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  1. Took delivery of my M5 from Afveep on Monday. It really is a gorgeous piece of kit. Anyone care to weigh in on whether this needs burn-in to reach full potential?
  2. Heard from Bricasti...100mbps, not gigabit. Leads me to speculate they are using a RaspberryPi board, because who the heck would design their own board with a slower technology that's been outdated for years? :-)
  3. Is the network port 100mbps or gigabit ethernet on the M5?
  4. Back up for sale...new price is $1400 shipped. This is the ORIGINAL Brooklyn version, not the new Brooklyn+.
  5. That’s why my last post said open to reasonable offers. The post referencing the $640 was made before the price drop.
  6. SOLD TO leeonet Mint condition, used in a smoke free/pet free environment. Package includes: - Sonore ultraRendu - Uptone Audio LPS-1 - Combo faceplate (connects both devices to 1 faceplate) - Uptone Audio upgraded power cable (Oyaide/Belden star-quad DC cable with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plugs both ends) $1100 $1000 shipped in the US only. No trades.
  7. Still available and open to reasonable offers.
  8. Just a clarification since someone asked via PM: This sale/listing is for an original microRendu unit ($640 new) PLUS the v1.4 upgrade board installed by Sonore ($235). Total value is $875, selling for $625.
  9. Mint condition microRendu with the 1.4 upgrade board. No PS or USB cable included. Selling because I upgraded to the ultraRendu. $625 shipped in the USA only...no international sales. Payment via PP gift or money order.
  10. Strojo

    LPS-1 "Clicking" sound

    Just a quick update for the hive... I decided to send the unit back per Superdad's offer above. Given I could hear the chirping 15 feet across the room, it wasn't something that I was willing or able to live with. Thanks to the Uptone folks for taking care of me on this!