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  1. MQA is Vaporware

    it's amazing really - they must be well paid
  2. Finally bought a new DAC, ND8006

    I suspect that oxytocin is NOT involved here...
  3. You Think Audio Is Expensive?

    yeh, here he is on his racing bike:
  4. you know sandman, "many, many members have heard the difference between" decent people and yourself
  5. do you have to call people "smart ass" ??
  6. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    The small boutique company is more likely t go out of business, leaving the consumer with no repair options down the road. I like high quality companies that have a track record and take care of their customers.
  7. You Think Audio Is Expensive?

    Well... well-heeled amateurs are often seen with very high end photo gear; and super high res is often employed solely on computer screens where little advantage can be seen (except for cropping). Leather straps are the quantum dots of the photo world. Manfs. are moving to high-end items as smartphones and small sensor bodies are killing off the big dinosaurs - low unit volume begats high unit prices. The new Nikon D850 (full frame) killed the older Hassy digital backs, so Hassy moved even higher up market to try and save themselves. Leica still makes bodies, but has increasingly Zeissed itself into lens partnerships (with Panasonic m43 system lenses - I have one and it is most excellent). Zeiss partners with Sony (my nice RX100 pocket camera has a great Zeiss 2.8 lens on it). Lens quality is still critical for things like bokeh, sealing against moisture & dust, coatings to reduce diffraction (esp. from sun rays just outside the photo, causing flare), and reliability. OTOH, there is interest in old designs with particular "euphonic" distortion characteristics.... or should I say "euoptic"? The only drawback to smaller sensors for most people is... lack of DR (sound familiar?). I sold my full frame Nikon body and may buy another but many people have just moved to m43 totally, using exposure stacking for the high DR landscape shots. A small, light camera outfit avoids a lot of "I wish I'd brought my camera!" problems. Portable HiFi anyone?
  8. very important questions; I edited out the Brit spellings and shortened some sentences for more impact... emphasis added to highlight the usual suspects
  9. You Think Audio Is Expensive?

    Lots of similarities. let's say you are on your way to becoming a famous Director but have no money for a fancy dolly system...
  10. Why does consumer audio SUCK?

    Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class see also the rich anthropological literature on the Potlatch culture of PNW Indian tribes (the goal of each chief ws to throw a huge party for another chief to embarrass him with rich foods and gifts, show the superiority of the host's domain)
  11. You Think Audio Is Expensive?

    Class D cameras SUCK.
  12. not for the stereo equipment run the computer off a UPS so you won't lose your work - or do you mean an audio only computer? if the latter, I say no if a storm is near, unplug everything otherwise, carry insurance - worst case, you pay the deductible and "upgrade"
  13. MQA is Vaporware

    Exactly what it says - it is a server farm where they store recordings...
  14. Audio Blind Testing

    I glean that he is like GUTB