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  1. I suspect the cable is generating gauge particles with a rapid decay, thereby creating mass over short distances by interacting with the Higgs mechanism in your DAC
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    Civility and its educated despisers...

    check this one out instead:
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    losing my mind!

    it appears you have been browsing forum posts - always a dangerous idea w/o knowing exactly what the internal circuitry of the 206 does, it is impossible to determine if USB or network (Ethernet) would be better - I might bet on Ethernet tho as it appears likely that EMF noise can be carried along on the USB wires to the DAC (opto-isolators solve that problem, but may or may not be built into the 205). Schiit makes the Eitr ot solve this problem and others make similar devices. you will have to actually listen!! but if you are already using the SOTm / -rendu items, there should be no problem Buy a better DAC; buy better speakers; do some room tmts.; search out better masterings; or just knock down some Langevuliin while listening
  4. that reminds me to post this:
  5. are you measuring the volume with a volt meter at the speaker terminals? you mentioned a mic, but try the above
  6. It will get cheaper - esp. after BMW gets rolling with their CF manf. facility near the big electricity generating dams in WA state. DACs should be cheaper than they are too...
  7. A mix of Ti and CF is best for optimum performance. BTW, that is Ms. Steinem's partner in founding Ms. magazine, and an activist in her own right.
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    Measurements & Sound Quality

    I mostly agree, I'll claim that going into a shop and comparing different products is just another cut to winnow the herd (following reading reviews, and/or feature/spec. comparisons). I make the final decision in my own listening room with my other gear. A local shop lost a speaker sale to me last year when he told me there was no in-home trial. I appreciate his financial situation vis-a-vis that, but I'm not interested in subsidizing him - I'd rather subsidize the hard-working barista at the coffee shop.
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    Country & Western

    Best Western ever made!
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    Civility and its educated despisers...

    now should I post a very interesting frog pic?
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    Civility and its educated despisers...

    nom-de-garrulous ??
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    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    not all opamps have HUGE amounts of feedback besides, you are conflating global vs. local feedback - you know better than that
  13. my suggestion is to bold experience in the OP and to remind you that 3 hours ago, your own post dipped into opinion, did it not?
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    Civility and its educated despisers...

    not MQA, but... https://www.researchgate.net/publication/6921628_When_males_whistle_at_females_Complex_FM_acoustic_signals_in_cockroaches