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  1. Alex, Here’s another appreciative customer. I know you don’t take pre-orders but I’m ready to fund your first run. I’m sure there are others too!
  2. Thank you @Superdad—in fact the LPS-1 was destined for powering an Uptone USB thingy in my office system...😉 But, now you’ve given me something to foist upon my tube amp-rebuilding friend! Very interesting. I was wondering if power was holding things back on the AEx somehow. And related to the future, I wish there weren’t so many digital connection/protocols/DDCs to futz with. At least I have bases covered with your USB and upcoming Ethernet thingy.
  3. W4S Remedy. It also upsamples to 96kHz (anathema to some). I lived with this vs. a microRendu for a while and ultimately sold the mRendu in part because I didn't like Logitech MS and in part because I felt the coax sounded better by a hair. In retrospect I think the DAC at the time (AGD DAC-19 10th Ann.) was not strong enough via USB as compared to its coax inputs. Anyway: https://wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/clearance/remedy-reclocker
  4. Since I've posted in a couple places here at CA about how pleased I've been with the SQ of my Airport Express digital setup, I think it responsible to report that I've stumbled across something affordably *better.* And, this something right under my nose–a modest surprise given how good I've found my system to be. Because my Yggy A2 DAC has both BNC and coax S/PDIF inputs, I plugged in my CD player (Rotel RCD-951, circa 2002?) so it would operate as a transport for the DAC's RCA coax input. The DAC's BNC coax input remained fed by the main digital signal: iTunes to AEx, optically out to a W4S Remedy/LPS-1 combo, then Oyaide silver coax. Voila! A/B testing at the toggle of an input button. * Better = more dynamic, more tonally "full bodied", more emotionally exciting, and more subjectively better because these are the elements that matter to the ear despite the "lesser" signal having, I dunno, at least 85% or even the equal of the "better" signal's technical merits (resolution, PRaT). Yeah, it was the CD, of course. I could easily live with the difference, the "lesser" sound, but boy the CD sounds...better. Sigh. (FWIW, those Schiit guys have been saying this about CDs and S/PDIF for a while now.) The difference is only pronounced when A/B-ing. Otherwise I can still be happy with, and focus on what is working well with iTunes. And a lot is working well! The AEx signal path is still solid as ever. There's just...better. So to bridge this delta, this dynamics gap, I also tested two Transparent coax cables (Performance and Premium RCA coax, $100 and $950 respectively) vs my Oyaide silver BNC coax ($280-ish) this way. The Premium Transparent won. Again "better," but boy at what cost. It's not just a cable, it's a component unto itself as I've said elsewhere. The $100 entry-level Performance version held its own and was a matter of taste vs the Oyaide (meaning it is a "great cable for $100"). Without getting into the future of digital streaming, it seems the path of least resistance (not least expenditure!) is to boost the SQ of my AEx path by replacing my LPS-1 with a 1.2 (given the strong reports of others), and maybe ponying up for the Transparent cable. I've been triangulating the desired sound of my system this way for years, so I'm posting here in case it helps someone else thinking about the same things, someone resisting the bleeding edge of NUCs and AL and expensive servers! Apple's iTunes/Airport Express is a viable choice when enhanced with a "minimal" investment in reclocking. Take it further with power and cables. Good luck!
  5. feelingears

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday...whatya buying?

    It probably sounds better with an LPS, however. 😉
  6. Nice to see that AirPlay has “fans” of Uptone caliber!
  7. I use the AEx with Remedy powered by Uptone LPS-1. Coax is Oyaide silver and have also used entry level Transparent Audio coax Gen 5. My system easily holds its own against others $$$$$ more expensive. Sure it can be beat here and there but the overall SQ and value easily keeps up. Put another way, the diminishing returns curve gets extremely vertical ($ y axis, SQ on x axis) beyond where I’ve found he AEx+Remedy and Uptone as a digital path into my DAC. Of course I enjoy this hobby as a hobby so of course I’m about to spend some of my kid’s future college fund on a new $500-1000 coax cable, or/and a streamer like the Aries by Auralic (because I want good s/w and don’t want Roon). And heck the new Elac subwoofers sound good on paper, so why not that too? But, AirPlay... I think the reclocking and power enhancements are the keys to my Airplay SQ success. Truly would love to hear other opinions though, even if contrary to my experience.
  8. @Ajax Thanks, I've no doubt it's a fine unit as you've set up. My interest, unlike the OP, is more in the diminishing returns category as I'm just wondering how much more I can eeeek out of my already excellent system by using the higher end Aries' AES output to my DAC. I use BNC coax now and really have no complaints. I can hear cable differences–a double edged sword at times. USB is the economic common denominator but I'm trying to stay away from USB decrapifiers and extra power supplies and extra cables–that adds up $$$$$ very fast. Anyway, the Mini is a good solution for low cost! Good to be reminded.
  9. Oh that’s a good recommendation too. What do you think about Mini vs Aries vs G1/G2? Unrelated but important, I feel the choice of streamer is obviously h/w dependent, but I don’t want to get stuck with under-funded software. Lightning DS seems to be well supported and maintained. Anyway would love to hear your impressions.
  10. You're welcome. Note that you're still using optical from the Remedy to your KEFs because there's no coax input, so you'll need appropriate cable. FWIW, cables are controversial. If you need length and don't want to spend a mint on an audiophile cable, I'm sure there are options at Amazon for TOSLINK cable. If you want to get both an audiophile cable and have length to keep your gear away from the KEFs so they look clean and modern like you see in their marketing photos, then check out Mapleshade Audio's 14 foot (coil down to 1.5 feet) Toslink: https://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Optical-Audio-Cables/products/338/ Yes, I have one because others here whose ears/opinions I have come to trust like Mapleshade products in their systems. So, I gave 'em a go because use the length to keep my AEx across the room from the rack. No, I haven't tested it against my previous optical cable, but as I noted earlier, that is because I don't feel my system is lacking enough to bother and that is because my next step up would involve substantial extra cost and won't involve optical cable. I find that a hallmark of a good (well-balanced/tuned) system is how often you're doing something else and you hear the music and it stops you for a second–you smile and think to yourself, "This sounds great!" Good luck and happy listening!
  11. W4S have the Remedy at $320 in the clearance section: https://wyred4sound.com/products/clearance-0 And, you don't strictly need to use the LPS-1.2 power. In your situation it might be worth trying just the W4S and that gets you much closer to your price point.
  12. Hi, I've posted elsewhere that my system, to my ears, holds up extremely well against better systems costing $$$$$ more. One of the few systems I've heard that sounds "better" than mine in some respects is the LS50 Wireless, and this was in a non-optimal room with no digital front end optimization or filtering or stuff people obsess about here at CA. So I would expect that the following would likely work well with your LS50W: Macbook -> Netgear Orbi mesh wi-fi -> Airport Express (optical out) -> Wyred 4 Sound Remedy (powered by Uptone Audio LPS-1, coax BNC out) -> DAC, rest of system And in your case, the LS50W comes after the W4S Remedy. Note that a critical piece of this chain is Uptone Audio's LPS-1 power supply (I'd now recommend their LPS-1.2) feeding the Remedy. And note that the Remedy upsamples to 96kHz (always) and is limited to CD quality because that's the Apple Airport standard. i.e., No DSD, etc. and so if your listening is all PCM (CD quality) then you're golden. If you're into DSD, etc. then the only other option is a digital to digital converter such as the Mutec. Either way, you're stepping up around $1000. Hope this helps. I love my Remedy. Sounds great and it keeps life simple (Apple) for the family. When Apple finally makes iTunes unbearable (seems possible) then I'm planning to go Auralic Aries G1 or G2 streamer because of their Lightning DS software is included in the package. I also like Sonore's hardware products but I don't like the third-party software you'd have to use with it and I don't use Roon.
  13. @Superdad and @JohnSwenson, when you have a moment, I'm curious as to if the digital phase noise propagates over Wi-Fi as well? Due to my home's floorplan and ancient construction, my chain is all consumer-grade Macbook server over Ethernet to Orbi mesh network to Airport Express. From AEx it's optical out but the last step before the DAC is a Wyred 4 Sound Remedy (signal re-clock and upsample to 96kHz) powered by an LPS-1. I've heard a few great systems lately and my setup (including power and interconnect cables) easily hangs with them. Sure I'd like "more there there," which is why I'm asking/wondering. I realize I could reposition the Orbi receiver to remove the Airport Express from the chain and thus run Ethernet from Orbi directly to the upcoming Uptone Ether-thingy, but from there I'd need a new renderer (strongest candidate for me would be Auralic Aries for both h/w and s/w). But I just don't know if the SQ would step up enough. Anyway, to stay on-topic, I plan to add an LPS-1.2 to power my W4S Remedy soon! Too bad the Orbi is 12v/3A otherwise I'd try the LPS-1.2 on my wi-fi.
  14. feelingears

    Rules of thumb for matching amplifiers with speakers?

    Thanks, all, for the perspective. Being a bit too interested in this activity/hobby for my wallet's good, I am tempted to try a few things in search of that greener grass. I don't listen at ear-splitting levels 99% of the time (and if I want that I have headphones), so power is for headroom (thanks @barrows) and doubling down (thx @esldude ) are clearly time-honored guidelines. Between my Naim gear and my father-in-law's VTL monoblocks*, I get a nice swath of sonic bliss. I'd like to play with some different speakers like Maggie 0.7 but that has financial and WAF considerations–easier to swap gear in/out than "furniture" ha ha. *Of course, everything counts and there are too many details that make our systems sing. That's really what I'm after, I guess: the "formula." And thus, really intrigued by Reichert's article.
  15. These systems are so great. I'm excited for the next steps in this journey, because from now on you're going to sell tickets to limited seating auditions at Eric's house, right?!? Sign me up!!! And, I'll volunteer to plug in and unplug the power supplies as often as you require. And, serve drinks. 😉 (Just kidding, @austinpop is not opening this or his friend's home. But, they should!)