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  1. Just a clarification since someone asked via PM: This sale/listing is for an original microRendu unit ($640 new) PLUS the v1.4 upgrade board installed by Sonore ($235). Total value is $875, selling for $625.
  2. Mint condition microRendu with the 1.4 upgrade board. No PS or USB cable included. Selling because I upgraded to the ultraRendu. $625 shipped in the USA only...no international sales. Payment via PP gift or money order.
  3. LPS-1 "Clicking" sound

    Just a quick update for the hive... I decided to send the unit back per Superdad's offer above. Given I could hear the chirping 15 feet across the room, it wasn't something that I was willing or able to live with. Thanks to the Uptone folks for taking care of me on this!
  4. LPS-1 "Clicking" sound

    And clicking may not be the right word. Chirping is probably more accurate.
  5. LPS-1 "Clicking" sound

    The unit, not the speakers.
  6. LPS-1 "Clicking" sound

    Forgive the basic question, but what's the best way to take that measurement with the meter? Which probe do I touch to which part of the power jack?
  7. Power went out in the house, and when it came back on my LPS-1 is making a "clicking" sound on a regular interval. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it still makes the sound. This has happened before when it's been unplugged and then plugged back in, but those times the clicking usually went away after removing the power source and then adding it back in. Any thoughts?
  9. My apologies if this is buried somewhere in this (or the other) LPS-1 thread(s), but how warm should the LPS-1 be when powered with a 9V iFi power adapter? Mine's pretty darn warm...
  10. Any updates on availability of this cable?
  11. Sonore microRendu

    Mine is back to working normally again without me doing anything. Definitely strange.
  12. Sonore microRendu

    Anyone running into an issue where their MR isn't seen by http://www.sonicorbiter.com/ any longer? I was ok until the other day when I updated the unit...now it's not showing up in the list of network players. Roon still sees it, and I can still play music through it. Thoughts?