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    AKG 612/712 PRO, but what else?

    Isn't that sound card an amp as well? Bit confused here. Because if I have only an amp, where does the sound come from? My on-board sound card, or the main processor? Ramii: I don't play that much anymore, I want it for music. Sure, nice sound in games would be nice, but music is the top. And specifically for headphones. Not a fan of speakers. The GSX 1000 looks epic, though.
  2. My trip through headphones and speakers was very diverse, but I finally reached the top floors and found out I am completely lost. As the title suggests, I am about to buy one of the AKGs (most likely 712) and it would seem they lie in a territory that cannot be run from basic on-board sound card. Currently there is an MSI B150 GAMING M3 motherboard with an on-board Realtek ALC1150 sitting in my case. According to many articles and forums, on-board sound cards are better and better. ALC1150 seems to be satisfying for normal use. However, it would seem it is not powerful enough to run the 712 PRO. Not enough anything. Under perfect circumstances: 115dB 40 Hz – 15 kHz,dB +0.02, -0.07 THD 0.0043 I might be new to the higher part of audio technology, but I can tell that the picked headphones would be pointless to connect to such card. Frequency 10Hz - 39.8kHz, max input 200mW, impedance 62 ohmu, sensitivity 105dB SPL/V, jack 3.5mm, cable lenght 3 m Do I go for an external sound card like Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround HD, something internal? Do I need additional amp, or will the card manage to run the 712s on its own? Asking like this always annoys the hell out of me, makes me feel like my brain failed. However, here ti comes: I would really appreciate help from the skilled and more knowledgeable. Could some good soul offer advice?