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  1. I bought a $5 toslink to 3.5mm adapter and enabled the ALC233 digital device in roon... And tried to play a track... Nothing.... No sound...so I then spent the next 15mins trying to get the adapter back off my audioquest forest toslink cable and eventually had to mangle the adapter with a pair of pliers just get it off So I don't know if audioquests toslink connection is slightly different and requires the audioquest mini adapter...it didn't slide on at all and had to be forced on and was nearly impossible to get back off... So I don't know if the issue was my adapter I bought or if the Toslink on the NUC with AL simply doesn't work... Still not 100% conclusiveπŸ€”
  2. Fantastic! Good find πŸ‘.... Also from reading that I just realised that the Toslink output is the 3.5mm socket on the rear not the front... This whole time I was thinking that it was the front 3.5mm socket. For a moment there I was thinking that the newton JC didn't have a cut out for the rear 3.5mm socket but it does...
  3. Awesome πŸ‘ thanks 😊
  4. Ok I have now got toslink working with Roys trick of using an hdmi audio extractor... I am powering it via a usb port on my NUC... The sound is still very good as Roy said... it has lost a bit of resolution but it has gained a bit of low end weight and extension and is sounding a lot less thin. With on board audio turned on in the bios there is now an Intel pch ALC233 digital device located.... Surely this is the NUC toslink output?? I don't have a toslink 3.5mm adapter to try it but does anyone know if that is what the ALC233 definitely is?? If I can get that working I can return my hdmi extractor and have one less device in the chain
  5. Excellent! Thank youπŸ‘. That was indeed the post I was looking for.... But not the news I wanted to read πŸ˜…
  6. Has anyone managed to get the toslink output working on the NUC/AL combo? I remember reading that Roy got it working and I am searching for the post but can't find it.... It's buried somewhere in the novel way thread... I can't actually remember now if he got the toslink on the nuc board working or if he used a usb to toslink adapter or something... If anyone can remember the post or has some experience that would be great πŸ˜πŸ‘
  7. "RoonBridge generates and writes out a unique id into its data directory on first run and uses that to identify itself to RoonServer. Clear out /var/roon on the second device (or hunt down and delete the RAATServer/Settings/unique_id file) and it will generate itself a new one next time it starts up." I deleted /var/roon/RAATServer/Settings/unique_id and rebooted. I had to log in as root." This is a quote from the novel way thread. I used the "rm" command to delete the roon id file. But I don't know if that is the answer to your problem or not... But it solved my issue with my roon endpoint not recognised when using headless on server and endpoint
  8. Yeah, I lost my literary way there πŸ˜‚ Perhaps I should have said "heart of where the sound is recreated" πŸ‘
  9. I don't think that's heretical πŸ˜…. I totally agree with you. I see the dac as an incredibly high precision instrument that is the heart of where the music is made πŸ‘... Because it is so high precision its performance will be decided to some degree by the signal that it is fed. A high quality, low noise, precision timed electrical signal going into a dac makes for a better performing dac. I think we are on the same page... 😁
  10. Interesting, I didn't know about the extra filtering on the Hugo 2 usb. Unfortunately, the Hugo 2, for me, is well outside my budget. Here in Australia it is AU$3,700... For sure I would get one if I could. For now I will have to be content with spending smaller amounts on other improvements... My pennies are being saved for the EtherRegen and hopefully it will fall within my affordable range πŸ˜…
  11. Of course there are better dacs than a mojo but I would rather spend my money to improve things upstream because that is where I believe the more significant bottle necks are. @austinpop may have an opinion about the relative benefits of improving the dac vs improving everything before the dac?? He has had a lot of recent experience with doing exactly that, so he may be able to chime in here.
  12. The thing that surprised me when I removed the ssd was how much better the bass was. I was expecting perhaps slightly less treble glare. Glare was reduced significantly but everything was better across the entire frequency range. More space in the midrange and better control of every aspect of the presentation. Individual sounds are less blended together and minor details are heard far more easily
  13. Yes my NUC7CJYH (roon bridge) is connected directly to my chord mojo by a curious usb with JSSG 360. I find it hard to put a number on it and I'm sure everyones system is different. However, from my experience with roon I would say that ignoring everything before the end point is a big mistake, your system will be hamstrung. I have made many changes before my endpoint and each one has been audible. Good Ethernet cables are essential and good power supplies are essential. I also have every device and power supply on my network treated with vibration isolation on the top and bottom of each chassis, over an entire system the difference is very significant. Things might change when the EtherRegen is released and perhaps the system before the EtherRegen won't matter as much or even at all. But as my system is right now, every part of it contributes to the sound (even the router and how it is powered). So in my case, my roon server matters a lot and can contribute significantly to the sound πŸ”Š πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  14. Yes, it was an m.2 interface and was still plugged onto the board. It would obviously show up in the bios but not as a mounted drive in AL
  15. I am only using tidal streaming for now until I figure out how to get some of my favourite music that isn't on tidal somewhere on my network that isn't going to have have a negative impact.... I am thinking of trying to put a small number of tracks on a usb stick plugged into my router... My previous experience of that with a hdd wasn't good though... It seemed to slow the router down and had a negative impact on sq... I may have to add a NAS but I didn't want to put a smps on the network and I've run out of lpsu's πŸ˜‚