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  1. New First Watt Amp

    Thanks. He's obviously a talented dude - his amps sound great.
  2. New First Watt Amp

    Where was this interview? Got a link?
  3. Understanding Sample Rate

    The thread topic is interesting (to me) but this childish bickering really isn't. Take it offline perhaps, in a group chat with Chris? I'm sure he'd love that.
  4. Hehe noted, I made sure to mention we have planes and rockets flying around, so that it was (hopefully) clear there was no confusion.
  5. Funny, I know quite a few physicians and accountants (real people, not online forums) in this hobby that believe in “magic boxes” and expensive cables. They seem to be quite open into accepting perhaps not everything is fully known and improvements can be made. Of course you don’t need something to be fully known for it to work practicably. Turbulence is not yet a solved theoretical problem even though we have planes and rockets flying around. Can you share your fully system chain? I don’t ask to judge, just interested.
  6. Interesting. I haven’t but I’ll look for a USB 2.0 version on eBay and give it a try. I haven’t been irritated so far though.
  7. Actually with USB, the ground line can also be problematic, depending on the USB source.
  8. Understanding Sample Rate

    The new Pro-Ject S2 Pre Digital DAC sounds better than the iDSD BL I had (only to my ears of course, highly subjective) - less space taken up internally (for battery) allows for bigger and better power supply/regulation and analogue sections. It's MQA certified though and I know you don't want Bob getting $1 (can't blame you) but apart from that, it's a fantastic DAC. Miska's measurements are all positive too (performing best with DSD512).
  9. Hmm more different observations about distortion compensation.
  10. Audio Advisor in the US say they expect stock in both silver and black, in April.
  11. Understanding Sample Rate

    But you/we have the option to choose DSD128 up-sampling (instead of DSD256 and DSD512). Understood, a game of trade-offs, like many things in this hobby. Understood. Andreas actually doesn't limit the issues (as he sees it) to clocks though. He says "It turns out there are physical limitations such as electronic component speeds, finite clock slopes, etc., that limit the amount of performance gain we could expect from raising the sample rate above a certain threshold." I guess the devil is in the details of which electronic components he's speaking of and "etc"
  12. Understanding Sample Rate

    Thanks mansr but the way I read what both said, something between DSD128 and DSD256 , but closer to DSD128, is the sweetspot. My bigger question then is are we enjoying more noise/distortion with DSD512 upsampling?