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  1. AURALITI_the different ONE :)

    New on the air (net) Mr. Ray said to me...very soon! )
  2. To post many questions without search very well inside the forum...but... Anyway, Mr. Halverson is so fast and gentle that I want to use some words to thank him and his all answers he wrote to me. If I can leave althought a "news" here, the last firmware for the gear is the v1.7, the CTO of HRT said this yesterday... Yes, iTunes must be restarted every time there is a different file resolution...after setting up the MIDI App, of course. Bye.
  3. Do you think we must change manually (and restart iTunes!) every time the file has different resolution? Or...is it possible to delete MIDI SET UP and leave iTunes and the streamer II do the job automatically? What is the last firmware for the II version (not +) asynchr. Usb ? Thankz
  4. Nw I am sure, not the iOS or OSX (Apple)... also the Win7 or WinXP cannot enter/connect to the server. Ok, one time every 20 times! I do not know what's or what can be...(random?) I know that MPD (I think wrote on Unix/Linux?) is not stable, like "you" wrote one message above... If somebody knows how to set or...a link...please... L.
  5. AURALITI_the different ONE :)

    http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Bonjour-Apple-home-network-expert-needed-HELP#comment-101122 PLEASE: (just to give the "right way" to this topic), you have some good advice for a good compatible DAC? I was interested about the "PS audio digital link Cullen mod." but I know it upload all to 96 or 192 kHz...I am not sure this work is "accepted" by all Music files the Auraliti stream...for example: if I am listening a 24/192 file what about the output of 96 of the PS? Downmixing or... Thank you, Luca.
  6. ..I think (like you said...)that there are problems between server and Apple protocols... I see that on Daemon public page: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Music_Player_Daemon_Wiki there are different versions of the server firmware---but too difficoult for me... ANYWAY, when I am connected, I understand why you choose this kind of remote: it is fantastic! In this moment I am use with the WINXP notebook wireless the "Gnome M.P.C." App: absolutely fantastic with many info about the band, data, pictures and so on... Hopeing that the playlist and cover album will remain on my HDisc also when disconnected from server...and hope somebody will fix my trouble to connect...after 10 times I can do it in this moment with "auraliti-player.local" Port 6600, no password... Luca P.S. One setting option in Gnome player is "enable server crossfade": uh? (No, I see that with Gnome anly the playlist remains...the cover album not...every time to upload after closing the App...)
  7. C'mon! You made a w o n d e r f u l product! And... So, please, (believe me!) make a simple upgrade with a simple remote player with cache, ask 5 or 10 USD more and you will have thousand of satisfied customers. Do not worry,no buttons...but a remote...every time to upload the cover, songs, playlist...terrible... Sorry I am a dummy...but, what about "home page of the player": where?
  8. ...see: now, without changing anything MPaD for iPad WORKS! (with .local suffix) But, afeter closing it or tomorrow (I am sure) I have to try many many times before to run...unbelivable! Now I have PORT 6600, auraliti-player.local like settings. Please, where I found the IP adress of the auraliti? Port number must be 6600 or? Note that with WINXP and web NeoMPC0.5.2 it always runs...(no settings required, but it's a poor application...and with a most graphic app like GMPC also on web with settings, NOTHING! Router is made for our italian provider maybe custom, here the link: http://www.fastweb.it/myfastpage/assistenza/POPUP/man_HAG_Telsey_nuovo.pdf
  9. (If nobody can help me here, please let me know if you have some net expert on line...thanx).
  10. Choosing a Lossless format for digital music reproduction

    Me, too. dbPoweramp for ripping in .flac Able to play all formats included HD 24/192. All metadata (pict,data) are there. And if you are on line, many you can get...
  11. Please, I need a solution for my net-troubles to enjoy my new Auraliti player that runs on MPD by Daemon...connected with Ethernet cable! I think to know what is "the problem" but...let me explain to you. ---The problem is that the Apple devices (iMac, iPad) do not connect on the server using the MpaD app or reMPD app and wifi devices like my HP printer; anyway they are internet connected, in fact I am surfing right now--- 1. The router is connected with ethernet CABLE to iMac (OS 10.5.X) ; I surf with Firefox and use normally the emails, NOT ABLE to enter in a page "http://auraliti-player.local" and not able to print via wifi. 2. I have a second PC (win 7) with a ethernet CABLE too; I surf with Firefox, use normally the emails, able to enter in a page "http://auraliti-player.local", able to print over my HP printer via wifi, (I can control the Music on MPD only with the browser app). 3. I have a Nokia phone (Symbian OS) and via wifi I can do all like the win7 PC! Only not able to run the MPD app but only because I have not one. 4. My iPad is surfing in wifi mode, email too, but NOT ABLE to enter in a page "http://auraliti-player.local" and not able to print over wifi and NOT able to find the server with the MPD apps like MPaD or reMPD. 5. I use one netbook with WIN XP with wifi and I am able to surf and use the emails, I am able to enter in a page "http://auraliti-player.local", able to print over wifi with the HP printer, (I can control the Music on MPD only with the browser app). So, please, I need the iPad like remote for my Auraliti player, I ceck "Bonjour" but too many options...and for me only the Apple devices are not sharing the server...the name I found on set up preferences is "iMac-NAME.local" and...what about the HDisc name connected via USB to my Auraliti? Sorry for the long text, I hope you understand. Thanks in advance, Luca.
  12. AURALITI_the different ONE :)

    Thanks for now... Can you say more about what I have to do? (If may help...only with WINXP devices under my wifi net I can open in a browser the page "http://auraliti-player.local" (welcome page). With iMac and iPad, nothing...the name I found in bonjour (system-shar...-) is "Mac...-(numberxxx).local" ?!?
  13. AURALITI_the different ONE :)

    ...only with NeoMPC (browser player) all is OK.(The music is on USB no. 0 ...the downfolder is "auraliti-server", empty. I think to have home net problems. The wifi is ok (NeoMPC is running with XP PC under wifi)but with iPad nothing, see my last post. I tried reMPD another iOs app but the same server problems... I have to say that my Router is connected with ethernet cable to an iMac then I use iOs iPad, Nokia Symbian and Win XP Notebook and Win 7 PC over wifi without problems when printing (excepted the iPad!) on my HP printer wireless, web browsing, and emails of course. Please...HELP! P.S. The simple not graphic Music Control Center software for XP is searching over the net (server automatically search my IP...) but nothing!
  14. AURALITI_the different ONE :)

    after upgrade to 1.6 the same no connection! Is something changed? server MPD is: auraliti-player.local Port 6600 Psw no Advanced nothig connect. mode remote! pleaseeeee
  15. AURALITI_the different ONE :)