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  1. How about a Croc gumbo? Just sub that for alligator - and if a Cajun can wrestle an alligator then surely an Australian can wrestle a slat-water croc
  2. see if you can get @jabbr to do it - he has some optical stuff & a line on a linear low noise IC power supply regulator chip that he may have found in a hospital somewhere
  3. I'll be glad to send you a possum recipe if you want to have a shot at it
  4. Not that I know of. Maybe time to start thinking like a guy that owns an old sports car and accumulate a stash of Apple TV3's or whatever unit you think has better SQ.
  5. Were you guys buying the BNC's from the manf. or a distributor?
  6. Ralf11

    MQA is Vaporware

    Journalists would be humiliated.
  7. Ralf11

    Circuit Boards

    I was thinking of you by adding the A. It's really pretty fugly, isn't it. But will that affect SQ? Use Ag for geometry effects on analog.
  8. You could make one from a recipe and taste it. Any non-local ingredients are shippable.
  9. Ralf11

    Anybody here Ever heard of this stuff?

    somebody should Email them this thread
  10. Too bad that spec. sheet isn't searchable
  11. Ralf11

    Circuit Boards

    First Circuit:
  12. Ralf11

    Circuit Boards

    Thread Rules: Wait 1 week before changing the board someone posted with your entry. Preface comments with A or D. Or, hell, use P for photonics.
  13. Ralf11

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    temporal smear is usually made on a bagel - I suggest toasting them and choosing something taxonomically distant
  14. you have me confused with someone else, trollboy