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  1. I use LPS-1.2 to power a tX-USBultra at 9v without issues. It does run hot though. your issue maybe the voltage. Just make sure that you have the right voltage set on the LPS-1.2 that’s match the input of your tX.
  2. Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update

    Thanks for the info. I will make sure I keep windows updates disabled.
  3. I am not sure about that. It is a LPS, so no need for the JSSG shunting trick.
  4. good idea, for the Ultimate test, when playing locally stored music, try unplugging the ethernet cable from the Zenith and see if SQ improves. This can tell you if there is noise creeping in through the ethernet cable.
  5. I use Astron RS-12A. Very affordable and has plenty of power
  6. This is odd! Have you considered the possibility that the modded switch has an issue? Maybe you can test Rajiv’s switch in your system.
  7. Thanks for sharing, I am happy that it really works for you.
  8. I would be surprised if SOTM didn’t voice their cable with their gear. The proof is in the listening and for that price it must deliver the goodies!
  9. If anyone has tried this cable, pls let us know your impressions.
  10. Connecting the OP-14 to the tX-USBultra resulted in a clear improvement in SQ just after 2 hours of plug-in. After 6 days, it is definitely better. I use the cable that Cybershaft supplied. When I unplug the cable the sound stage collapses and the sound becomes thinner and flatter.
  11. No change there, same LPS that powered the LPS-1 is powering the LPS-1.2
  12. I replaced today the LPS-1 that powers my tX-USBultra with the long awaited LPS-1.2. Right from the cold with zero burn in, it is clearly better than the LPS-1. Mainly, clarity, presence and liveliness. If you like vocals, you are in for a treat! I am sure it will improve in the next few days. I am happy with my new toy! Thanks Alex and John for a great product as usual.
  13. Fuses also need some burn in, but sometimes they don’t improve things. Sometimes, there are components that respond much better than others to fuse changes.
  14. The Paul Hynes SR7

    Hi Alex I will wait for you to let us know where you would like us to post our feedback.
  15. Thanks for sharing, a greag idea indeed! can you pls share a link to the chassis?