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  1. sphinxsix

    A Beatbox Niche Thread.

    Introducing THePETEBOX
  2. sphinxsix

    The Most Underrated Performers (Any Genre)

    I admit that coming up with the idea of this thread was easier than coming up with some names which are (subjectively) underrated. A challenge..
  3. sphinxsix

    Everything sounds the same

    ? IMO both sentences make sense and are true. As for the main topic - I can't even hear the difference between a nightingale singing and the sound of a train coming. I always have to look to know whether it's the former or the later (I probably haven't tried to travel by nightingale yet only due to the fact that my eyesight is still quite good). And that's why I (and probably no one) would never pay for a clock radio as much as for McIntosh or Devialet. You'd have to be blind not to see the difference between them, right.?
  4. sphinxsix

    The Most Underrated Performers (Any Genre)

    Can be also most underrated albums.. Some that first came to mind: Usually disliked by Metallica fans. IMO lots of really good (less orthodox metal than usual) stuff: Bootleg SQ but the music is pure fire (Jack deJohnette plays like in a trance) and there was a reason for that : I'm not sure it's underrated but I think not that many know this fantastic album (afro-blues fusion) : As for performers I will add Mari Boine IMO one of the most beautiful female voices on this planet.
  5. sphinxsix

    The Most Underrated Performers (Any Genre)

    I never underrated AC/DC - me and my friends used to dance (!) to their music at parties in my high school days (some didn't even need booze or other consciousness altering substances) and in general I don't think they are particularly underrated band. I started this thread hoping people will post information about less known performers who deserved much bigger popularity due to the quality of music created by them.
  6. I'll start with four. Lightnin' Hopkins Betty Davis The Wolfgang Press (from the 80's not from their later 'dance' period) Rachmaninoff (yes, I think he's an underrated pianist)
  7. sphinxsix

    Cow Music

    The whole album is IMO worth checking out if one is cow mu-sic(!) lover..
  8. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    A subjectivist's choice Just like the final 'SQ' check and fine-tuning at Steinway factory - done just by listening to the instrument. I bet most musicians and instrument makers would be very surprised by the fact that some people rely heavily on measuring gear.. But I don't want to start again the discussion as old as the (audio) world here.
  9. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    That's the impression I had while listening to it. Wasn't sure though - I watched the movie years ago. My favorite version at the moment.
  10. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening