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  1. Em2016

    So I tried Linux and it didn't go too well

    You could have told me this before I tried Debian! 🙂 I would have tried the easier ones. Just joking of course. Following that tutorial, it wasn’t too bad at all, even for a first timer like me. Of course I’m only talking about a headless machine doing only limited things (Roon and HQPe server). I imagine a Linux desktop install may be more challenging for a first timer, than what I needed.
  2. Em2016

    So I tried Linux and it didn't go too well

    Hehe nah from my experience, the last 30% was installing Roon Server and HQP Embedded itself. I needed to get Debian installed first though and that was new for me so that was 70% of the work. I had no problems with drivers etc since it's a headless server playing to networked endpoints. As a headless machine now, it's pretty much 'set it and forget it now'.
  3. Em2016

    So I tried Linux and it didn't go too well

    No Debian in that list? 😥 I actually installed Linux for the very first time a few weeks ago and used this guide. There were a couple of minor deviations from this guide. I'm not experienced enough to say if it's a good guide but it got me 70% of the way for a headless Roon Server and HQP Embedded machine. https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/debian-minimal-server/
  4. I have the THX 789 now. Very very good.... underpriced for sure. No doubt the Benchmark will be better again.
  5. Oh cool, so literally. Hadn’t heard of that DAC. Thanks for that.
  6. Does same apply to PCM x48k based rates. Not just DSD? @Miska The Spring1’s 44.1k clock is used to output 48k based rates, even for PCM?
  7. Em2016

    HQPlayer Linux Desktop and HQplayer embedded

    Yes. Things work as they should when I hit pause in Roon (CPU drops as it should). So like you said, it's the natural finishing when there's nothing left to play, where CPU stays very high.
  8. Em2016

    HQPlayer Linux Desktop and HQplayer embedded

    Interesting. I just noticed the same for the first time. This is 5 minutes after Roon playlist naturally finished @Miska
  9. I saw in the Cyan thread that early on there were issues with DSD256x48 base rate. Was a firmware later able to fix this or is the problem still there because it's a hardware issue?
  10. Hi Jussi, So the DSD conversion section/module of the Spring1 is different to the Cyan's DSD conversion section/module? Is that why Spring1 is better at DSD512, compared with Cyan better at DSD512? Or is Spring1 better than Cyan when both are at DSD512, more so because different analogue output stages?
  11. Hi @JohnSwenson Are the data lines always isolated, regardless of whether ground isolation is on/off? Or are the data lines only isolated when ground is also isolated? Cheers!
  12. Em2016

    Measurements & Sound Quality

    Hehe the type that knows most about the ear and ear/brain system? What's the name given to that type? And are you that particular type?
  13. Em2016

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Can you expand on this?
  14. Em2016

    Measurements & Sound Quality

    Hehe, not sure anyone has suggested resorting to measurement by ear alone?