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  1. I downloaded the newer version (which looks great, by the way). I left for an appt at 2:45, was back home by 3:30pm and had the same issue. I can see the gain? bars moving on the SQ+ interface, but no sound. I close SQ+, relaunch and sound comes back.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. To answer a few questions... When I leave the computer alone, I don't have any issues when it's within an hour or so. It's when I leave it alone for a couple hours at a time. The monitor does go to sleep, but I can always see if leaving it on changes anything. I have downloaded the new release and am currently testing it out. Thanks again for the help!
  3. Total newbie here, so please excuse any ignorance in the post. I am using Tidal and Amarra SQ+ together on my late 2014 iMac Retina. Playback is great, but if I leave the system for a while with the music paused, I don't get any sound output. I can still see the gain meters moving in Amarra, however. The only solution I've been able to figure out is to quit Amarra while the music is playing, and open it back up. I don't recall having this issue when I was using a digital out, but just went to USB for a solution to a different issue. I know Amarra has a Tidal offering now, but I find it ridiculous to pay extra when SQ+ is supposed to help with streaming services in general. Thanks for any suggestions!