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  1. Hi jaspal, 1. The deletion feature will be implemented very soon. Tomorrow maybe. 2. Please send me a disc you believe which is AccurateRip or CUETools verifiable but rejected by Tonal. I’ll dive into the case. 3. Please PM me and I would like to discuss more on the 20 discs limitation. I would like to help you continue building your collection while the Tonal is in her early stage. Thank you again and sorry for the trouble.
  2. For audiophile performance, they’re bit-to-bit identical. Use extracted files for it’s faster. Any error (detected by the integrated AccurateRip or CUETools) will be repaired (by the integrated CUETools) or rejected (when unable to repair).
  3. I’ve deleted the wrong album. Please let me know if it’s still there. In the future, you can do-it-yourself. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. Hello corente, Thank you for your valubale information. I’m sorry for my late response. Re: Some way to organize the "discs" I truly agree with you. Your suggestion is top in the to-do list. Re: Order or discs It a nasty bug. Blame me hardly. Re: Mahler Symphonies I’ve fixed the issue. Please let me know if it’s safisfying on your side. Re: 32bits audio Not supported for now. In the to-do list. Once I figured out resources and time to take Tonal to her next stage, I believe not only above issues will be resolved, you’ll also see a much more fluid experience. More conceptual things is waiting. Stay tuned. Thanks again corente!
  5. Thanks for confirming that. I also believe there’re not there. Another output layer is required to render to these devices. It’s unscheduled yet and will not come fast because everything related to the playback engine needs long time proof listening. BTW, bluetooth devices and virtual devices such as Devialet Air are currently supported.
  6. Is the UPnP device shown in  > System Preference > Sound > Output?
  7. Hi hopkins, Thanks for the great questions! I and my partners have been working on Tonal for almost 3 years. We hold a rock solid belief and vision on the Tonal concept and there’re more to be done: bug fixes, audiophile-related-optimization, interaction redesign, and ecosystem building with labels and audio equipment brands. I can resume my work as a designer, a developer, and a metadata curator just like what I did before, which may bring faster bug fixes and more minor features, but I believe that approach has more compromises to face and hurts end users’ experience in the long run. I’m actively working on the project, but not as my previous role. Re: audiophile performance I’m sure there is room for improvement. Even for PCM audio. Plus, MQA and DSD support also need to be added.
  8. Hi hopkins, I will definitely put that feature in the next minor version. Thanks, Baoshan
  9. I’m sorry franz159, Sometimes the metadata needs some time (usually in minutes, but that’s obviously not true for the last hours) to be calculated. Are the albums shown in your collection? Please let me know.
  10. Hi franz159, Is your iCloud Drive enabled?
  11. Re: Mass/Batch Import As you have probably noticed: some discs failed to add to your collection. Once I improved the success ratio, a mass import feature will be brought to Tonal. Re: Metadata Quality The initial metadata is usually imperfect. Sometimes quite good, but usually a manual tweak is required. I’m the one who is notified to final polish the metadata. But I’m placing the priority of this job behind the fundraising. A community is a feasible way. You can also edit the metadata by yourself — PM me if you’re interested. Remember: all your edits will be pushed to users who collected the disc you edited. Re: Enlarge I agreed. Tonal has cover art with resolution of 2560+px. A Retina display with enlarge feature will be wonderful! Re: Album Title I guess it’s answered above. The metadata could be edited. Re: Search The missing albums are box set albums. The next version will make all these albums clear. Thank you very much for the wonderful questions. Most of the questions I am already awared of but unable to proceed on without bringing an investor or partner in. Thanks again for trying Tonal.
  12. I guess you want to remove the album because the imperfect metadata? Could I have the honor to fix the metadata for you? Currently, deletion of album is unimpelmented.
  13. Hello, macOS High Sierra is the only requirement. Thanks.
  14. Hi Steve, Thanks for discussing storage and streaming cost. S3 and CloudFront are enterprise grade services. CA reviewed Amazon Drive, an end-user friendly cloud drive service, not S3 and CloudFront. Actually, to maintain an optimal experience, storage and streaming are only a small fraction of all expenses. Design, development, metadata quality control, these are much more expensive than storage and streaming. Tonal MAY NOT be always free for unlimited collection size, but I’ll do my best to make the price competitive.
  15. Hi David, I’m sorry for the current experience is unsatisfying. It seems you have an asymmetric bandwidth. The upstream bandwidth is not so good. You can test it at http://speedtest.net An upload speed of 20+Mbps is preferred.