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  1. sphinxsix

    Audio Dreams

    There's nothing better than hearing music in a dream. Especially one composed by you. Happened to me a couple of times, always woke up in euphoria And no - I never took Aleve but I remember intensification of dreams when I started to take ginkgo biloba before going to bed. I liked it, unfortunately after some time the effect disappeared.
  2. sphinxsix

    There’s an “Inverse Piano” in Your Head

    I want to hear it from Ralf himself
  3. sphinxsix

    There’s an “Inverse Piano” in Your Head

    I think this article has been written by @Ralf11 ,, it starts with his avatar/profile photo Well done, Ralph! BTW why a guinea pig's cochlea.?
  4. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    There's a 24/192 remaster of this, do you have it? There are 24/...remasters of many Trane albums, do you have them? (not mentioning SACDs, in particular great sounding Analogue Productions ones)
  5. sphinxsix

    Rolling Stone Says It Is The End Of Owning Music

    I believe they don't mention hi res formats at all. 4TBs of mostly hi res music (I haven't ripped my CDs - I like CDs although I like them 15% less than SACDs/24bit material - that's the SQ difference between them on my personal scale) on my HDs prove what I already know anyway - I'm a freak I don't agree with Jack White - for me vinyl isn't the physical format of the future, it's definitely the past. Its sales at 14 million last year (@Tubelover - I agree - a fad) IMO don't prove anything (M.Jackson has sold over 100 million of 'Thriller' alone). No market that's gone digital goes back to analogue with the exception of some niche freaks whom I respect cause I'm a (digital) freak myself
  6. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Especially if all your versions of the 6th are still 1500 km away.
  7. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    I rarely WATCH classical music. Hope this can be called 'album of the evening' The sound is decent on my headphones. Very nice TV realisation. I've probably heard better versions of the 6th, enjoying this video a lot anyway.
  8. Sounds somewhat like 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone' but it's still a Led Zeppelin cover. Just heard it for the first time.
  9. sphinxsix


    I understand you very well. 17 years ago I took a 3 months cat from the street just to give her some tuna and milk (and obviously to throw her out!). She stayed in the house for 15 years The story of her last day is IMO quite interesting and related to music so I hope no cats lover will mind if I link to it : In her favorite sweet spot
  10. sphinxsix

    Album of the Evening

    Something tells me I won't get many CA 'likes' for this one
  11. sphinxsix

    Rock Energy at Its Best!

    Whatever one might say about the first Sex Pistols album IMO it can't be accused of lack of energy. Let me repeat just one sentence from my first post on this thread: I used to say that for me after Rage Against the Machine (meaning after circa 2000) not much happened in rock. I'd love somebody to prove me wrong..
  12. sphinxsix


    Seems it's moving on.. (Chris, you have the power!)
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  14. sphinxsix


    Anyway, cats and music it's a looong story.. Lady Gaga again.? Oh, no!!!