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  1. str-1

    The Paul Hynes SR7

    It will be a few more months before I get my SR7 but I did have a few power cables on loan recently to try with my DAVE, Zenith SE and SR4. As Audio Bacon and @austinpopreported, the SR4 does benefit significantly from a better power cable. There were differences between the cables I tried (Shunyata Alpha HC and Delta NR, Chord Sarum T, Vertere and Audioquest Thunder) but they all allowed the SR4 to get more out of my tX-USBultra, allowing it to deliver a punchier more authorative and dynamic sound. I would expect at the very least equally impressive improvements with an SR7.
  2. str-1

    The Paul Hynes SR7

    @paulhynesthanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the various problems you’ve had recently and I hope things soon start falling back into place for you. Life is all about constantly changing priorities and I think those of us still on the waiting list for custom builds all fully understand that you have more important things to take care of first. Best wishes.
  3. Thanks for this update, Roy, and great to see you posting again. I am in the queue and I think I recall Paul mentioning these upgrades when I last spoke with him a couple of months ago, although at that time they were just possibilites he was thinking about. I’ve still to finalise my order so I will seek his advice on their suitability for my needs. Can I also take this opportunity to ask what spec your tX-USBultra is. I know from past posts that it will have a clock input for use with the Mutec REF 10 but does it also have upgraded internal dc wiring (copper or silver) and EVOX caps? I will soon be upgrading my tX-U for clock input (I think I’ll go for 75 ohms) and probably also the EVOX caps but I am unsure whether to upgrade internal wiring to the higher purity copper or to silver.
  4. Audio Bacon review https://audiobacon.net/2018/10/25/mutec-ref-10-master-clock-the-digital-audios-heartbeat/
  5. str-1

    Innuos ZENith "STATEMENT"

    I see prices now confirmed on the Innuos website.
  6. There is always a risk with these cheap adapters. I had problems with an even cheaper one (two strips with 28 different adapters for £8 - yes, I know). Even one that works is likely to take the edge off performance, so should only be seen as a temporary solution.
  7. str-1

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    Firmware 1.4.0 now available to install. You can read about the new features at this link - http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-0
  8. str-1

    Innuos ZENith "STATEMENT"

    Audio Bacon write-up on visit to Innuos room at RMAF, including video of demo and interview with Nuno. https://audiobacon.net/2018/10/10/rmaf-2018-innuos-zenith-statement-vs-zen-mk-3-music-servers/
  9. A question to those who have tried different lengths of the Lush^2, have you noticed any difference in sound between the different lengths with the same ‘setting’? I could use either a 70cm or a 1m cable and am just wondering if that 30cm difference can be heard in any way. I have read about differences being heard with different lengths of other cables.
  10. Nuno told me last week in London that he had still some final decisions to take on the external USB upgrade. It’s not about the USB reclocker board, but about the other bits and pieces that go with that, which will determine what size case he puts everything in. It’s very unlikely to be this year.
  11. Sorry, was in a rush when I rattled off that rather short post on my iPad (how do you edit these?). Thanks, Rajiv. It seems from what you reported that Innuos are using a different system to what they used in London last weekend. There they used KEF speakers and Chord Sarum T USB and power cables, and of course the M Scaler/Hugo TT 2 combo. The demo room they used was also on the smallish size. Relieved to see you report on more air, separation and holographic image as these attributes did not stand out clearly for me in London with the system used there - then it was more about a cleaner sound with more depth, perhaps more naturalness. But I did feel both Statement and SE would sound better properly setup in the home (even without the addition of tX-U and Ref10). I too am thinking about the comparative cost of further improving the system around the Zenith SE and choosing instead to buy the Statement. I certainly will not be commiting any funds to upgrading my standard spec tX-U, buying a Ref10 and all the appropriate cabling until I have had a home demo of the Statement, which likely won’t be for another two months at least.
  12. With what you heard from the Zenith Statement and given your experience with the tX-U+Ref10, can you imagine the regenerator/clock combo further elevating the Statement by very much?
  13. I’m almost ready to put in an order for a Lush^2 but first would welcome some feel for how wide a range of impacts I might expect to hear from the different configurations. I’m most interested in getting a bit more detail (compared to the original Lush I already have) without losing very much of the tonal richness, but could I, for example, get close to the sound of a Curious cable if I wanted to?
  14. str-1

    Innuos ZENith "STATEMENT"

    Went back today and again visited the Innuos room. I only heard comparisons between the Statement and the SE, but they did have a Gen 3 Zenith in the rack. They were only using Tidal and music stored on the Statement, and only USB output. USB and power cables used were Chord Sarum T. Bumped into the dealer who sold me and delivered my Zenith SE. He said he would be happy to loan me the Statement for a few days when he gets it, which probably won’t be for at least a couple of months. Something to look forward to.
  15. str-1

    Innuos ZENith "STATEMENT"

    I asked, but no. They haven’t got that quite right yet. I also learned that importing facilities are being enhanced, including import history. Firmware is in final beta testing.