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  1. Does anyone know if I can use Jriver to stream to AL headless in a server+end point setup?
  2. Thanks for the info, very useful. I will see when I set it up what PSU works the best.
  3. I actually went with NUC7PJYH because it was available.
  4. Great point! That's why I decided to go with the 7CJYH because I intend to power it with a LPS-1.2. If I went with the i7 based powerful NUCs then I would be forced to use a lesser quality PSU.
  5. I don't need wireless, I always use a bridge that is clocked by an sCLK-EX board
  6. Perfect, that's what I want to hear. Thanks Rick
  7. Ok I made some progress, downloaded the 05 version of AL and installed it on my Acer laptop. I was able to select NAA from the menu. so there was no issue with the command "alconf" But then I realized that I have no clue how to connect my laptop to a network. I was following Greenleo guide, but didn't find anything on how to connect to a network. I will check the instructions on AL website, but if anyone knows the command, that will be very helpful.
  8. Thanks for asking, NO I didn't pull the USB flash drive. I just realized that I was using an older version of AL. I will download the latest AL 05 version and try again.
  9. Yes I input it as alconf
  10. Ok guys, I managed to boot AL from the USB flash. Thanks fr your help. It worked after I switched off secure boot from BIOS. Then I chose extreme mode, but when I type the command "alconf" I got the message that command is not recognized. I tried another mode called Audiolinux BFG and still got the error that "alconf" is not recognized.
  11. Thanks guys for the tips, I will try them and report back
  12. My first attempt to install AL headless on my Acer laptop. I burned the image on a USB flash using Rufus but when I boot the laptop I am getting this error message "Security Boot Fail" Any suggestions for troubleshooting?