some other services, etc.. I have a Sonos connect that I have hooked up to the DAC using coax. So now I can use Apple Music and other services. I can have the Amazon Echo play music on the main system with a voice command. The setup is manual and the volume control is manual but it works. Listening to the compressed audio streaming from some of the other services is more than fine using the Yggy as the DAC. I am working on a retrospective and a bunch of stuff for sale!!! I am sitting on the sidelines waiting for UpTone Audio to build a their ethernet switch. I want to see if the Sonos Connect wireless is making noise that I can hear in the system. And there is the matter of music in my office. The Mojo and the HD800 headphones are great but I bet I can make them sound better by cleaning the USB signal from the iMac.
  7. In several threads around the Hugo 2 (*** and the Dave) there have been folks driving speakers with the headphone amp in the Chord DAC. In the threads over on Head-fi a couple of members may be using them and here there has been mention in the long improving sound quality thread..... One of the speakers that is talked about is the Omega "SAM". Omega has a new speaker: https://omegaloudspeakers.com/collections/monitor-speakers/products/super-alnico-high-output-monitor?variant=32172424908 This is their new "Flagship" monitor. I wonder if anyone has tried this out or has listened to these speakers.??? I have been thinking about this for my office system. Right now I use a Mojo into headphones and was thinking of the Hugo 2 as a BIG upgrade and I found the direct speaker driving stuff. Inquiring minds,.....
  8. Svein, It is nice to see others working on these problems. I have modified what I am doing and have moved to a different system design. My system has been in great flux due to a couple of nice turns of fate. I have found; like many others removing the server from the local of the music system can have sonic advantages. Cleaning up the USB interfaces with something like the UpTone Audio ISOREGEN can be VERY helpful. Power supplies on some of the equipment can also make a difference. Good luck in your testing, learning, etc..
  9. Well it has been a couple more days. Yesterday I put my UpTone ISORegen into the system and powered it with the second rail of the JS-2. (go all the way, I say). The system has now been playing since Thursday afternoon so around 72 hours. I listened for about 2 hours this afternoon,, too hot to do much of anything else! The system again sounds better than I have heard it. The old ELP album "Tarkus". is much more dynamic and detailed. Allison Krauss and Robert Plant are even more amazing from Raising Sand, Killing the Blues really stands out. I listened to part of the Dvorak 7th Symphony from the Pillips CD by Neville Marriner and the Minnesota Orchestra "New World" (has 7th, 8th and 9th on Two CDs). The depth of the symphony is really great and the separation of the orchestra or the layers I would say are much better. I also sampled a few tracks from Ed Sheeran Divide and a couple from Hello by Adele and both of them are very different today that they have been before! That is BETTER different. The voices have better clarity everything is more distinct. Lastly I listen to parts of Traveler by Chris Stapleton from Tidal. The tracks are MQA and the first unfold is done by Roon. I did not go back and try non-MQA..... I have listened to this album on CD in an all Arye system with Aerial 7T's and I am pretty darn happy with what I heard today on my system. After today I want to make one change in Roon's settings and turn on the volume leveling if I can. I do not know what effect that will have but I might try it. Switching around today like I was required a lot of volume adjustments. I am Stil Happy! RJF
  10. I am still experimenting. I have completely rethought the system and changed the whole system. I have started a new thread:
  11. I have heard of some issues folks had with the Mojo. Mine has been fine so far. Everything with a battery is a problem in the longer run. Look at the Samsung and Apple phone issues over time. On the iPhone 8 and 10 you had better get the warranty as if you break the rear of the phone you basically buy a new one! I am a couple of days into my listening to the Yggdrasil and I will give it more time. Listening tests are really hard to do to be considered “blind”. I have to return the two loaner DACs so I will not be able to really keep that testing going. I have never read the site you linked to. I skimmed part of the thread and while there is some very interesting data in the measurements I am not sure that it is valuable to me. I have two weeks to test before I have to “buy” the DAC. I will take advantage of that to it’s fullest. Just like most other forums on the interent things tend to fall apart as the threads get longer. There never is really a conclusion or a “canon” of data archived to help us figure out what all the data means. I have read a couple of the SQ threads here that have lasted for almost a year and it is almost impossible to get any conclusions out them. The Schiit master thread on Head-fi is less illuminating; but it is very interesting to read what Jason has written about his company. He writes pretty well and as a small business owner I feel some of is pain. OH well back to work, listening later.
  12. A couple of folks talked about DSD and I just looked at my library I have 15 DSD albums and 48 hirez albums. I have 1265 and growing that are 16x44. I have had some fun playing with DSD but I do not have an investment in DSD at this point. The money that went into 48 hirez albums may not have been as well spent as possible. I have found some nice bargains in the used CD market. I use Roon and the Tidal integration is pretty great. I have been looking into Murfi Music as another source of music that I could own. I still want the physical media where possible as a backup but the question of physical media storage is an interesting one. Some of my music is used by my wife who is a teacher that she plays in the classroom as background.
  13. My Mojo is hooked up to my iMac and is in use today! For me it is a really good sounding DAC/AMP. I really like the Mojo and for my headphone listening it is darn good. I have thought about upgrading my headphone system to a Hugo 2 I was trying to “force fit” headphone listening into the main system in the Living Room and that just does not feel right now as I want to share music with the family. That is a big part of why I have the system in the first place.
  14. I have spent most of this year playing with my system trying to simplify and get it "right" (for me). I have been testing Amps, DACS, servers, power supplies, USB cleanup, cables, WHEW. Almost all of the changes I have made are at least different, sometimes good, sometimes yawn, and just a couple of ooooh NICE. 👍. One of the larger improvements has been the Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated amp. I have been fortunate to be able to test several DACS over the last year. The two Brooklyns, the CODEX, the Mojo, and a Meridian NADAC. The overall system design has been simplified with the Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 setup in the office/computer room as the Roon server. Nothing fancy on the network right now it just goes to my 24 port switch. In the music system I have simplified using the Sonore ultrarendu but I have it powered by an UpTone Audio JS-2. The UR is connected to the DAC and the network with short Transparent HP USB/Ethernet cables. (will see what UpTone does with Ethernet cleanup later. Note I have an ISOregen but it is not in the system right now, again more later! Yesterday my Yggdrasil DAC arrived and I pulled the loaner CODEX from the system and installed it. (sorry Schiit I did use a Transparent HP power cord). Of course I had to listen for a bit. And YEP it was different from the CODEX, it was "interesting". When my son got home from work today he listened for about 2 hours. (Yes it is not warmed up yet, let alone broken in). After about an hour we both declared that this DAC is better in my system than any DAC we have tried this year. One album just sounded wrong on on the Brooklyn DAC+, and not great on the CODEX is the new release from Joe Ford "Colours in Sound" (Tidal has it). After listening to the album my son declared that the Yggdrasil made the album sound RIGHT! Now this is just a short report and is not conclusive but : Schiit Happened to me and I am happy about it. RJF
  15. I have been testing the ST i5 both locally with USB to the DAC+ and a Codex. I also have been testing with the SM-200 Ultra and that beats the local USB. I have the SMS-200 powered by the JS-2. I still want to test running the ST i5 with a better power supply when it is not in the RAC. It is very hard to go back and forth between the computers because I have to move power supplies and the roon license. I am sure that if I tweak the MacMini it would improve the performance, but I am of the mind to just not do that. Managing the MacMini is more work than the STi5. So I am going narrow the testing to running the ST i5 in the computer room and have a render in stereo. There is more hardware in the “barn” to start testing with. I will be selling some of my spare gear!