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  1. Article: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Review

    Thanks for tracking down the answer. Certainly sounds like a more sophisticated method of implementing digital volume control<br /> <br /> Sean
  2. Article: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Review

    A digital volume control does not specifically enable you to bypass a preamp, as you know the Benchmark Dac1 allows the user to connect directly to an amplifier and it uses a post coversion analog volume control. The difference between a digital volume control and an analog volume control is the analog volume control does not reduce resolution where a digital volume control does. If the Berkeley is not truncating some bits in its manipulation of volume it would be interesting to learn how the volume is controlled digitally.<br /> <br /> Here is a link to a discussion of how digital volume control works, www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=36767.20<br /> Of course this may not be the only way to do it but am interested in how Berkeley is able to do it without reducing resolution.<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> Sean<br /> <br />
  3. <br /> Chris,<br /> <br /> code is right there, wish I had seen your email before going to HDTracks earlier tonight. Oh well I'll just have to buy another download. Bought the Clark Terry One on One recording and the sound is great, Terry's horn just explodes. Thanks for the promo
  4. Best (Local) Computer Audiophile System

    Chris, I only have one pair of NBS cables and they don't seem to add or take anything away from the sound. Cables are one of the areas I think its very easy to overspend. My other cables are the MIT AV series and that is probably as expensive as I want to go. I've owned Magnepans since '87 so I understand about the styling not changing, however I don't know how much more they can do given the size. I agree with needing the styling to help with approval of the purchase however the size is something my wife doesn't look past no matter how stylish. Look at Audio Circle for the ACI message thread. ACI also makes main speakers to go with their subs. Because they are mail order the price to performance ratio is very good and their customer service is very good. I went down to the ACI shop in October to have them check out my sub and Mike Dzurko, the owner, made a special trip to meet me on a Saturday and run some tests for me. Turns out I was the problem not the sub. Their subs are very adjustable and blend well with main speakers.
  5. Best (Local) Computer Audiophile System

    Chris, the only addition I would make to your system is adding a sub from ACI in LaCrosse, WI. I have Magnepan 1.6QRs because I don't have the room for the 3.6 or 20.1 models. Have you listened to any Van Alstine equipment? I have his T6 tube hybrid preamp and it's quite good. Van Alstine is in Woodbury, MN if you aren't familiar with his company I live in Golden Valley and have the long term goal of an all local system. Won some NBS cables at HiFi Sound years ago so that is covered. Thanks for the website, just learned about the issues with iTunes tonight so that was helpful. Sean