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  1. New PSU Build Together?

    sps500,Lps1,my Ps all of them are great.If you want little warmer,add linear ps,or need precision(colder),use sotm.Lps1 neutral I think,more isolated,the dirty ac not affect the sound much.
  2. New PSU Build Together?

    Running now,first impression: the stage somewhere on the stratosphere
  3. New PSU Build Together?

    ????? I made only 1 for me. other components on taobao search engine....
  4. New PSU Build Together?

    Something like this:
  5. New PSU Build Together?

    ac input: 2 independent AC inputs dc out: 4 almost independent 1 amper out or 2 independent 2 amper out or 1 independent 4 amper beast out
  6. New PSU Build Together?

    today assembled ,measured the rails,works great.later go home,make some dc cable,and go!!!
  7. New PSU Build Together?

    Chinese stuff 2pcs lt 1084 board,4pcs lt1963,4pcs lt3045 nothing else. Rail (supply) 1 (DR pre regulator) is adjustable from 10v to 19v (set to 11v) Rail (supply) 2 (Quad Rail post regulator) is fixed 9v Rail (supply) 3 (Quad Rail ) is adjustable from 2v to 8.9v (set to 7v)
  8. Building a PC to improve SMS-200 Ultra

    something like this?Im not expert!
  9. Building a PC to improve SMS-200 Ultra

    "usually by SOtM, although I suppose with the right tools and the instructions, others can do it too. This synthesizer is driven by an onboard 10 MHz reference oscillator. SOtM haven't published specs for this oscillator that I'm aware, but clearly it is of good enough quality to yield the reported SQ improvements. " That's would be fantastic!!!!
  10. Lps1: lt3042's inside. if your ac main perfect clean,sps 500 better choice. if not,Lps1 can beat!
  11. New PSU Build Together?

    Something like this:
  12. New PSU Build Together?

    with sotm tx usb ultra and others.., and perfect time,(ac not noisy,at night) BEST sound that I we ever heard . Many times the ac noisy,i cant enjoy the music,so bad. Before I don't have usb ultra,the difference was not huge,i can accept the sound. I'm using 9 PCS!!!!!!!! isolation traansformers!!!!!!Help a lot,but not 100%.