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  1. sphinxsix

    Mashup Niche Thread

    Mashup thread.
  2. sphinxsix

    Country & Western

    Nooo, this was the best one! The performance by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra is slightly OT but it's amazing!
  3. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    This one was Turkish No Indian ones here. But I'd somehow trust one from the Far East. I'm glad to see so many people appreciating T.Waits Christmas music. I'm sure some may not know his duet with Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. Probably the happiest Christmas song ever
  4. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    A short Christmas bird story. (sorry for the sound distortion) And one more thing - Bird is (still) the word!
  5. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    For me the trick right now is just finding the one who speaks decent English.. My expectations about the cut can be expressed in two short sentences, they just have to be understood..
  6. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    My new hairdresser is very good in this regard, unfortunately his English is very poor (it seems that everybody in the Netherlands speaks good English except from hairdressers - the reason for the change of were the language skills of the previous one!) - so he mostly does the opposite to what he's asked for.. Time for another one (I'm on the brink of a haircut trauma ).
  7. sphinxsix

    Amazing Music of the World.

    I bought his 'Azel' album after (I think) @Jud had recommended it on this thread. But your post has reminded me to check out his latest one, so thanks!
  8. sphinxsix

    Cow Music

    As for cows, surreal-psychodelia and voodoo-psychobilly..
  9. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    Subversion continued
  10. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    Uh.. EC went grey and grew a beard.. (let me be a subversive element on this thread, guys, ok.?) The video is unfortunately not available in the Netherlands. If it's 'For Love On Christmas Day' - the guy is as boring as he's been since The Cream break up - and this means 50 (!) years
  11. sphinxsix

    Sublime Christmas Music

    An alternative approach to the subject of Christmas music.. Sublime.? Judge it by yourself.
  12. sphinxsix

    Bird Music

    I was going to chide you for posting this but ..there appear birds in the very last seconds of this video Early cinema tended to be quite far out every now and then, didn't it.
  13. sphinxsix

    My Essential Classical Albums.

    I had a similar reflection yesterday while checking out some versions of 'A Bird Came Down the Walk' but I don't think it's geography dependent problem - some performances by artists coming from the Far East were like this too, they simply weren't in accordance with the spirit, the essence of the composition which IMO is always a very important factor of a good performance of any piece.
  14. The first one (but the whole concert is awesome!).