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  1. SMPS and grounding

    I modified a meanwell to internalise the 'grounding' wire, it did not operate as well as my external ground wired meanwell. I concluded (without any technical knowledge) that the internal wire was picking up other artefacts which detracted from the grounding effect.
  2. SMPS and grounding

    Hi Em2016 My system mirrors yours, IsoRegen/LPS-1 into Chord Hugo. I grounded the IsoRegens usb output and found it to be helpful, however, once i added a ground to the meanwells dc output sq took a backwards step. In my system, the best outcome was achieved by forgoing the IsoRegen ground and adopting the meanwell ground alone.
  3. SMPS and grounding

    Hi, I have implemented the John S ground tweak to good effect, on the meanwell feeding the LPS-1 for my isoRegen ( by connecting a cable to the earth pin in an otherwise empty mains plug directly to the barrel of the output cable) -very pleased with the outcome. However, in order to 'clear up the spaghetti' I opened up a spare meanwell and soldered a short cable between the unused earth pin and the DC negative output connection. I am somewhat con/be mused that this approach seems to effect a slightly different outcome. Not necessarily better or worse , but 'tonally' different. Am i missing something? Any comments gratefully received.
  4. Possibly counter intuitive, but i would remove the JS2 feed to the LPS1/IsoRegen and use its meanwell.
  5. Sonore ultraRendu

    Great review- how about an ultraRendu/UltraCap LPS-1 'package' in celebration?! That would be helpful, particularly for overseas buyers (U.K.) in terms of carriage etc.....
  6. Hi, i am not sure if my experience is relevant, but in my Mac mini - Iso Regen/LPs1 - Chord Hugo set up, any interruption in the chain causes the Hugo to be not recognised by the Mac. Not a scenario i experienced with the amber regen. I have tried re- powering the Iso and or the hugo and eventually having to re-start the mac. I have found that i can bypass that process by switching the 'Iso' switch off and on again once the hugo is recognised......ymmv
  7. Upgrade Hierarchy

    Hi again ReGeneers, Following Johns advice I have ordered an ISO/LPS-1 package, which i am eagerly awaiting (ordered from the July batch which has been delayed). This gives me plenty of time to ponder the next step....I have been evaluating Roon against Audivarna 3+ both of which would allow me to introduce an Ultra or Micro Rendu. So, MMK/JS2 or Rendu/LPS-1. Any comments gratefully received. P.S. currently favour Audirvana +,based solely on sound output.
  8. My abject apologies- i have just unplugged my 'short curious' and confirmed it is a micro not a mini. I had just read the What Hi Fi review of the Hugo 2 which mistakenly refers to the mini connecter, which is what prompted me to comment....
  9. I am a chord Hugo user, the input is a mini usb not a micro usb. The adapter required to connect the USPCB from iso directly to Dac therefore should be usb B female to usb Mini male
  10. Hi Jay Tee, thanks for your review as i am trying to decide on my upgrade path...i admire your patience in applying each step in turn. It does occur to me that powering the Lps1 from the JS2 (previously lowering the amber regen) would have been the logical starting point.Is there a reason for introducing the meanwell? Also, what is the next step, uspcb or iso. I am intrigued.
  11. Hi UpToners, Following the launch of the Iso, i am conflicted about the next step in my upgrade journey.... My current system is ;- Mac mini - curious cable- amber regen - curious cable - chord hugo - naim amplification. I have been saving to acquire the MMK with a JS2 ( to power both Mac mini and regen), which does appeal to me as it 'kills two birds with one stone', and does not add to the box/unit/wart count.However, i would not want to stump up for the JS2 if the subsequent acquisition of an Iso regen requires the LPS for best effect ( thus making the second output redundant)..... Any thoughts would be appreciated
  12. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Agreed, but how do Qobuz check your subscription?
  13. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    p.s. a warning to potential Qobuz 'free trialists'- i followed the links from Audirvana for the free trial, subsequently signed in (providing my payment details) and was charged the subscription immediately. I noticed this charge within two days and contacted support to cancel the subscription and request a refund- they refused on the basis that i had previously had a free trial within the last six months. This restriction is not documented anywhere and it was not challenged at 'sign up'.....very poor customer service.
  14. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Perhaps a check needed for Qobuz/Tidal subscriptions, which are embedded in V3.