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  1. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Hi!! diet pi with allo gui works finally,streaming from pc ,hq player or jriver.compared Volumio play sd card ,sparky upscaling 384khz,the sound much better than diet pi -stream. Where can I find player software in allo gui play from sd card,or how can I config this ?
  2. Sonore ultraRendu

    how can buy sonore in china or HK? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. this guy dealer?
  3. Atx standard use separated socket for cpu,this hungry boy can feed cheaper smps. Atx mobo +hd plex ,pico or others, feed good psu (sotm sps500,battery,u caps,.....)
  4. Allo Sparky USBridge

    now download again package.zip ,do this alredy before 4 times!!!!
  5. Allo Sparky USBridge

    restart,login- Ntpd update failed
  6. Allo Sparky USBridge

    failed to start shutdown all ssh sessions before network-this message problem?
  7. Allo Sparky USBridge

    i want trial dietpi but dont works.today install about 4 hours,now set hardware-downloading ,but second time do this alredy.after auto restart want download again and again......wt hell is this guys??? every time i need connected display and keyboard?why so slow and complicated this process??
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Yeah! Sparky-iso regen-singxerF1-i2s Dac (feed 3 u.cap psu) usbridge just crap.
  9. Noise come from (Ac,trafo,diodes,...) . Lt 3042 or 45 cant filtering that , just don't add extra noise. If you are using ultracaps and lt 3042,sound really good, because both components are not noisy.
  10. Building a PC to improve SMS-200 Ultra

    I have some unused mobo,0.1ppm tcxos,ocxos,lt3042 regs,u cap psu`s at home.I want trial first this stuff what does.
  11. Building a PC to improve SMS-200 Ultra

    tXUSBexp PCIe card leave ,and use usb regen +sclk-ex can be the same sq???
  12. Is a CAPS style PC still the way to go?

    you are too optimist
  13. Witch one ? Hugo 2(15400RMB) Gd R2R7(16990RMB)
  14. Allo Sparky USBridge

    last week I plugged my Lg monitor,osd screen show me something (Chinese monitor)I think not compatible resolution. I can trial again.....