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  1. Ps. And they would probably have to be as big as the ones I posted above to make you hear superiority of undecoded MQA (More Questions than Answers (?) - just came to my mind) over 16bit redbook. Here are my personal listening conclusions on this topic for those who are interested:
  2. I've made up my mind - this is my future implant (the parents decided this model is too big for their kid, as you can see on the photo the boy doesn't agree with them in 100%) : And two more for 4k home cinema. That is unless 16k - 7D technology appears on the market which I believe will happen pretty soon.. BTW I am also considering one more implant but I'm not going to share the details publicly..
  3. Album of the Evening

    I don't listen to free jazz that often but it's really hard not to appreciate this pianoless quartet featuring two saxophone giants - highly recommended for the fans of the genre! (24-192)
  4. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Couldn't agree more. That's always been my basic reflection on his life too. Although it could also be said that after all we all live our lives on ''borrowed time" in a way
  5. Amazing Music of the World.

  6. Album of the Evening

    The quartet, electronics and Laurie's voice blend seamlessly. A fantastic album IMO! 24-44 from Qobuz: https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/landfall-laurie-anderson-kronos-quartet/0075597933864
  7. Woman vocals - suggestions

    Layla Zoe - sweet looks, great hair and rough blues-rock vocal proving that the spirit of Janis is still alive . I prefer raw energy of her her live recordings.. In duet with an acoustic guitar, exploring kitchen acoustics.. And in trio with Ina Forsman and Tasha Taylor. Don't they rock.?
  8. Who has the best beard in audio?

    As for: I suspect sometimes a beard in audio can be transmitted as a kind of insignia. Just compare the photo above with this one: Maybe @John_Atkinson himself could comment on it As for the best beard in audio IMO Ted Smith wins hands (beard?) down although for me personally the most significant one belonged to J. Gordon Holt.
  9. Amazing Music of the World.

    Not many reggae music recommendations have appeared on this thread (I think I remember @YashN 's posts only). Just reminded myself of Peter Tosh 'Mama Africa' album including this song while writing a post on 'Favourite Guitar Songs' thread. Relatively 'pop', smooth reggae and at the same time probably my favorite album of PT. Ok guys, have you discovered some interesting world music recently..?
  10. Favourite Guitar Songs

    Some more guitar songs then. The way I (mis)understand the term The word 'guitar' doesn't appear in the title of this song but for me it's a 'guitar' song anyway. Performed by quite good guitar player