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  1. mozes

    SOTM tX-USBultra impressions

    My source is Steven from Audiosensibility
  2. Be careful when you buy as there is a lot of fake stuff on eBay. Get something that ships from Japan
  3. mozes

    SOTM tX-USBultra impressions

    Great stuff, I am happy that my unit is 9V.
  4. If you can get the same 16 awg, then go for the OCC copper. In fact, I prefer the 14AWG OCC copper to 16AWG OCC silver, but that's me. I like full body vocals and an expansive sound stage which I find that OCC copper excels with these attributes.
  5. Hmm maybe not worth it in your system.Thanks for sharing
  6. Interesting thanks for sharing
  7. Has anyone tried JSSG 360 on analogue interconnects or speaker cables?
  8. I am enjoying the technical and Math discussions on this thread even though most of it go over my head. From a listener's perspective and this is what really counts in my humble opinion, I will share my experience. I had a chance to play with a Blu2/Dave combo for an afternoon a while back. I started playing different tracks that I am familiar with on the Blu2/Dave and all sounded sublime. I was using HD800S headphones plugged straight to Dave. Then I disconnected the Blu2 and to sum it up, the music still sounded good but boring! I felt that the liveliness of music is gone. This is what I mainly felt by dropping the Blu2. It is not important to go into audiophile terms regarding resolution and soundstage etc. What really matters is the musical enjoyment that the Blu2 offers and I expect the HMS to deliver even more of that.
  9. Hopefully it is a step up not sideways
  10. It will be interesting to visit this again with the sMS-200 ultra Neo with its "deeper midrange" once it's available.
  11. I have no idea how the Lush is constructed.
  12. Great so you know what I am talking about.
  13. The JSSG 360 really takes the Lush to another level. Mainly more holographic imaging and deeper bass.
  14. mozes

    Paul Hynes: Customer Service Problems

    OMG what a story! Thanks for sharing.