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  1. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1. Sonore UltraRendu with LPS-1 and USPCB 2. Sonore MicroRendu 1.4 upgrade with LPS-1 and USPCB 3. Uptone Audio ISO Regen with LPS-1 and USPCB
  2. Please see picture. It shows the energizing supply and everything supplied when purchased new. Everything is included.
  3. I bought it directly from UpTone with order UA web #4472, shipped 12/1/2016. I have 2 of the UltraCap LPS-1 units that I have been using with the microRendu 1.4 and the ISO REGEN. Since getting the ultraRendu, I only need one of the UltraCap LPS-1 units. Probably moving on to the Signature Rendu SE in a few months.
  4. mint, w/ box and papers. $260 w/o power supply, shipping, or paypal fees
  5. mint, w/ energizing supply, box, and papers. $300 USD without shipping or paypal fees
  6. mint, w/ box, papers, connectors, and iFi power supply. $550 USD not including shipping and pay pal fees
  7. Sonore ultraRendu

    In my system, replacing the ReGen + LPS1 with a ISO ReGen +LPS1 made achieved most of the improvements that everyone has attributed to the ultraRendu. Then upgrading my MicroRendu 1.3 +LPS1 to MicroRendu 1.4 +LPS1 put the icing on the cake.
  8. Sonore microRendu

    I used USPS small box flat rate first class and the total turn-around was 7 days, door to door. Yes, there was a shipping notice with tracking # once the update was completed, and the updated Rendu came back to me in the same internal packing foam wrap that I had sent it. It is without a doubt one of the best $235 purchases I have ever made.
  9. Sonore microRendu

    The upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 is quite excellent and I'll have many hours of listening enjoyment on it before I am inclined to make the investment in the ultimate MicroRendu. The cost of the upgrade ifrom 1.3 to 1.4 is minimal and i really appreciate the opportunity to so significantly improve an existing piece of equipment.
  10. Sonore microRendu

    Sorry for the confusion. What I was trying to say is that, in my system, the modified SMS-200 powered by the LPS-1 gets you about 35% of the sound quality improvement that you get when you use the MicroRendu 1.4 powered by the LPS-1. The idea was to propose a continuum with the MicroRendu 1.3 at 0% improvement, the modified SMS-200 at 35% improvement, and the MicroRendu at 100%
  11. Sonore microRendu

    In my system the modified sMS-200 powered by the LPS-1 has been a completely satisfying device for hundreds of hours of listening, and clearly preferable to the MicroRendu 1.3 powered by the LPS-1. It provides a very natural, intimate, and lifelike sound that leaves the MicroRendu 1.3 sounding noticeably thin and clinical in comparison. Before the modification of the sMS-200 by upgrading the 4 electrolytic capacitors with much higher capacitance Blackgates, the differences were less noticeable, but still there. But when the MicroRendu 1.4 powered by the LPS-1 was put in place of the SMS-200, the sq improvement was immediately obvious and there is no going back for me. I could have quite happily lived with and been completely satisfied with the sq of the modified SMS-200 forever, until I heard the MicroRendu 1.4. I discovered my music library all over again when I got the MicroRendu 1.3, then again with the modified SMS-200, then again with the ISO Regen, and then again with the MicroRendu 1.4. If it never gets any better than it is now, that's fine with me. I can listen for hours and hours at a time with great enjoyment and zero listener fatigue. Back in the day, whenever one aspect of the sq would be improved, it would be at the expense of incurring some unwanted artifact or the other - such as increases in detail being accompanied by some loss of the naturalness of the sound. It's great that that those days are behind us.
  12. Sonore microRendu

    On a continuum of 1 to 100%, with 100% being the sq of the modified SOtM sMS-200 powered by the LPS-1 being as good as the MicroRendu 1.4 powered by LPS-1, in my system, I'd say it is about 35%. That is to say that the modified SMS-200 powered by the LPS-1 is consistent with, but much less than the sq of the MicroRendu 1.4 powered by LPS-1. YMMV. I would expect that the SOtM ultra SMS-200 is much closer to the sq of the MicroRendu 1.4 powered by the LPS-1, but I have not had a chance to hear such a comparison in my system.
  13. Sonore microRendu

    I'm using the Curious ReGen Link. In my system, a modified SOtM sMS-200 powered by LPS-1 was a noticeable improvement over the MicroRendu 1.3 powered by LPS-1, but upgrading the MicroRendu to 1.4 was more like the improvement of upgrading from a amber Regen powered by LPS-1 to a ISO Regen powered by LPS-1. In my system, I found that, as Kennyb123 said in his post above, the "focus and timing precision" of the upper midrange and highs came to fruition after a number of hours of continuous burn-in with "streaming music through the microRendu." I too am am "hearing some spectacular things now, (and) the highs ... have joined the party and I'm hearing some impressive clarity in the upper frequencies."
  14. Sonore microRendu

    Just received my upgraded MicroRendu 1.4 today. Powering it with LPS-1, followed by ISO Rendu powered by a second LPS-1, and into a modified Soekris R2R DAC, Pass Labs HPA-1, Pass Labs X600.8s, and modified Sound Labs electrostats The improvement in SQ over 1.3 version of the MicroRendu is immediately obvious and very satisfying. The bass response, from the lowest lows and on up through the mid bass is much quicker and more highly defined. The mid bass up through the lower midrange is more articulate and engaging than ever before. These improvements flow seamlessly from the lowest lows, throughout the midrange, and into the highs in a way that sounds very natural and immediate, and yet neither euphoric nor clinical. I had no idea that there was so much improvement to be gained.
  15. Windows 10 Creators Update

    Is Windows10 Creators Update with AO 2.20 beta 5 expected to sound better than the earlier version of Windows 10 with AO 2.20 beta 4?