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  1. I think Ghent is also now offering a Silver starquad cable with JSSG 360, would that potentially be a better choice vs. the Ghent Gotham JSSG 360? I’m thinking of ordering a few of one of these types from Ghent. Also my current “batch” of Ghent Canare 4S6 / Oyiade JSSG (not 360) I have are all between 1 meter and 3 meters in length, when I ordered all of these last year, I wasn’t aware of the benefits of shorter DC Cable length, so I’m assuming regardless of which type I buy I should also focus on shortest lengths possible for all DC Cables?
  2. Broke, second degree burns on your fingers, and happy!!! 😃
  3. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    @Mazza - seems like your W20 and Kii Three combo are a perfect match! Ive heard nothing but great things about the Kii Three’s. I suspect an A10 paired with Kef LS50 wireless OR Dynaudio Xcite Series would create a similar simple yet still Audiophile system too. Can you still use an external DAC with the Kii Threes if you want to and bypass the internal?
  4. Does anyone know if the new Ghent Gotham DC cable uses the same basic technique (for people like me that lack soldering skills) ? If Ghent is doing the same as @Elan120 shows hownto DYI, that’s probably the best choice for me (unless I could make the same using screw down DC connectors? )
  5. You need to start building these experimental cables and devices in mass quantities and try selling them on Superphonica!! You can become the new and improved Ghent 😜
  6. agladstone

    Is anyone using IsoAcoustics Iso Pucks?

    I suggest trying to put the iso-pucks underneath of the Ikea cutting board and then spike the speakers to the ikea board. This is what I’m doing for my Martin Logan electrostat towers. I’ve decided that spiking to the cutting board allows the vibrations to travel out of the speakers and into the cutting boards, and then the iso-pucks then isolate the boards from allowing the vibrations coming from the speakers to resonate to the floor with in my case prior to doing this, was causing muddy low end since my floor is not a solid foundation like a cement subfloor, etc (I’m on a second floor of a building built in 1707!!! ) - I think my experiment has improved and tightened the low end and improved imaging, etc. (And it was cheap compared to IsoAcoustics Gia’s or stillpoints
  7. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    If the A10 was available when I purchased my Aurender, that’s definitely the way I would have gone. I suspect there must be benefits (and the obvious convenience) to having the server internally connected to the DAC vs. going through USB cable and all the associated galvanic isolation and usb de-crapifiers, etc. I suppose the only downfall to the A10, is that with a N10 and a separate DAC, you can replace just the DAC when available DAC technology starts to become upgraded to a new standard / features, etc and still be able to use the N10 on the server side (or vice versa).
  8. agladstone

    Article: Should You Rent or Buy Audio Software?

    I purchased my Aurender Server / Streamer just about the time when Roon, HQPLAYER, and SOtM and MicroRendu (and the popular combination of using all of the above together) started to become what almost seems like “the standard” amongst most fellow Audiophiles. As a result, I became essentially jealous of all these apparently amazing things that Roon can provide, particularly with HQPlayer up sampling everything to DSD 512, etc. Because of Aurender’s confined ecosystem approach, here I was “stuck” with the boring brown Conductor app, and no ability to upsample my library to DSD 512 on the fly ... However, lately I’ve decided, I actually now feel like the fortunate one! I’ve come to learn how to use the Consuctor app very well, and I’ve learned all the workarounds for any little nuances, etc. I now realize, that the Conductor apps benefits are that it’s actually very functional and most importantly, it just plain works!! Aurender also has been slow but steady to release updates and improvements and new features and best of yet, not only is it relatively simple to use and very functional,,,, it’s free!! Including the continued updates and enhancements. Also, the Aurender HW in and of itself sounds splendid (to me) and I don’t have to spend time fussing with HQPlayer, and Roon, and Trifecta’s and The required associated external clocks, and servers... So, I suppose what I’m saying is that I feel from my experience the best route is possibly to spend a little more upfront for a high quality HW solution that comes with free SW, it’s much more of a “plug and play” solution, requires little to no time tinkering and learning how to use and program this and that, and no continued additional expenses. In the end, I think The Aurender and comparable HW/SW devices end up actually costing less money and time in the end.
  9. agladstone

    Article: Some Excellent CA Finds For You

    Chris: do you think either of these products could work as a way to use a Dragonfly Red with an iPhone 8+ in a car? I just got a new car last week, and in the new 2018 model, there no longer is a 2.5mm audio in jack (my 2015 model had one). Thus, I am now limited to a single USB in for audio in my new car. In my last car, I was able to use the Apple camera kit with the Audioquest Red and then use a 2.5mm cable from Audioquest into the 2.5mm audio in jack. (Streaming Tidal via my iPhone via the Tidal iOS app). If anyone else has any thoughts how I can now (with a USB in only) use the Audioquest Red with my iPhone in my car, please feel free to chime in!!
  10. I have the HDTracks Downloads for Songs From The Wood and Heavy Horses, but I’m missing out on those nice booklets:)
  11. agladstone

    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    @austinpop The 2L Bartok I was referring to is: Engegard Quartet - String Quartets Vol. II - Beethoven - Nordheim - Bartok
  12. Thanks for the complete list! I have (and love) all of the Jethro Tull albums. I have all the Yes albums and they’re really well done. I also have the Caravan (also great), and The ELP Albums. I am going to have to get the Tears For Fears and Rush (I didn’t realize that he remastered these)! I have the Chicago II and I think it’s really great, it’s definitely the best remastering / version of the album I have. Thanks again!
  13. His Chicago Remasters are also really good too!
  14. agladstone

    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    Magnificat is a really good one! I like it a lot myself! I also like the Ola Gjeilo MQA albums from the 2L Label. There is also a Bartok from 2L (I can’t recall the name of the performer) I like a lot too (but Bartok is my favorite composer, so I may be biased).
  15. agladstone

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    I’d like to know the answer to this question too! After reading through this thread, I’m thinking I should order the new Ghent Gotham JSSG 360 DC cable (to replace my current Ghent Canare 4S6 JSSG DC cable), but after @Superdad comment, now I’m wondering if that would just be a waste of money? I also noticed that Ghent also has added a Silver StarQuad JSSG DC cable and I wonder if that may be a better option? I know many have said that they notice improvements using a silver DC cable vs. Copper ? Any thoughts from the thread on which would be potentially better? The new Ghent Silver JSSG vs. the new Gotham JSSG 360 DC ? (Or if I should save my money and just continue using my current Canare 4S6 JSSG)? Also, would I gain much if any benefit putting a screw down 3V LT3045 in the middle of any of these? (I’ve avoided trying the LT3045’s so far because I feel like adding any screw down connection within the DC chain may negate any benefits and I don’t know how to solder )? Thanks!