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  1. Cornan

    Album of the Evening

    If I knew about this EP last year it would definately be on my top 10 for 2017. An asesome EP for anyone who is a sucker for Thom Yorke and similar! 😎 Josin - Epilogue (2017) https://tidal.com/album/72444321
  2. Cornan

    DIY DC power cables

    Have a look here https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc38.html Ghent have any Molex you can think of, so I am 100% sure he can make what you want to a fair price! 😊
  3. Cornan

    Album of the Evening

    Akine - Don´t Foster Fear (2018) https://tidal.com/album/93438393 https://youtu.be/Z-awFrATfC4
  4. Then I recommend that you have a listen! 🎧😉
  5. A big thanks for this tip! It makes me feel pensive as well. Great music! 😊👍🏼 Listening to this album right now and are enjoying it immensely! 😎 https://tidal.com/album/78808979
  6. Cornan

    Album of the Evening

    A really great EP! Have a listen! 👍🏼😊 Hozier - Nina Cried Power EP (2018) https://tidal.com/track/94328582
  7. Cornan

    USB cable comparisons

    Mind you that this does’nt mean that it is optimal. My Brooklyn DAC requires both 5v and GND and still improves immensely by both ISO Regen, BluWave USB to Spdif converter, HPULNs (higher A LT3045) and LiFePO4 powered LT3045s. Easiest and cheapest is really to buy a DAC that does’nt require 5v nor GND! 😄
  8. Nice ones. Thanks for sharing! For starters I have successfully powered my LPS-1.2 with 21 watts (7v/3A) with great results, so the 36 watts is not always neccessary in all scenarios. I am now powering it with 12V/3A (36 watts) but there was no detected SQ change increasing the wattage. Anyway, you would want to use a LT3045 for these LiFePO4s when powering the LPS-1.2. It will avoid voltage fluctuations and bring down the noise further. Otherwise I fully agree that something like that could be an optimal feeder supply for the LPS-1.2 if you do not mind to charge it ones in a while.
  9. Cornan

    How to listen to speakers?

    Not sure if I follow you on that one? Why is it more forgiving listening off center than in center of the speakers?
  10. Cornan

    How to listen to speakers?

    Yes, I have read that too I must admit. I did’nt think it matter much until I realized the importance in my own evaluations.
  11. Cornan

    USB cable comparisons

    There is not only a good chance. IMHO there is a 100% chance that SQ will be better with a 5v cut. The same chances applies to a GND cut. All depends on DAC specs though.
  12. I must say that I love the genuis idea behind the Lush ^2 construction, but cannot wait to hear the impressions of all shields bypassed or 360 nor connected to the plugs!😊
  13. Well, that’s a very strange question is’nt it? During my +30 years in this hobby I have always concentrated my efforts to hear bass notes, dynamics, treble, air, fatigue, natural sound, textures, 3D, 4D etc in dead center of the speakers. Just because that’s how it is and that is how it should be. Or is it? During my latest +10 years I have had a sneaking feeling that good sound is easiest to hear from for example the kitchen when playing music in the audio corner and not in the dead center between the speakers and with my ears in the perfect height. For me it is much easier to evaluate good sound from way outside that triangle than it is inside of it. Why? I have no dea! That’s why I started this thread. To see if there is anyone else that recognize this as well and if someone possibly knows the answer to why this is. Or is it only me and my imagination! 😁 Don’t get me wrong. The SQ always gets better in the dead center of the speakers, but the evaluation process is just easier to determine outside the triangle. Since this is an honest question I would appreciate honest replies! 😎
  14. Cornan

    Album of the Evening

    Fun 8-bit music! FrankJavCee - 8-bit (2018) https://tidal.com/album/87446437
  15. Cornan

    Album of the Evening

    Soccer Mommy - Soccer Mommy on Audiotree Live (2017) https://tidal.com/album/79071220