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  1. @austinpop I look forward to reading your next installment and this entire series (along with your findings). This introductory installment foreshadows your investigative nature, the history of your journey and upgrades and evaluation process very well. From following your posts and reviews of products on CA over the past couple of years, I have no doubt in your capability and qualifications to provide us CA members with unbiased and well written reviews of the DAC’s you trialed for this series! I am already looking forward to your next series after this one is completed Congratulations!
  2. Very interesting concept and busines plan model!
  3. Maybe you could do 7V out of LPS-1 to a split Y DC cable and then one side it DC into IR and then the other side of DC use a step down regulator like the LT3045 or similar to step that side down to 5.5V for your BW ??
  4. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    The differences between uncompressed FLAC vs. WAV are very minimal from my experience. I’d say from my own A/B testing that I’ve always found the WAV version to my SLIGHTLY better. Thus, for me, I mostly have uncompressed FLAC and DSD files in my collection, and very few WAV files. For the most part, the convenience, tagging, and compatibility of FLAC balance out the slight edge of WAV’s sound quality. I’d say, if there are a small collection of your favorites and/or true “Audiophile recordings” , you can re-rip them to WAV, but otherwise, it’s not really worth worrying about it.
  5. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I do all think WAV files have a slight edge vs. the same files converted to FLAC. Perhaps I was mistakenly thinking of DFF and DXD files as not being able to tag them or attach meta data. Although I’ve been mostly converting WAV to AIFF for years now since AIFF is much more Tag and Meta Data friendly and it is essentially identical to WAV. I have an extremely large music collection (90+ TB’s and growing!) , so I wish 12TB’s were feasible in the N100H!! As of now, 5TB’s is the largest 2.5” HDD, so that is the current limit with the N100H. I suspect in the near future we will be seeing consumer priced 8TB or larger 2.5” HDD or SSD.
  6. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    WAV (and DFF files ) cannot hold any tahs or meta data! Uou need to use dbpoweramp to convert the WAV file to either AIFF (Apples version of WAV, however AIFF can have tags and metadata) or FLAC. Once converted, then use DBPoweramp to edit the Tags / Metadata , add album art, etc.
  7. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    So do you mean from the network folder via a computer? (Copy and paste an ISO into Aurender’s Music 1 folder for example and then it unfolds it?) i did try and play ISO’s directly from Conductor App and it gave me a notification like “file type not supported” ? I was trying this from the folder view and selecting SACD ISO’s I have on my NAS which is added as a NAS drive within Conductor App. I will now try to just add an ISO file to the Aurender’s internal HDD and see what happens.
  8. agladstone

    SMPS and grounding

    Is this why DAC’s being powered by an ultra capacitor power supply (like an LPS-1.2 or Vinni Rossi Mini Pure DC4Ever, etc) with the USB input going through an ISO-Regen also powered by an LPS-1.2 sound so good? (Due to much less likelihood of AC Line Leakage Current)?
  9. Are the 5A LT3045 boards going to act as a stand alone power supply for the Brooklyn it is it just a step down regulator? I wonder if they would improve the sound of my Vinni Rossi Min DC4Ever ? The LPS 1.2 is a great device! I have it Y split DC out to the Iso-Regen -> IFI iUSB 3.0 USB chain going into my Brooklyn and it sounds fantastic all by itself , you may not need to add any LT3045 after it (it already has two in it).
  10. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    FYI, As I had suspected, the Aurender/ Conductor DOES NOT play SACD ISO’s directly (as @Vincent1234 had stated). You MUST first convert the files to .DSF using dBPoweramp or ISO2DSD first.
  11. Keep us posted! They look cool!!
  12. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I never knew this either! I’ve been converting all of my SACD ISO’s to DSF. I will have to try and see if the Aurender can play my ISO’s without prior DSF conversion, this would save me a lot of time
  13. agladstone

    Inside High End Equipment

    It actually says DunTonic inside and on the front plate (NOT DuRonic) - not that I’ve ever heard of DunTonic either😜
  14. Is 9V preferable over 12V, or so long as not above 12V, does it not matter? Same question for the new LPS 1.2 , if using an LPSU to power the LPS-1 and LPS-1.2 (I have both), is a lower or higher Voltage (within the “allowable” voltage range) better ? im feeding them from individual adjustable voltage range LPSU’s, so I can use any voltage for either within the allowed ranges. I have gone back and forth between LPSU and the Meanwells, and I’ve decided I would prefer to keep SMPS’s completely out of my audio system, I just feel like since I have enough LPSU’s to not have to use any SMPS’s in my system at all, that theoretically it should be “better” (less chance for leakage and better grounding protection overall without needing to use any DIY shunting)
  15. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Good to know! I have an MQA DAC already, so I did not think upgrading the aurender to do first unfold was necessary, good to know it’s worth considering. I’m actually trying to decide if I should even keep Tidal or not so I will decide that first. (I like Tidal a lot, I just have such an enormous personal music collection that I hardly ever have time or even remember to use Tidal, so it’s basically a waste of $20/ mo at the moment.