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  1. "Le mitche" est très fatigué.
  2. Well said, guys. @Bruce Orr - thanks for your generosity and helping out after I regrettably lost my patience there. It's the people on this thread that make it so great. So many other CA threads start strong, but devolve within a few pages.
  3. austinpop

    Innuos MKII - USB Skipping with Roon

    Yes, if it happens with the tX-USBultra in situ, then ipso facto it must be something else. Mea culpa for making an ad hoc suggestion.
  4. austinpop

    Innuos MKII - USB Skipping with Roon

    Oh wait - nvm then.
  5. austinpop

    Innuos MKII - USB Skipping with Roon

    Hey @FrankMA and @BigAlMc, This had completely slipped my mind, but I suddenly remembered a problem I had when I originally got my Zenith SE. It would not even recognize my Ayre Codex DAC, although it worked with some other DACs. This was cable independent, although I never tried the 2nd USB port. Innuos and Ayre looked into it, and while there was the usual mutual finger-pointing, the likely culprit was the USB controller on the SE - they used the onboard controller on their mobo. Turns out it is super-picky about USB spec-compliance, and they (Innuos) have had issues with multiple DAC USB chipsets. I mentioned this in my review at the time, under the heading "SE functional quirks." Their proposed solution at the time was to use an iFi iPurifier2 in the the path. Mark Sossa, the US distributor actually sent me one to try, and it certainly worked. In the end, it was a moot point for me, as it was always my intent to use a USB device (SOtM tX-USBultra) in the chain, and that also worked. I suspect the same issue is at play here.
  6. It’s a technique. It applies to all types of cables. That’s the beauty of it. I'm done with this topic now. I’ve provided all the info I have. If you want to try your hand at DIY, feel free.
  7. Search is your friend. Please use it.
  8. Just for reference, here are the last 2 links in the index under General: @lmitche JSSG 360 cable shielding scheme @austinpop Dummy DIY guide to JSSG 360. If I can do it, anyone can! Have you read both?
  9. Check @Bruce Orr‘s posts in the last few weeks. He claims to be an even bigger DIY dummy than me - which I challenge! - and he was able to do it.
  10. With all the respect and patience I can muster, I am going ask you one last time to go back and read - actually read - my last 2 responses you. Your questions have been answered, but if you don’t actually read the answers, how can we help you?
  11. That is why there is an index here. Go to the index, read the last 2 links under the heading General. if it’s still unclear, then come back with your questions. As as far as we know, Lush^2 is the only commercial off the shelf USB JSSG 360 cable for the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghent will jump on it soon!
  12. Hi @beerandmusic, you seem like a really smart guy in other threads, so I hope you are not trying to be purposely obtuse on this thread, just to rile people up. If you please read up Larry's post in the index, as suggested, you will understand that JSSG 360 is not just about double shields, it's the idea of 2 conductive shields (tinned braid), separated by a layer of insulation, connected on both ends. It's not the 2 shields per se, but the formation of the loop, that is the key to John's whole approach. If you want to give credence to the guy on USAM, that's your prerogative, but if you want to engage here, please try to understand what the basic principle before quoting other misinformed sites. I'm going to be nicer than Larry, and post my "dummy DIY" instructions that I posted earlier: @austinpop Dummy DIY guide to JSSG 360. If I can do it, anyone can! I have gone ahead and also added it to the index in the first post. Gather up the materials from Larry's post, and mine, and let us know how it goes! Important - please listen to the unmodded cable first (or maybe get a pair, since they're cheap), so you can compare with and without JSSG 360. Enjoy - we're all trying to help each other here.
  13. Since @PeterSt has gone ahead and opened a focused thread on Lush^2, I suggest we take the Lush^2-specific discussion there. Generic JSSG 360 discussion can continue here.
  14. austinpop

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Very interesting development, Peter! Thank you for the shoutout, but it's all really @JohnSwenson's and @lmitche's ideas - I just screwed up the courage to try a DIY project. It should be clear, but let me clarify anyway, that I have no financial or business ties with Peter - in fact I just heard of the Lush^2 last night! Peter, could you clarify the switches on the ends. How do you configure them, in relation to the diagram in your first post?
  15. austinpop

    Innuos MKII - USB Skipping with Roon

    No issues here with Lush cables on my setup with Zenith SE. Is your music (Roon Storage location) local - ie on the Zenith, or on the network? If the latter, I’d reboot everything upstream to your ISP input. Your modem, router, and any switches in the path to the Zenith. You may just have a bad cable. It does happen.