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  1. 100% agree. other question: leave pico psu real benefit ?
  2. Put back sparky, not better!!! Supermicro sound better!!!!!
  3. 👍 !!!!! I will something similar.But my chassis small,i fit only lt3045`s and 1963 in,with multiple dc inputs.Can feed with various psu`s in the future.
  4. quick assembled yesterday for test,like 12v pico psu-sps500 for mobo, other simple smps 12v feed cpu and ssd. sound great!!!analogy,relaxed,big stage.really promising.Still sclk ex clocked sparky with powerstor u cap psu sound better,but not far. I waiting some LT boards and prepare some clocked sotm usb ……..
  5. X10Sba Mobo arrived,i want to feed with some lt3045-lt1963-lt1084`s-sps 500 in the first time.(later maybe add sotm card ,clock,linear power-transformers,rectifiers ….)if the sound promising.
  6. What do you think about aries mod?Remove the chokes(easy),can add 5 rail independent low noise juice.Think more effective than one small capacitor.
  7. hurka

    TLS THE ONE Server

  8. http://www.pavouk.org/hw/modulardac/en_i2sisolator.html
  9. its a joke right????(the price)
  10. hurka

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    x10sba mobo,txusb ultra,8rail ultra low noise supply, sotm usb card cost around 2400$
  11. hurka

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    http://hifi.co.kr/1183109 the Boutique is full!!!!
  12. hurka

    Sudden boot failure caused by XMP profile

    my h270n gigabyte+ corsair come similar issue.Can boot only one ram module-slot.
  13. hurka

    Innuous Zen/ith Mk iii Range

    and hyper mystic ocxo...some spec,phase noise ,manufacturer?
  14. hurka

    Power Conditioning, Regenerators, and Cables

    I bought a Lite P100 (used,300$)feed my preamp,and dac module analog stage transformers.Measured the thd,not improved,but the sound get much better.So i'm happy with it. My friend use HE350,very important stuff in the chain. each components-own regenerators think would be the best.....
  15. hurka

    R2R DAC owners and lovers

    im using only R2R modules without Dsp,output stages and decoupling active components.(like msb) digital feed lt3045's- Nesscap independent ucap banks analog feed lt3045's- lt1963-lt1084-R core transformer- power regenerator