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  1. jaspal kallar

    Miniature KEF LS50W, anyone? (Pics included!)

    Where did you see this? At half the price (and weight I guess) I could be very tempted
  2. jaspal kallar

    How to optimize $5k or should I wait...

    Firsty great system ! "Innuos MKII Std (USB) - hopefully some shake loose from MKIII/Statement upgraders" I don't have any experience myself with Innuos MKII Std but I've read that Innuos MKII and MKII SE sounds better by adding a USB device eg like the SOtM tX-USBultra USB. How much better I don't know. Personally for me I don't want to add USB extra boxes in conjunction with power supplies if I'd chosen the Innuos MKII Std (USB). I wish Innuos would give an option to upgrade the USB in the Innuos MKII Std (USB). It seems you have to go the the Statement for that.
  3. jaspal kallar

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    You can update the USB Card to the one in the Statement. It's mentioned in this video. But I thinks that's all.
  4. jaspal kallar

    Innuous Zen/ith Mk iii Range

    According to Nuno from Innuos in this video, the new dedicated USB card and clock on the Innuos Statement can be fitted as well on the Innuos SE and Innous Zenith models.
  5. jaspal kallar

    Innuous Zen/ith Mk iii Range

    That link doesn't mention any improvements with the USB output. I personally wouldn't want to add a device to clean up the USB output eg like the Sotm tX-USBultra which a few Zenith Mk II or Zenith SE users have done to good effect. It just adds to the cost.
  6. Thanks, deletion works. Now I can recommend Tonal to a few more people who are interested but wanted a deletion option first.
  7. jaspal kallar

    Small form- NUC and LPS

    That's good info about the fanless case. I have Nuc 7i3 and I put Roon ROCK on it. I was thinking of moving the NUC to a fanless case in the hope of better sound. I did replace the original power supply on the NUC 7i3 with a SBooster (19v) and heard a considerable difference.
  8. HI again 1. Thanks for the deletion feature, and so quickly :-) 2. I will PM to ask you how to do this since one such disc (that can not be verified with CUETools is ~ 600MB). 3. No, I'm fine with the 20 discs limit. It's just about 9 of my current discs are cd singles (which I don't want to listen to any more). Plus I can test your deletion function.
  9. Is there a limit of 20 discs for the current version? No worries if that is the limit, it's just I wanted to delete some discs, do you when deletion is likely to be implemented?
  10. Whilst importing a CD from my iTunes i.e hard drive, I get an error: Step 2 of 3 Verifying Disc Veryfing disc via CUETools Dialog box with: Some discs upload failed Disc could not be verified The CD I was uploading was (ripped to my Itunes account using XLD with AccurateRip): Tittle: Robyn Is Here Artist: Robyn Any idea why verifying with CUETools always fails whilst from AccurateRip it’s not a problem, since this has occurred with several CD's?
  11. jaspal kallar

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    There is a setting for a Sharepoint, was does this do?
  12. Will it be possible to output the audio to a UPnP NAA (eg SoTM sMS-200.Microrendu) much like Audirvana Plus does?
  13. I presume it can play back AIFF files (among others), however ripping only supports FLAC & WAV. Is that correct?