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  1. Hi Pompon, If you want to test your sub, play the track "Regular Pleasure" from the album "Verse" from Patricia Barber. The bass drum on that track is a big test for a Sub to play it "musically". Not all the Sub can play accurately and musically that punch. The beauty with Parasound A21 is that the frist approximate 10 Watts are in pure class A, so for the Tweeter and upper mid it is almost always in Class A. Of course the downside is that idle state consume some energy. Concerning mini xlr, you can buy those from the company "Laird". The model I have is: SD TA3F, 7 foot and SD TA3F 5 foot, well build and good price. On the Exasound site, you can see a review from Kal Rubinson here: https://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-85-nimitra-exasound-baetis-roon Go to that link to see the main improvements from the Exasound new DAC, using the Sabre 9028. https://www.audiostream.com/content/exasound-audio-design-e32-dac Pierre
  2. Hi pompon, Very nice setup that you have ! I forgot to mention that my lower and is done with 2 JLAudio F112, amazing subwoofer. My 3 other channels are powered with Parasound Halo A21. Again, you have a fantastic setup. Pierre
  3. Hi pompon, You mean you measure with 1248 and you play with the e28, right ? We almost have the same equipment. I use the HDPlex 100W to supply the e38. For the speakers, I use the top sectin of the Linkwitz speakers (open baffle), fantastic sound and image. Cheers,
  4. Hi, I use the Motu 828x for the ADC and the Exasound e38 for the DAC. I use Acourate for the FIR. Exasound e38 is a fantastic DAC with very good support. Cheers, Pierre
  5. Hi Gerrit, I don't have any other MCH DAC for sale, good luck !
  6. Hi Gerrit, My unit has been sold in December, thanks.
  7. What Multi Channel DAC?

    Yes, I did. The e28 is a very precise and revealing unit. The e38 is even more I think. I am very happy with the unit and and also very happy with the support that George gives.
  8. Hi all, Reducing the e28 to $1949 ! Christmas Special. Original value was $3849.
  9. Hi, could you Larry send my reply to andrzej68 please, I can not send pm, because I don't have enough post in CA. Thanks, Jazzhd
  10. Hi andrzej68, Just wondering if you are still looking for an Exasound e28 ? I have an ad about that model, with mini XLR and also, Femto Clock (82fs) for sale. Regards,
  11. Price is now reduced to $2269 as a firm price.
  12. What Multi Channel DAC?

    Hi Mark, I have used the MOTU 828x for the measurement. Are you interrested in the e28 ?
  13. What Multi Channel DAC?

    Just to share some informations regarding mch DAC. I am using the Exasound e28 MK II Femto clock (that is for sale right now, an ad has been created recently in CA). I use that in a 4 Way Stereo system, with FIR built with Acourate. Sound is simply fantastic. The support with the company is also very good, George always reply quickly to our questions. Why do I sell, I wanted to go for the e38. jmdesignz2: have you bought your mch DAC yet ?
  14. Price is reduced to $2849US. Output is Mini XLR. So to connect to Standard XLR, you will need adaptor from Mini XLR to Std XLR.