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  1. Hello do you sell a metallica pono player?



  2. Streamers vs PC

    Here is an exception. http://www.engineered.ch/audio/network-interface/ Used as a basis but further customized in e.g. the MSB Renderer.
  3. Streamers vs PC

    Cannot comment about those other DACs, but the MSB is modular. So if a new method of input becomes available you slide in a new module. There are multiple slots available. Perfect example was the streamer module or improved USB quad module. A more accurate clock becomes available they can be swapped out (not in the Analog though). Better power module becomes available, swap them out as it is a 2 box system. It has really good filtering and handles DSD256 without issue. To my ears it did not benefit from external upsampling and filter tools. They are not saying how exactly it is done, but it does sound smooth. It does not do room correction, but I would not really want that done in my DAC, and for my ears and room all the ones I tried far from improved the sound.
  4. Streamers vs PC

    MSB Wow, you have a long track record with HQP.
  5. Streamers vs PC

    Mmh, I can think of a 3 letter exception. The old slimdevices I would consider streamers and that was 15 years ago.
  6. Hi Hailey, Amir and his testing methodology have been discussed here before, and I would take it with scoop of salt. He is also using a super noisy source with his laptop and switching power supplies, so everything downstream is suspect. Jesus from Sonore is on this forum and very helpful and open about his products. Another, cheaper USB cleaner that I did try was the Regen amber.
  7. Renderer module from MSB, optical LAN, synology NAS running MinimServer and BubbleUPnP server. This avoids USB and S/PDIF. If I were to do it again I would skip the whole USB method and go the Renderer or LAN DAC route, although now there is the much praised microRendu which was not available at the time.
  8. Yes, the SSD was in its own separate enclosure. One caveat though is with all the Mac tweaking I did I never was satisfied with the sound, and ended up giving up on the mac mini.
  9. Hi Hailey, I ripped the mini apart and used different enclosures. There is room for a 2nd drive in the mini shell so it could possibly hold the filter, but I do not know if the angles will allow for it. Details can be found here: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f10-music-servers/mac-mini-version-computer-audiophile-pocket-server-music-server-step-step-17666/
  10. Music for free...from a dealer?

    You are utterly missing the point. The audio industry has adopted a lot as well e.g. with the streaming services, online audio shops where you can pay for downloading an album, youtube channels, music in games. And no doubt it will continue to change. What some get irritated with, and the point of this thread, is the cavalier attitude to not paying for the music that is enjoyed. In the process, instead of thanking the artists for their effort by paying for the entertainment, they are given a big middle finger and stolen from. From a consumer standpoint I would like a greater selection of music and more music from my fav artists, not less. Is it that hard to part with a few dollars/euros for the music? Strangely, people are okay paying 5 dollars for a coffee at Starbucks. And watch what happens if you run out the store without paying a few times. Enjoy the music. Respect the artist.
  11. Music for free...from a dealer?

    Artists, their families, and those people working in the rapidly declining music industry thank you!
  12. Music for free...from a dealer?

    Still at it? Feeling guilty perhaps and looking for some confirmation that you can justify it in your own mind? Sure you can sell your CDs for pennies, but to stay legal you will need to delete your ripped copies. Will you ever get fined for it? - not bloody likely. Are you f$cking over the artists? - absolutely.
  13. Music for free...from a dealer?

    Yup, you are a thief too. Shame!
  14. Music for free...from a dealer?

    Perhaps when you wrote the following? So now it is the fault of the musicians? Wow. Well, enjoy that music that just magically appeared from thin air.
  15. Music for free...from a dealer?

    Yes, and that includes those artists Most artists will never earn that in their lifetime. You are lucky. And so how is that different from spending years and decades honing musical talents and learning to play instruments and technology or sing? Or those that spend years studying at a music conservatory and go through apprenticeships to be able to play in an orchestra somewhere? Indeed! And that includes the artists you like to rob. Yes, because after your high paid medical job that you are now comfortably retired from it really is very painful to you to spend a dollar for a song! You pay for the rights to listen to the music, you do not own the rights to the music. Understand the difference? Must be nice. Most artists can not say the same and have to work 2-3 different jobs in additition to making music. Mmmh, your posts on the other hand are far from ignorant, nor arrogant?