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  1. Hey cornan.if you want i can send you pure nesscap lps 5v 500 ma for ddc.for free.energizing no need, independent
  2. Sclk ex better without other regulator technique like lps1.2. Nesscap ok. this mean sotm have fuc.good regs.
  3. Sotm regulator technique very impressive.what kind of reg use????
  4. Analog devices also have some great regulators but not cheap somebody trialed?
  5. Battery- lps1.2-nesscap-sclk ex sound really ok!!!!
  6. Still testing clocked usbridge in my chain. hmmm. Crap.i need more test.this level very sensitive.small changes can degrade the sound.sclk ex power the real challenge
  7. sometimes(with sclk ex use u.fl) big rf noise come,and finally no sound.that makes u.fl connected but something not perfect with connection.so I don't like ...
  8. the stronger Rf cables can easy broke up the pcb,so better you find some resistor or cap nearby,and fix the cable there!!
  9. the question: good powered and clocked 12mhz spwm can improve the wave or not????? (I'm ordered smaller inverter for trial) sclk ex clocked power regenerator
  10. Little Dot Power regenerator look like modified pure shine wave inverter.
  11. Assembled sparky - usbridge , with 2 dc input and 3 clock inputs.(later maybe reduce 2 clock input) The difference vs sparky usb - clocked iso regen chain, usbridge use independent rail to cpu. Initially sparky usb - iso R better than usbridge,but with sclk ex clock ,can enjoy usbridge benefits.
  12. The DC was not measurable(before you buy dc blocker)