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  1. My wife is a vet and I asked her about this... Apparently it used to be a widely held belief (she was originally taught this at university as well) that all gingers were male and for whatever reason it isn't true.... However, it is far more likely for them to be male... In Australia, where we live, she reckons female gingers are becoming far more common and (at a guess) about 30% of gingers she treats are now female... Sorry for the poor explanation - she said something about DNA mapping and that all tortoise shell cats were a particular gender 🤔 but I can't remember which... My ultraCAT 😁lps1 is still going fine and I would love to order the 1.2 and Iso - hopefully I will be able to afford it towards the end of the year. Thanks for the fantastic products and service Alex and John 👍
  2. The Paul Hynes SR7

    Thanks for the suggestion @ElviaCaprice. I would love to add an sCLK-EX one day. I would probably do what @austinpop has done and get the sCLK-EX in the tx-usbultra and replace the clocks in the sms200 and a switch. Unfortunately that won't be financially possible for some time. So I am looking at some more affordable upgrades for the time being. I notice that you are using your 2Qute direct to speakers. I am using a mojo. I do recall rob watts saying that the mojo is also capable of directly powering efficient horn speakers, however my speakers are Yamaha B750's and their quoted sensitivity on the specs is 87db. I'm assuming that these are not sensitive enough?? Do you notice much distortion if you push the 2Qute to higher levels?
  3. The Paul Hynes SR7

    Thanks for the review @Johnseye. I also have the sms200 (non ultra) and I agree completely with your assessment. There is something slightly harsh about the sound and perhaps a bit thin. But I love the resolution and depth. I have been considering putting an Iso regen after the sms200 in order to reduce the harshness but after reading your comments I am somewhat reluctant because I don't want to lose any air or depth. Is it possible that the loss of air or depth with the IR after the sms200 is due to the LPS1 powering the IR and it is slightly masking the SR7 powering the sms200??? In my system I have the LPS1 powering the sms200 and roon core on a sonicTransporter. The sonicTransporter is still running on the stock SMPS...I know this is a difficult question, but in your experience with power supplies and the sms200, what would yield the greater benefit to my system: A. Upgrading the power supply on my sonicTransporter (perhaps sps500 - I can't afford SR7) B. Adding an LPS1 powered iso regen after the sms200 Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Brendan
  4. Ok then, I will wait patiently . Audioquest does make a USB type B to micro B hard adapter that I might have to get as a temporary fix to use with the USPCB ....however, I assume it would degrade some of the goodness of the USPCB???
  5. Also @Superdad, Unfortunately I just remembered that the charge port on the mojo is very close to the USB input. I hope there will be enough room to have the mojo plugged in to the USPCB and charging at the same time???
  6. G'day Alex Are the USPCB micro B adapters going to be available in the next few weeks?? Or month . I'm hoping to have the funds to order an iso regen soon to go between my sms200 and chord mojo. I am considering getting 2 USPCB's (hopefully one of them micro B)...I am also trying to figure out the spacial gymnastics of getting the USPCB's to have the correct orientation so that the mojo is facing upwards after everything is connected. This isn't helped by the fact that the sms200 has a vertical connector (usb A) in the opposite orientation to what I thought was standard - but maybe there is no standard. The larger gap in the USB A port is on the right when looking at the back of the sms200. Will the micro B USPCB have the micro B oriented with the wider flat side facing up? Thanks Brendan
  7. SMPS and grounding

    Ok, I am powering the LPS1 with the meanwell smps and I have now grounded the output of the meanwell. I think that this last shunt has made a bigger impact than all the others. All of these shunts have combined to make an enormous difference. Thanks again John!!! Once again, this is the biggest bang for buck mod I have ever made. I'm absolutely astounded with the results. I guess I had a lot to gain with all SMPS in my system though.
  8. SMPS and grounding

    ok. thanks for the tip. I didn't know these existed
  9. SMPS and grounding

    ok thanks john. looks like I have some more adapters to make
  10. SMPS and grounding

    😀no worries. Sorry for the confusion. I made 2 "Swenson" grounding adapters. I put 1 between the 12v dc input smps on my router/modem. I put the other one on the 12v smps input on my sonicTransporter (roon core). I did this instead of purchasing the netgear switch John suggested so I could continue to use my 5v dlink switch running on battery. The other improvement was to remove my ethernet connection with my desktop computer and use WiFi instead. This means I no longer have a device on the network powered by a smps where the - dc output isn't grounded. All these tweaks added up to a significant improvement in sq 😁😀👍 Ps... The lps1 powered sms200 is also attached to the dlink 5v switch - but I didn't attach a grounding adapter here because if I read john's post correctly it would be of no benefit
  11. SMPS and grounding

    Thanks heaps @JohnSwensonfor this fantastic mod!! In my particular system it has had an enormous impact. I had several devices on my network that were powered by smps. I removed the ethernet cable running from my router to my desktop pc and used WiFi instead. I then made two of your adapters, one for my router and one for my sonicTransporter (standard smps) and kept using a 5v phone charger battery pack for my dlink switch between my lps1 powered sms200 and sonicTransporter. All up this has made a huge difference. More natural vocals, much better depth perception, increase in bass speed/tightness. For me, it's made the biggest impact for the least amount of money spent 😁. Thanks again. 👍
  12. SMPS and grounding

    Yeah I got the exact same ones from jaycar here in Australia and the screw terminals seem to give up easily if over tightened. I jamed the copper in and used heat shrink to hold it all together.
  13. SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Ok, I have copied the 3.6 image to a new sd card and booted it up and I have listened to 3 songs with no pops or clicks...Also, I feel like the sound is smoother - less rough and perhaps even more relaxed. Once again the sound quality with the sms-200 is absolutely exceptional....I will wait for a few weeks of listening and hopefully my pops and clicks don't return
  14. SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    @MayfromSOtM Unfortunately my problems have continued. I seem to get pops and clicks during playback. (my dac is a chord mojo running on battery). I tried to update from 3.5 to 3.6 and after the update the sms-200 would not reboot...so I copied the 3.5 image back to the sd card and tried again and the same thing happened, so I then downloaded the 3.6 image and copied that and then did the update to 3.7..Everything was working fine for about 2 or 3 days and then I couldn't see the sms-200 in roon and I couldn't load the sms-200 web page (the activity light was completely inactive). so I pressed the reset button however now I get pops and clicks during playback - I have noticed this previously however I was thinking it was a cable issue, but when I have a fresh image copied to the sd card I don't have any pops and clicks. I have tried altering the buffer duration in the roon settings (within the suggested parameters), but I still get pops and clicks. I am currently on 3.7. I am going to try copying the 3.6 image to a new 64Gb sandisk and see what happens. I didn't seem to have any of the issues until version 3.5 - previous versions seemed to be stable for me...I am wondering if my issues are due to my chord mojo. Being battery powered I tend to turn it on and off with each listening session. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks