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  1. Hi, I have used the ISO REGEN between my Mac notebook and the USB input of the Devialet amp, it improves the SQ when USB is used as the input source, but I am curious about the signal that can be sent from the Devialet USB port back to the Mac. The reason I asked is that I am also using the Devialet as an ADC for ripping vinyl to PCM, the Devialet allow me to capture the vinyl to 24/192 PCM and send it over the USB to a notebook to capture that. I just wonder whether there is any benefit from using the ISO REGEN in this case? Or I should 'reverse' the direction of the ISO REGEN by using some customised USB cable, to achieve an improvement in SQ? Thanks,
  2. Mikey, thanks for all the info. I also think the conversation about Raspberry Pi should stop here now. Back to LPS-1
  3. Is there any benefit using the GPIO to power the Raspberry Pi instead of using the micro-USB connection? Will that bypass the regulator on board? Thanks,
  4. Hi Alex & John, I just tried to power my Raspberry Pi 3 + Hifiberry Digi+ using the LPS-1 at 5V. It works and I have been playing music for hours, the RPi function as a RoonBridge. I seem to read it somewhere that said LPS-1 is not suitable for powering the Raspberry Pi, is this correct? Even it seems to work okay for me, but will this 'harm' the LPS-1? Or shorten its lifespan? I just don't want to damage the LPS-1 by using it in a 'wrong' way. Thanks,
  5. I think this is going to be awesome, hope you guys can work out a plan on the upgrade kit, looking forward to use LPS-1 on the SU-1.
  6. Lonely_Fool

    Play iTunes through HQPlayer

    Hi, This is me again :-) I finally decided to purchase a license for HQPlayer, so I am testing this again with a registered version of HQPlayer, but unfortunately I still cannot make it to work. I want to describe what I have done, and see whether anyone has other suggestion I can try: - I start iTunes and follow the installation instruction. When I click the script, I have an error pop-up saying cannot install the script. Then I go to 'Finder', and click the script directly. I can successfully run the script. - I then select a song. HQPlayer came up, but no sound coming out from HQPlayer, and I also did not see any file under the Ramdisk. - I quit iTunes and open it again. I click a song, but HQPlayer did not come up, looks like the script is not running. - I quit iTunes and open it again. This time I click the script and follow through the instruction, select a song, HQPlayer came up, but no file under Ramdisk, therefore no sound from HQPlayer as well. I waited for more than a minute to confirm whether it is working or not. I didn't get any error message. I did download a trial version of Roon, and use it with HQPlayer. I can select a song from Room and play it through HQPlayer, so HQPlayer is working. I don't really like Roon, so still would like to use iTunes. I think I am very close to making it work (hopefully), not sure whether it could be file permission or other things.
  7. Lonely_Fool

    Mutec MC-3+

    Hi, I am still unclear about the DSD/DoP support, if I use the mutec mc3+USB between USB and AES, run DSD64/DoP into the USB side, does the signal get converted to PCM and output to AES? Is there a way to have the AES output DSD64/DoP? Thanks,
  8. Hi, Has anyone replaced the power with a better LPS? Curious to know whether this will improve the SQ or not. Thanks,
  9. Lonely_Fool

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    I have read from other thread that the microRendu sounds better when connected by 100 Mbps ethernet instead of GE, is this correct? Any comment? Thanks,
  10. Lonely_Fool

    Play iTunes through HQPlayer

    Hi Geoffrey, Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround! It is great to see a new release of the s/w, and it should work with the new version ... Well, I copy the new HQPlayer Server s/w to the scripts folder, and test it. Unfortunately it is still not working for me :-( - Start iTunes, then start the HQ Player Server scripts, did not see any error. - Click to play a song, HQ Player came up right away, without any delay. - Since I am using an eval copy, so there is an pop-up saying that it will only work for 30 minutes, I need to click 'OK' to close that pop-up. Click 'OK', and it went back right away to iTunes, BUT the song has 'stopped', see that from the menu bar. And nothing on the Ramdisk folder. - When exit from iTunes, it will came back itself, unless I close the HQPlayer Server task first. Then iTunes can quit. I have tried a few times. But there is no error message or anything like last time. I begin to suspect that this is probably a problem on my side, and I just wonder whether because using the eval copy, therefore HQPlayer doesn't just start up, it need to wait for an input from me to close the pop-up, and this somehow break the 'pipe' between your script and HQPlayer itself. Do you think this might be the reason? And if I try to play another song, sound came out from internal speaker, that's why I guess the 'pipe' between the programs is broken. I also look at the 'Get Info' for the Ramdisk folder, the permission is 'read & write' for everyone. Too bad it is still not working for me, but I greatly appreciate your effort on developing this for the Mac community. Cheers,
  11. Lonely_Fool

    Play iTunes through HQPlayer

    Looks like the development has stopped and perhaps doesn't work with the current iTunes & HQPlayer version. I have tried it and no working for me. This is what I am testing with: iTunes HQPlayer 3.14.3 (evaluation license only) iTunes HQPlayer Server version 1.0.9(? - shown in the script header) Want to describe what I observed: - I start HQPlayer Server script, everything seems okay, no error message. - I play a track, the sound came out from the internal speaker, about 10 sec later, HQPlayer was brought up, the sound stopped. - Nothing seen in the Ramdisk folder - Wait for 10~20 sec, select another song by double-click. Still no sound from HQPlayer, also screen from HQPlayer shows nothing playing. - Stop the song, quit iTunes. An error message appear 'Can't get track xxx of current playlist (-1728)', and iTunes came back running. - When I click 'OK' for the error message. Then quit iTunes again, this time iTunes went away successfully. - Then quite HQPlayer Server script - During the whole time, nothing is seen in the Ramdisk folder This is very consistent. Probably means that the existing script does not work with all these new version. It is a pity that this is not working for the Mac user, as other library management s/w doesn't exist for Mac, except Roon. I guess there maybe user like me who doesn't need all the fancy features of Roon, but want to play ALAC files through HQPlayer, and looks like I need to slowly convert my ALAC to AIFF. Anyone is still using the HQPlayer Server script and has it working with more recent version of iTunes and HQPlayer? Thanks,
  12. Lonely_Fool

    Play iTunes through HQPlayer

    Hi, I have just started to try HQPlayer, while most of my music is in ALAC, and found this 'old' thread. Just wonder whether anyone is still using this s/w, and does this work with the current HQPlayer version? Cheers,
  13. Lonely_Fool

    HQ Player

    Since I am using a Mac, so my only choice seem to be Roon ... I happen to find an old 'thread' about feeding songs from Itunes to HQPlayer, written by Geoffrey Arnstrong, not sure whether that will still work or not. Will try tomorrow. Anyone has tried the scripts?
  14. Lonely_Fool

    HQ Player

    Hi, not sure whether this question has been asked before - any idea whether ALAC will be supported by HQPlayer in the future? My music are nearly all in ALAC, For my brief testin, HQPlayer sounds good, but converting all the ripped music again ...
  15. Lonely_Fool

    Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    Hi, Anyone using the MoOdeAudio as an Airplay receiver? I have enabled the AirPlay Receiver, but both my iPhone & iPad are unable to see it. I am using the latest version of MoOdeaudio. Thanks,