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  1. Frojo

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Thanks, it worked,,, mark
  2. Frojo

    Sonore ultraRendu

    I have just updated my mac mini with the latest iTunes package (which maybe coincidental) but now cannot get audirvana to see my UltraRendu.... I have re-booted everything numerous times, in different order yet still stuck with 'built in output'. Very frustrated, any guidance gratefully received.
  3. Frojo

    The Paul Hynes SR4 PSU

    I would love to have an SR4 to compare, but i had to choose one or the other..... There is a comparison somewhere on CA where the poster (if my memory serves) preferred the LPS1.2 and ended up powering it with the SR4. I was not completely satisfied initially but found that a little cable tweaking bought together all the elements i was seeking.
  4. Frojo

    The Paul Hynes SR4 PSU

    I am running my Qutest with an LPS 1.2 , it is a noticeable improvement on its supplied smps. Ghent DC cable and sleeving with JSG was a further marginal improvement. Which cable are you using with the SR4?
  5. Absolutely right- i mis read his question /your response- sorry for that. Don't know how to 'do' diagrams- hopefully a description would make sense... UltraRendu/LPS1.2/UA smps- IsoRegen/LPS1.2/UA smps- Chord Qutest/LPS1/UA smps. All three dc cables are Ghent DC01 with additional copper sleeve with JSG wire.The IsoRegen is uspcb'ed into the Qutest.The three UA smps's are the only items on a power strip fed from a house ring main. The amplification is fed from its own mains feed and earth. Am i inadvertently defeating GI, through the earthing? I meant swapping the LPS1 with an LPS1.2
  6. Hi Alex, i am confused! I posted in this thread recently, asking about replacing the smps's feeding my LPS 1.2 (x2) and LPS 1 . You graciously provided voltage/amperage requirements , but went on to assert that it would not be of any benefit ( however dirty the feed supply was). This seems at odds with the statement above. I have three UA smps's on their own mains feed separated from my amplification feed. I have found that it was beneficial to 'un-earth' two of the smps's ( or put it another way- only to have one smps's grounded) Again , this seems to be at odds with the smps's having no effect. Would another LPS 1.2 , increase isolation and mitigate these effects? I am hoping to have enough funds to replace the LPS 1 , once I can find a buyer for it and a spare Regen ( Uk buyers - mail me 😬) Regards mark
  7. Thanks Alex, Apologies for wrongly attributing the new UA smps to meanwell. Your explanation does help a lot. I am averse to cable clutter,and space limited, therefore three smps in close proximity to each other with attendant power in/out cables is a challenge. I have recently 'JSSG'ed the three dc ghent cables to great effect and found myself wondering whether similar gains could be reaped by replacing the dc out cables from the smps's (or by removing them altogether by introducing an LPS). thanks again mark
  8. Hi All, I am using two Lps1.2's and one Lps1.0, each with the 'new' UA meanwell. I would like to remove the smps's and replace them with a single Lps. Could this 'triple' connection arrangement be disadvantageous in any circumstance and what current/wattage capacity would be required for the single LPS? Any advice/ insight would be gratefully received.
  9. Download the A+ remote app?
  10. Frojo

    The Paul Hynes SR4 PSU

    Which PS were you using prior to the SR4?
  11. Frojo

    The Paul Hynes SR4 PSU

    Thanks Paul, Glad I asked - having seen the pictures, i had assumed it was larger! Also, the 'Black Chassis' would be a perfect match for my existing kit. regards frojo
  12. Frojo

    The Paul Hynes SR4 PSU

    Please could Paul (or anyone else) post the SR4 dimensions. thanks
  13. The LPS 1.2 will not provide enough current to power the MMK, unless i am mistaken (1.1A vs 5A )
  14. Frojo

    Sonore ultraRendu

    I am running an UltraRendu -> curious cable->isoRegen -> curious link cable into a Chord Hugo. I found that switching my curious link to the USPCB was a subtle, all-round improvement.
  15. Frojo

    USPCB A-> Micro B

    Thanks Mozes, I am using a curious 'link' at the moment, but have just tried the Chord Qutest with the USPCB therefore would like to be able to discount the cable effects in my comparison.