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  1. MQA is Vaporware

    Tidal sucks - they use Class D amps!!
  2. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    but most signals would not cross those, right(?) OTOH, wouldn't a USB signal normally cross from the origin to the DAC clock?
  3. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Does most hifi equipment have a single clock domain or > 1?
  4. MQA is Vaporware

    Don't the TOS require disclosure of commercial interests?
  5. thx mansr and BTW - OP, if you find good versions of Led Zep albums, please post so we can get them too
  6. Apple Lossless is not AAC - Apple Lossless is - as they say - lossless; AAC is lossy. Apple Lossless should be indistinguishable from FLAC. OTOH, mp3, much less mp4 (aka AAC) can be indistinguishable too, depending...
  7. Tim Cook on Mac Mini

    Lenovo & hp won't run Hi Sahara
  8. Understanding USB

    it's better to believe than to test
  9. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    the real problem isn't so much that a test cannot be done; it is that tests are not being done I'd still like an answer to the minimum buffer size needed (despite my appreciation for the humor). Assume files are spread all over a single HDD, but do not have sectors stored near neutron stars, etc. Estimates are fine.
  10. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Do you agree with mansr's buffer size criteria? He gave a very small size...
  11. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    why doesn't a buffer cure any of those problems?
  12. RMAF 2017 Reader Reports

    to avoid the ky-bosh, why not discuss how Class-D amps are being infiltrated by the alt-right
  13. Understanding USB

    if so, then what accounts for the large number of (informal listening sessions / not real tests) where people greatly prefer DACs like the Chord Dave, etc. ? Is it the analog stage(s) or is it all conf. bias?
  14. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    whatever you do, do NOT buy a Lafer chair - total junk (covered with leather)
  15. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Let's declare a phatwa on "Class D sucks"