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  1. Streaming solution?

    Blue sound is an interesting option because it supports true HD like MQA and has file storage support if you buy a vault which allows the storage of HD >16/48Khz. Sonos does not support true HD but is a quick cheaper option that supports Tidal 16/48. Sonos also has an exclusive agreement with DEEZER for 16/48 streaming and if you like exploring world music Deezer has a large attractive offering that trumps both Spotify and Tidal in my opinion.
  2. Deezer Elite $$ going up

    I think it is. Elite (16bit/44Khz) FLAC. Exclusive deal with SONOS and maybe a few other home streaming device manufactures. So in my opinion if you have been toy'n with trying Deezer Elite, now be da time.
  3. Because of a card/account glitch I had to sign backup through SONOS for Deezer Elite. They offered me a year for a good deal instead of monthly rate. I took it. I noticed that after a year my rate jumps by %25. I suppose this is due to the recent changes in royalties. I know Paradise Radio has gotten much more aggressive funding request as well. The original rate of 15$/month was about my limit. Gonna be interesting to see what my attitude is when my introductory offer ends and the rate jumps. I like DEEZER Elite. jbuhl
  4. New Wadia 321 Decoding Computer

    I am not sure about that. Probably a phone call to Wadia could resolve that.
  5. New Wadia 321 Decoding Computer

    I just purchased this unit from my LD for 50% off as, I think, it is being replaced by the di322. If anyone is interested in heading in this direction I will explain why I pulled the trigger on a unit that is being phased out (besides the 50% off retail price).
  6. I just used VinylStudio to record the Beatles original Revolver Album. I used a Project TT Pearl cartridge >>NAD pp3i with analog cables into my Macs MC port. I recorded FLAC at 24/96 Khz. I played the Flac Files back with Jriver Media Center >USB>Peachtree iDAC>Rotel Preamp and class D amp > B&W603. and the sound was virtually the same. With one pass VS clears out the popping and cracking off the album as well. I then compared the original vinyl and FLAC to DEEZER Elite and the remastered Revolver album. DEEZER elite streams FLAC at 16bit/48Khz. I ran a diagnostic on SONOS and they verified DEEZER was streaming FLAC. The SONOS was going digital out to the same DAC. I was surprised how much better the DEEZER remaster version was than both original vinyl and digital. Ringos drums were veiled and way in the back on the original. The remaster moves him into the sound stage and removes the veil. I think DEEZER has product agreements (SONOS and others) where they only stream FLAC 16/48. DEEZER is a little more expensive , $15/month but I think it worth it.