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  1. Audiophilia Forever: An Expensive New Year’s Shopping Guide

    Well ..there are sometimes maintenance costs otherwise the a/v gear services would be out of business. Once a customer of mine pushed one of new $8k DPA DAC's buttons and suprisingly ..all of them fell into the DAC's box Obviously the DAC has been serviced free of charge (guarantee) but if the same thing happened 2 years later.. BTW:
  2. Inside High End Equipment

    Devialet. IMHO beautiful both inside and outside. I'm not sure their Phantom is high end but it looks quite cool inside too.. These aren't obviously my photos. And this is obviously not vintage gear..
  3. Post Nov. 8th what are you listening to thread

    In fact I don't know Firewind. Quite old school metal, reminds me a little of early Metallica. Is there something in the air.?
  4. Album of the Evening

    Some party music Energetic afro funk by Manu Dibango. Beautifully recorded live album. I actually use it for gear evaluation - in particular nos 6 & 5.
  5. Memorable Music Movies.

    I'm ok with both options.
  6. Memorable Music Movies.

    That's right, I have it. AFAIK it's the only hi-res version available.
  7. Memorable Music Movies.

    BTW there are video fragments of the live version of 'A Love Supreme' in this documentary. Does someone know if the whole concert has been issued as DVD/BluRay (I'm pretty sure it hasn't but I'd love to be wrong).?
  8. Some good, old, rocking U2. Happy New Year all CA readers (and writers )!
  9. Memorable Music Movies.

    I'd personally probably rate PBS as second best (after BBC) television for (not only music) documentaries. I wasn't disappointed with this one either. Chasing Trane - The John Coltrane Documentary http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/chasing-trane/
  10. Best album 2017

    Ok. As for Kari Rueslåtten - beautiful (and yes - cheerful!) voice but the music is slightly too 'safe' (or close to pop) for me. Ok.. I'm just probably hard to satisfy (as far as music is concerned).. I'll check the remaining stuff anyway!
  11. Best album 2017

    If I had checked out your other recommendations I'd probably have known it. As for Amenra - I'm sorry but that's unfortunately not my cup of ..metal. As for me - the older I get the more willingly I listen to slightly more cheerful music than eg in my teens or twenties. Maybe I'm just a little happier than when I was younger..
  12. Best album 2017

    Cheerful sludge/doom metal.? Or was it some kind of irony.? I remember your Triggerfinger recommendation on one of my threads so I am far from taking your music tips lightly and I'll check out all your best 2017 albums (I still think there's not much interesting rock from the last decade, or maybe even two and I still hope that maybe I am not 100% right). As for mine ..I will need a day or two to think about it..
  13. Very nice. His style reminds me a little bit of Andreas Vollenveider. Different instrument though, obviously.
  14. Some minimalist hang drum music from Amsterdam. https://bandgladesh.bandcamp.com/releases